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My New Handphone Trailer :P

i wish that there's a way to download even faster.
and i wish that jojo's album comes out asap.

i hate downloading at ares.
not only it is slow, it will stop in the middle of the process and sometimes when it is almost done. and when it stop. the wireless connection hangs [as in jam].
thats when i can't open the internet, and i can't disconnect or disabled the connect to fix it back.

so AGAIN, i had to restart my computer -_-'
the same process all over again.

haha !

like any new movies, they always have their own trailer to get the public to watch the movie right ?

well this is the trailer for my new phone.

i showed this last saturday to jojot, abg dwan and maklang.
maklang was fool by the pic, she thought abg cepoi was online.
HAHA takda broadband la mak lang XD

and fuyoh! maklang ada facebook, HEBAT AR :D

dude ! its a touch screen !
and it has wifi! :DDDDD
nothing could describe how i feel right now.
even by looking through a webcam i'm like over excited !
and thinking of I, fasya [me!] going to hold, touch, talk, play and anything i wanna do with that phone !
haha and its mine !
so i don't need to care whether to be envious of holding somebody else ! haha
ok, TMI TMI fasya.

anak kesayangan omma pun dpt handphone baru, sebab dia slalu merungut handphone dia rosak.
heh, i'm not surprised to see that coming.
but what i'm VERY VERY VERY surprised omma decided to buy the same handphone that she bought for me for along too.
like what the sushi >:)

haish, tak terkata kemarahan ku >:)
sabar je la.
nasib baik dia dapat warna hitam.

december ! pretty please, datang la cepat!
hurry up.
palli !!
haha korean much :P
i don't even know if the spelling is right -_-'

did i mention i love ABG CEPOI ?
if i haven't, then I LOVE YOU ABG CEPOI ! :D

thankyou again.
tgk dari jauh pun saya gembira :')

do you know that i'm writing this at 4:23 am ?
yes. i'm still awake.
haiya -_-'
time time ni la start mood terus jatuh.
hah ! tgk tu, dgr lagu jojo je nak nangis -_-'

kena psg super junior balik XD

jojot! i'm downloading superjunior going to sleep episode! :D
toodles !

and i miss you HYAKUJI ! i just can't get enough :(

how can i leave when i know he's the one
coco xoxo :P
tersalah -_-'

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Monday, November 30, 2009 3:57 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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I Shouldn't Feel This Way

it's the time of the month.
but i'm still surprise.
SHOCKED to be precise.

its not me to give in to this kind of state.
i always kick the fact that i'm 'ON' and just go with the flow like i'm NOT 'ON'.

its not hard for me to admit it, but its quite embarrassing for me to say it.
does it make any sense ? i don't really care :|

at time like this, i miss rhyming out with jojot :)

i'm ignoring alot of people.
well ignoring is kind of a strong word.
let just say i'm not TOO friendly with them like i used to.
i can't lie to farhah.
she actually got me all figure it out.
but still i lied anyway just now.
heh, she'll kill me if she reads this.

i know its wrong.
i mean i shouldn't treat friends that way.

maybe the survey was right.
maybe i do like to be alone most of the time.
wait thats just wrong.
i hate being alone.
but i'm always alone.
so its not my fault that i'm used to being alone.

wait i'm arguing with myself here -_-"

1. him
the reason why i'm ignoring him, i just get annoyed when he text or ym me.
i hate the fact that he's being friends with me because of my friends.
and i still think he's not over her.
he's annoying. i don't like him at all.
and the feeling will not die that easily.
give me one year.
or at least 6 month.
maybe i'll try to be nice. MAYBE. heh
so for now, don't talk to me. like seriously.
even if its not the time of the month, don't talk to me.

2. her
she used to be my best friend.
well at least thats what i thought.
and i think i don't want to destroy the memories of 'thinking' she was my bestfriend.
after what happen, i think i'm really gonna need more than just memories to heal my insecurities.
i guess people just change as time goes by.
i didn't know she would change towards THAT way.
i know its bad to ignore or throw away a friend.
but she wasn't a friend to begin with, was she?
one thing i dislike about her is that she always brings my mood down.
dude, i'm already emoish. and when i'm happy, don't even try to make me be all emoish.
its not everyday i became all googly woogly happy.
so save your negativity to yourself -_-'

i just don't get it.
i just... ergh! i don't understand why everyone always have to give me all this negativity ?

i mean dude!

time aku ambik stpm, korang ckp susah giler nk mam*
so skrg aku ambik masscom, korang kata masscom susah jugak?

eh tak boleh ke bagi support?
rasanya memang typical malaysina kan?
oh boleh jugak aku buat post typical malaysian lepas ni.

oh right, all of sudden, my malay came out.
this pretty much show how 'stress' i am.

if i have to be friend with these type of people, i rather have no friend at all.
i have better replies from a cow than a person.
well ok maybe cats.
or hamster.
shah alam rarely has cows, except when it is raya haji. heh

you know what ?
i really want to see a person that replies with honesty instead of trying to bring me down.

"oh seriously? good luck ok. as long as you do your best it'll be ok."

hah! kan elok tu?
i mean, isn't that music to your ears?

"oh seriously? i heard its tough. well good luck. hope you'll survive and success in it. "

whoa, tough? survive? thats not a joke to me at all boy!
stop making effing stressing joke that does not build my faith up.

argh. i shouldn't feel this way.
i hate the time of the month.

and you know what i hate the most?
i didn't get to spend much time with him.

there's something in the water

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2:32 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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My Bestfriend's Boyfriend(s) 1#

how should i say this.. hemm
i hate you.
like really really hate you.

ok i lied.
i don't hate.
i don't know how to hate.
but i dislike you very much.

you know i've learned my lesson.
you wanna know what am i talking about right now?

well you could guess by reading the title.
but i'm gonna tell you the whole story anyway.
cause i'm soooo... umm *pausing because i don't want to curse on my blog* 'stress' about it.

here's the thing..

i've known one of my bestfriend for quite a long time.
longer than any best friend i have.
i've been friends with her when i was 11 up until now.
so i pretty much gone through every changes with her.
and when i say changes, i mean relationships.

i see her getting her first boyfriend ever.
and moving on to her next boyfriend.
and then the next one.
and well.. you get my point.

but this post is not about her.
i mean, its 'normal' i guess to fall in and out of love right ?

but back to my point of the post, her boyfriend(s) who became exes.

i know ALL of her exes.
well minus one, cause she met him at UK and only been with him for few weeks.
but i still know him and he knows me too.
well duh, she talks about me alot to everybody.
bad or good, i'm not sure.
but i know she always talks about to everyone she knows.

ok ok, i don't wanna waste more time.

here's the thing, since i'm like 'friends' with her boyfriend(s), the funny thing is,
they'll all end up being exes.
and thats the hardest part you know.
i mean, they'll all end up coming to me 0_0

no no no ! not in that way.
coming as in, asking for HELP.
because THEY ARE SSOOOOOOO in love with my best friend.
so they come to me for advice or a shoulder to cry on.
and they'll use their tactics by saying ' i'm her bestfriend. "

okay, if it happen only one time or twice, i could handle.
but i'm not some love counseling booth.
i LIKE helping people. scratch that. I LOVE.
but the thing is,
what i don't get it, why use me?

" i've sacrificed so much for her. "
" i have never love anybody like i love her. "
" i can't love any girl. she's one of the kind. "
" she's my life. "

you know how many times i've heard this coming from them ? and you know how there are many more cheesy words than those ?

it makes me itch ALLLL the time.

oh and there's this one guy who's not even her boyfriend who cried for help.
it was like he broke up with her even before the relationship ever begin.
which kinda funny when you think about it again, but i'm the one who had to suffer listening to those crappy mushy words :|

breaking down after losing someone you love,
i can be pretty hard.
i mean, we all know how it feels like to be rejected or unappreciated.
it hurts, it does.

but that doesn't mean you have to make it worse for other.
i mean, put this thought for a sec.
' this hurt so bad. i don't want anyone to go through what i've gone through. it's hard. "

then wouldn't it be nice? *smiling*
and stop taking advantage of other people for Gucci sake *smile fade*

seriously, its not that i don't like being friends with my bestfriend's boyfriend(s).
i just don't wanna be there when the relationship is over.
if you know what i'm saying.
and by the looks of it, this current relationship of hers...
heh i'm just gonna keep that thought to myself.

i know that i'm not in the right position to tell advice on love.
but some people said i'm an expertise in love.

so i'm gonna put that to end now.
i'm no expertise honey.
i just tell what i've been through and what i've learned from it :)

one rule; if you already dump a boyfriend/girlfriend who is still in love with you, don't contact them if you don't love them anymore.
i mean, if you already told yourself that you already find a guy who you really likes and you don't wanna go back to you faithful ex who is still madly in love with you,

yes i'm talking to you mrs w.

you're not only making your life hard, you're even making your ex trying hard to get you back.
its like you just give him a green light for him to make you his again.

hope that helps you.
again, don't contact him.
he'll get bored and leave you.
trust me, been there done THAT :)

l-o-v-e is just another word i never learned to pronounce

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12:24 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Jojo's New Songs ! i love love love

currently ym-ing with jojot about yesung X)
and listening to jojo's new songs.

and dude seriously, out of 13 of her songs, ALL OF THEM I LOVE haha
thankyou jojot for the news.
if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't even know there were leaked of jojo's new songs.

i was jumping up and down when i heard the news :D
no matter how leaked the songs are, i'm still gonna buy the cd :)

oh ok, jojot dh sign out.
i think i'm gonna finish this post by posting all the videos and i'm off to bed i guess.
or maybe i might be downloading songs -_-"

i like the beat.

i think this song was from daftpunk if my memory serves me correct.

one of the best.
jojot said this song is ME :)
i kinda agree with her.
sigh. ish ish ish mula la tu -_-"

yup yup.
i HATE love haha

"wrong guy, right time.
right guy, wrong time."

"love keeps hattin' on me, so i hate love"

the first song j.j gave me :)

"i wish i could go back"

this is sooo much like rihanna - unfaithful song.
not the lyric, not the beat of the song.
but the story behind the song.

"Cause.. he doesn't know that I'm kissing another man While he's missing me."

but seriously, cheating is not AN OPTION.
i disagree to cheating entirely, even though i love this song so much >,<

this song is okay i guess.
but i think i'm not into it that i might fall asleep if i listen to it more than twice.

but its ok. maybe to some people, they like it.

ok, i'm gonna go download her songs :P

january, please come!

no, december please hurry up!
my butt hurts from sitting around at home :D

i know there's like one more month before i go. but i feel so excited and anxious that i think i should start packing right now you know?
aish, i shouldn't be so hasty -_-"

i wonder when will i finish my persona..

ok la nak gi download lagu.

i know i was wrong, i regret it. i won't do it again. forgive me ALLAH

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Saturday, November 28, 2009 3:00 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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When Boredom Strikes On Raya

sigh. i shouldn't be here.
i should be surrounded by my cousins, laughing about, gossiping around, cooking.
but here i am.
waiting for the youtube load this DAMN video,
and eating sushi+big apple on my bed.

dad's gonna kill me for this -_-'

along and angah bought like 2 big plastics of sushis for dinner.
yup, this is my dinner. enjoyed and still eating it :P

the big apple was from last night.
still good to eat.
at least to me :9

oh don't worry, i'd finished it already before writing this post.
so my hands are cleaned.
i'll caught dead if omma finds any food on her lappieto 0_0

oh, farhah just commented me. JAP


OK done.

oh wait someone commented.
oh GOD, not her :|

"where shouldn't you be babe?"

urghh annoying.
DELETE comment? DELETE *nod.

its not my fault that i'm ignoring her.
i don't hate her, i don't! really 0_0
i just dislike her attitude.
i don't want another party pooper in my life.

my life is fine this way.
i don't need another person giving me a rough time and throw me off the course.

urrghh youtube! load load load!
oh, sushi finish? i need to top it up.
there's more in the refrigerator :D

ps; YA ALLAH, biarlah izzat sihat esok -_-"
i want to go to my hometown, like seriously.

oh i heard that maklang won't be there tomorrow, like what the?
then when is the bowling?

i'm losing my patience.
no not really, i'm feeling so numb right now :|

zaki gedik

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Friday, November 27, 2009 10:55 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Penyakit Sakit Mata

aw man.
daddy said we probably won't go to selayang :(
and we probably won't go to kajang as well -_-'

here's the thing, you guys have heard or have gotten 'penyakit sakit mata' ?

well i haven't had it before. like seriously, I HAVEN'T :|
omma said not to say that, cause its like as if i'm wishing it to happen to me -_-'

but watching my brother izzat having it, its tough :|

i mean, he can't even open his eyes -_-'

if he was a ninja, eye sight problems won't do him much harm :D
haha ! [ disebabkan terlalu taksub melihat ninja assassin tadi X) ]

but seriously, its contagious.

if i was in a ninja world right now, i'd be.. um ok i'm over board -_-'

oh yeah, how funny! it all started out from my cousin who GOT IT FROM HIS FRIENDS.
and then it moves on to his siblings; tirah, aliah and then bebeh and maklang.
izzat stayed at kajang for a couple of nights.
and POOF ! [ok fairly oddparents -_-']

we got news that he got the disease -_-"

so we picked him up from kajang yesterday.
and today we just found out that ATOK and NENEK at kajang are also having the same disease -_-"

DUDE! its contagious!

and right now, daddy is scare if one of us at home going to get it to from izzat -_-'

dude!! i want to meet up with my cousins. aww :(
and i promise jojot i will meet her.
waaa i think i'm going to cry -_-'

err, i don't know why but my eyes are hurt right now.
its soooo itchy X( ergh!
wait wait? is that a sign? OH MY OH MY -_-"

haih, tak balik kampung la ni -_-"

saya nk pergi bowling dgn cousin2 laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa X(

kak caid! jojot! nuruuuullll!
help me!

ps; a-a-aching, my heart :(

selamat hari raya aidiladha

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1:38 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Ninja Assassin

you know i'm so tired right now i feel like i'm going to hit my head onto this laptop -_-"
my butt hurts, both of my feet are aching. my body is soring.
but the worst part is that my mind is like a working machine.
i'm not SLEEPY O_O

sigh. why is the youtube so slow ?
is it just me ?

i'm happy. to get the chance to hangout with my brothers.
too bad izzat is sick. we couldn't bring him along.

i would really like to upload today's picture.
but i'm still waiting for the youtube.
heh, you know what ?

youtube is VERY SLOW.

upload then.

oh oh i didn't planned this :D
thx along angah!

Rain - Ninja Assassin Pictures, Images and Photos

while waiting for the pics to be uploaded [and youtube to load, pfft] i'm gonna post the review.

let me just say, i didn't even know that this story exist until today.
angah was driving to The Curve, and saw the poster.

angah : "hah along, jom tgk ninja assassin. awesome kot. rain berlakon. workout giler2"

well, i'm REALLLLLY not a big fan of Rain.
but boy did this movie changes everything to me 8D

Rain training for Ninja Assassin Pictures, Images and Photos

looking at his body gives me the chill :D
i mean he is really different :D

ok ok reviews ;

the graphic effects were awesome. i mean cmon, from the creators of 'The Matrix' kot?
mesti la hebat kan? but seriously, even the beginning spook me off.
like there were so much blood to take in -_-"

my blood is fine, but other's, NO NO NO O_O
there were body parts flying, can't say that the movie was exaggerating because, that really happen when you slice a person with a katana -_-'

oh yeah, there were alot of Japanese influences.
which kinda made me more into the movie :D

the first half of the movie i keep covering my eyes -_-"
but when it was coming to the last fight, i was already used to it?
but still, it SPOOK ME off up until now.
and there were alot of funny scene.
which kinda makes me laugh up until now :D

and seriously, RAIN really work out for this movie.
we've watched the making of the movie.
it was really TOUGH O_O

oh the story plot was soo exciting that i couldn't even take my eyes off it.
so yeah :D
um long story short, i'm really satisfied i've watched it.
especially with my brothers.

haha, i mean, i'm sure my friends would prefer to watch new moon instead of ninja assassin.
but i don't mind to watch ninja assassin again! haha XD
but i need something to cover my eyes, TOO MUCH BLOOD >,<

Rain Ninja training Pictures, Images and Photos

"oh mika, i like you more and more"
haha :D

ps; next time, each one buy their own personal popcorn -_-"
like i bought my own popcorn, but it ended up finished in angah's hands -___-
tu la, nak share sgt dgn along.
right... SHARE :|

oh well :D

betrayal leads to blood

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12:57 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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I Am Mad, Go Away

youtube is loading slower than a pig snail.

at times when i want to watch SUJU EHB.
like what the buck?

and i'm beginning to think that i'm coming down with something.
yesterday it was TOO cold.
now my body has a temperature.
i didn't check, i hate it when omma starts nagging about not eating my medicine and vitamins like i should.

it is either the time of the month is coming or i'm all stress up for no reason.

i don't get it.
why am i all cranky so easily today :/

i went jogging for half an hour and i ended up tumbling down once i got home.

and you! stop being all friendly with my friends.
ok i don't know why i am mad but i hate it when people take advantage of me.

seriously, i really can't wait to get out shah alam.
you'll see.

once i'm so UP, you'll crawl back being ALL MISS GOODY TOO SHOE WITH ME is like as if you''ve been friends with me for a long time, when the fact that you don't even say hello to me anymore.

I'LL be nice... but not to YOU!
heh, crawl all you want, but all you get is dirt.

we'll see. you just wait...

ps; friends are like that.
they are around you when you're having fun, when you have all the money in the world.
but once you're so down, they don't even blink at you.
they just throw you like trash after they used you ALL UP.

but they'll regret. OHHH they'll regret.
they'll regret.


i'll eat you up

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009 11:52 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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When Friends Are Not Friends

shut up.
go away b*

why you have to be a party pooper?

so life sucks to you.
why made it worse for other?

you made your life miserable as hell.
its your OWN EFFING choice.

so shut up.
don't act as if you know me.

you don't know me anymore.
so just effing go away.

i wish i never met you at all.
like seriously, my life would be better and less suck-ish-er without you in it.

there i say it.

pfft, how ironic.
its raining cats and dogs outside.
pfft i hate thunders.

why of all the things in this world, thunder is what i'm scared of?

i wish i could have an underground house.

ps; you're an EFFING FAT B*

why would i want you to drool all your slob on my boyfriend?

pss; siapa makan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya :)


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2:30 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Best Friend

when i think back about what happened,
i don't know why but i'll automatically become pissed off and mad instantly.
eventhough it happens like months ago,
but to realise that i just found it out months after it all happened and whats worst that it didn't came from her own mouth you know.

and that just makes me feel even more sad to see and realise that
i'm as her best friend, didn't know anything at all.

it feels like just yesterday we shook hands and made a pinky promise to never keep secrets from each other.

yet, yesterday are so far.

it was in my grasp, but now..
its just not there anymore.

and that just it.

i couldn't even be mad at her even if i look into her eyes right now.

everything is just all messed up.

my heart is broken more than it should be.
a guy could say that he loves me right now, but i know, i won't feel a thing at all.

and thats just sad.
i'm sorry to you know who you are.
you're nice, but don't fall for me.
cause either of us will get hurt in the end.
and you really deserve much better.

but back to my point,
i used to think that i could still hold on to my memories that are still alive.
that are still around me.

but i always end up being disappointed all the time.
i don't blame anyone or anything.

i knew it better.
i knew it from the beginning that happy ending is just isn't for me.

but its just sad to be disappointed by a person you thought you could trust.
sad.. is not even a word for this feeling.

but it's her life.
i can't do anything about it.

i mean, i've tried telling her, but she didn't listen.
i would understand why she didn't say anything about it.
but we're best friend.
shouldn't best friend.. be best friend?

i mean, tell one another the truth.
even though it took you years, but telling the truth is the most important thing right?
i just.. i just don't get it.

you can't just say that you forgot to tell me about it.
things like that stuck in your head, especially if it involved your mom too.
you're terrified every second if the secrets is found out by your mom.

your family might accept you cause your their blood, but what about friends?
they're not toys.


you know what, why am i wasting my time, making my heart hurt more than it is?
it's your life.
just.. take care of yourself.

if you need me or anything, you know where to look for me.

if you don't find me there, i'm sorry.
that just means Allah just loves me more.
if you know what i mean.

time is moving, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

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1:38 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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What Happens in Sleepover, Stays in Sleepover 2#

TUESDAY 17/11;

woke up. felt hungry. realised farhah already woke up.

"i dah masak dah kat bawah. spaghetti cabonara"

aww :) betul2 isteri aku yang berjaya haha XD
no wonder kita bila main masak2 dulu u jadi isteri, i jadi suami -_-"

eh jap, kita pernah ke main masak2 sama2 dulu? :O hahaha!

since i slept over her house, i expect her to treat me with her food :P
and as you can see up there, thats spaghetti cabonara.

fyi, i've been eating spaghetti cabonara for straight 4 days including this one[referring to tuesday]

flashbacks; omma masak spaghetti cabonara 3 days before that, so thats why i've been eating cabonara. i ate it all until its finish XD
if its not finish, i saved it for tomorrow. thats why for 4 days, spaghetti cabonara was my meal XD

and i enjoyed it very much! :D

i love spaghettis, what can i say? :D

guess what they are doing?
meet aliah, her youngest sister.
and muhammad her younger brother.

syafiq is soooo not gonna be in my blog.
HELL NO. bahaha :D
[ syafiq is her eldest brother. KAMBING is what we call him :P ]
laugh farhah. just laugh :D

this is gemok.
we don't really keep him.
but he lives next door.
so farhah kinda likes to take care of it.
she can't stop patting gemok once he's in the house -_-"

he isn't allowed to goes upstair, but since i was there that day, we kinda give him exceptional :P

and guess he went TOO cozy with that.

gemok : "hoi, suka hati tgkp gmbr time aku tgh tido? you ruin my beauty sleep 0_0"

well at least thats what i think he's saying :P

at 4 something, we went out to Ole-Ole cause farhah hasn't walked around 18 for quite some time.

so something that is in our A-MUST-List is KARAOKE :D

aliah and her friends.

i sang 5 songs!
and farhah BELANJA! wee :D

kurang asam, aku tgh nyanyi, diorg camwhoring -_-"

its funny. because there weren't any people at the karaoke place.
oh right, it was still school -_-"

fasya oh fasya :D
budak university mana pergi ole-ole. sume dh high class.
sume bajet nk pergi sunway, midval [thats what they call it these days, pfft], OU and THE CURVE.

Ole-Ole ada apa kan?

sorry ar, kitorg takde lesen and takde kereta. LOL

takpe farhah, next week, asian avenue. and ain't nobody gonna stop us :D

after karaoke, we went home and bought burgers for dinner.

we had to wait like one hour -_-"
but it was worth it :D

aliah doesn't like vegetables, but farhah wants loads of vegetables.
and muhammad loves daging instead of ayam.

jap, thats your dad's name kan farhah? betul kan betul kan? ahha
takut salah -_-"

they call aliah datin, so thats why on her burger, the burger man [ burgerman? haha] writes datin. LOL
and i asked the guy to put gemok for farhah burger.
so thats why you see theres FG there. stands for FARHAH GEMUK bahaha XD

mine was AF.
abg tu randomly wrote that.
i don't understand why though :)
i mean, i don't watch Akademi Fantasia.

oh right, his name starts from A right? haha :D

A* Fasya.

haha :D
oh lookie kat background page i ni pun ada AF haha :D
how meant to be :)

aliah posing with her burger.
its really tasty.

but its been awhile since i ate that kind of burger.
i guess my tummy is faithful to burger king haha XD

read at your own risk :)

i asked farhah to straighten my hair, cause its been awhile since my hair was COMPLETELY STRAIGHT.

i still don't understand why farhah has to do that kind of face -_-'

but it was done! lookie! my hair is straighty! :D

and then as a sleepover always have, MAKE OVER!

farhah did my eyes lovely, if i must say so? :D

i like what she did with my hair, and i totally like her magic hands on my eyes ;)

and did i mention i LOVE her?
yeah, i do :)

yes farhah, SILA TERHARU :D

cute is understatement ;)

farhah is soo gonna hate me once she sees this :D

my twin! :D

farhah eyes are too big that we can't even see her eye shadows -_-"

i was watching gossip girl at the same time.
i know, boys and girls their age shouldn't be watching Gossip Girl la -_-"
teruk betul family Muhd Kamil ni :P

cute :P not? haha XD

kesian aliah tak nampak :D

i'm dark chocolate, she's white, but we're both sweet ;)
get it?

and we ended the night by watching 5 episode of Gossip Girl back to back.
which was kinda made me fall into a love/hate relationship with that drama -_-"

heh, drama
it gets uglier more and more -_-"


okidoki, i had to skipped tons of pictures.
because it was too many -_-"
but still, you get to see what we were up to.


what happens in sleepover, stays in sleepover 1#

i miss zaki

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12:11 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Jabbering at 6 in the morning

listening to Jay Sean - All or Nothing
"you were my girl, now we ain't even friend"

farhah has flown to JB :(

and to think i could steal gossip girl from you -_-"
farhah ! beli me something something there okay ?

and don't bring me a guy. like seriously, DON'T 0_o

time hujan la, internet sa-lowwwwww sgt -_-"
annoying okay ?

and and i left my purse with gjie :O
and how am i going by bus after this? THIS IS HARD.
i can't be apart from my baby purse for one second!


nasib baik ada dgn gjie -_-"


tough nya tanpa purse, i just realised my life is not the same without my purse.

more stories about what happen today, soon.

and and i just realised! that that i am sensitive with rain -_-"
it didn't rain that bad, it was like drizzling je kot.
but just as i got home, my head went all spinning and off to bed -__-"

that happened twice this week.
I AM SENSITIVE. kene pakai topi la lepas ni -__-"

and i succeeded on downloading all jay sean's song! :D
and also, finally! wedding dress is in my handphone, wee :D

i always laugh at this :D


that just means i miss maklong's rendang -__-"

ok, its 6:34 am.
i don't know what to say anymore.
papai, i'm gonna go jogging i guess.


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 6:10 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Jay Sean Rocks!

let there be songs marathon in my blog.
i just found out tons of awesome new songs [at least it is new to me, lol]

i have been hidden by all kmusic that i haven't been listening to all new english songs.

someone even said that i'm TOO obsessed with kmusic. but in my dictionary of life, there's no such thing as TOO OBSESSED :)
ala baru dengar 10 lagu korea dah kata obses, poyo ar -_-"


ops, terkeluar malay plak :D
hai bebeh! hai aliah! hai tirah! hai aiman! hai makcu! hai kaklong!

haha i just found out that even my cousins at kajang reads my blog.
eh budak2, kenalah paksa diri baca bahasa inggeris ok, akak tulis inggeris je memanjang! haha :D

ada lah sikit2 melayu. this post is exceptional.

OPS menyimpang T_T

ok, this is official.
i am in love with jay sean new album :|

all his songs are awesome kot!
ok not all, but seriously, 85% of his songs is sooo awesome :D
ada percentage tu -_-"

i'm gonna post all the songs i'm in love right now.

and people, jay sean's down song, IS SOOOOO LAST SEASON -_-"

i heard from farhah that at uitm melaka, students there listen to that song everyday.
what a bore :O

its hard to choose the best song. cause to me all his songs is awesome -_-"
but the top one [pointing above]
that one really nice :)

please, let it rain money. i want to buy his new album :(

this song kinda hit me bad :/

see i told you, to me alot of his songs are awesome okay? :(

ok, enough is enough.
i want to buy his album right now.
he prove his point already.
his songs are awesome.

plus i can't download musics are the moment.
ares is acting up.

pleaseeee help me :'(

she could never love you like i do


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Monday, November 23, 2009 3:38 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Jennifer Lopez Rocks!

seriously, this song is me. [FOR NOW]
like, with this one song, it pretty much describe how i feel right now! :D
and i'm listening to this song over and over again XD

well i kinda hate the beginning of the lyric.
i mean, it reminded me of enrique and ciara's taking back my love song.

but the beat makes me wanna dance and throw my louboutins! :D

seriously, i'm loving this song.
i hope that she'll do a dance music video for this song.
she better be :)

Verse 1
You said you'd change
But still nothin'
You're still the same
I'm just a part-time lover
And I'm the blame
Shoulda went away
But yet I stayed
With a part-time lover

See some days you would love me
Then you don't, then you do, then you won't,
Then you're here, then you're gone, I'm alone.
Now you got me stressin' out on the phone
But it's the last time
I'm moving on
I'm throwin on my Louboutins (9X)

Verse 2
I left the state
And changed everything
No more 818
For the part-time lover
What goes around
Comes back around
And then you get what you deserve
You part-time lover

See some days you would love me
Then you don't, then you do, then you won't,
Then you're here, then you're gone, I'm alone.
Now you got me stressin out on the phone
But it's the last time
I'm moving on
I'm throwin on my Louboutins (9X)


Watch these red bottoms
And the back of my jeans
Watch me go by babe
You don't know what you got until it's gone
Tail lights is all you'll see
Watch that Benz exit that driveway

I'm throwin on my Louboutins (9x)

Watch me walk it out
Walk it out (2X)
Walk this right up out the house
Walk it out
Boy, watch me walk it out
Walk it out
Walk this right up out the house
I'm throwin on my Louboutins (out the house) (8X)

if you read the lyrics, then you'll understand what i feel.
ps; sometimes, its easier like this than saying those hurtful goodbyes

someday you love me, someday you dont.


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3:04 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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What Happens in Sleepover, Stays in Sleepover 1#

farhah is in the building! :O

haha no not really, i'm just excited that she's back from melaka, thats all :)
actually she got back from melaka last saturday.
this post was supposed to be done like last wednesday, but i was too tired -_-"

yes FARHAH, i was exhausted hanging around with you for straight 3 whole days :O

its a good thing we live like 1 meter from each other :D
i mean, it doesn't even take one minute to walk from my house to yours :D
how cool is that!

i counted actually.
it took me like 60 steps or more just to get to your house.
but i have a habit of walking fast.
so, yeah :)

lets talk about the sleepover! haha how long has it been since i slept at your house ek farhah? :D
actually how long has it been since WE SLEPT TOGETHER?
bahahhaah! yes boys, i've slept with her. tons of times.
too bad she has tiny boobs -_-"

OH MY PRADA, i talked too much >:)
habis saya di geletek oleh farhah nanti XD
ps; i wish aini lived at shah alam too -_-"
i wish she could sleep over too :(

i'll explain what happen:

i went to her house and we spend the night watching 2 movies on her laptop.

Aliens In The Attic Pictures, Images and Photos

i agreed to watch this because there's ashley tisdale in it.
and you know i love ashley tisdale :)

and seriously, this guy is cute X)

Ashley with Carter Jenkins and Austin Butler

ish ish, apa ni korang.
i setia ok.
i still setia dgn korean artists.
tsk tsk tsk :P
*drooling at the picture*

oh oh and robert hoffman also plays in this movie! :D

Robert Hoffman

farhah says, he's not handsome at all.
i beg to differ :D

i fell in LUFF with him because of STEP UP 2.
cmon, who doesn't falls in love with a hot muscle-y sexy guy X)
and bonus for which he has that innocent cute face.

aww :)
*merapu-ing -_-"

and the second movie was
um.. um *trying to remember*
oh yeah! [ geez, it took like 50 seconds just to recall back ! ]

i always wanted to watch it!
and because of farhah, one of my dreams came true :D

Dance Flick (2009)
its sooooo funny that its indescribable! haha :D

i love it so much! thankyou farhah :)
that reminds me, i need to sms zaki about it -_-"
i wonder if he has watched it :D

if he hasn't, i'm gonna buy him the cd and force him to watch it! :D
*off the topic again!*

obviously, i've talked too much in this post.
and i'm pretty tired right now.
can it be like a post continuation?

ps; why do you follow me if you don't read my blog?
your such a mess in my follower :|

check out 2#

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12:02 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Something You Need To Know About Me and My Fat

fact ! i am currently weighing 49kg.
yes i'm as shock as you.

just few weeks ago, i told jojot that i weighed 60kg.
and i am not boasting.

let's get down to business.

Font sizefat Pictures, Images and Photos

so don't start to get on my nerve by saying i EAT ALOT.

i just love to eat.
that's just what i do.

along said that you got only ONE LIFE TIME, so why don't we just enjoy it?
and what he enjoy the most is EAT.

same as me, i enjoy eating too.
i don't diet.
i HATE diet.
i've tried once. it didn't worked.

first try, i ended up having gastric.
second try, i ended up eating more than i usually have.
so i quit.

you have to understand, before i started diet-ing, i was never use to this kind of criticism.

"Ish, fasya, dah ada boyfriend ek? bahagia nya tgk. sihat ! "

i got that when i first started form 2.
and it goes on until i was form 3.
i was getting worried if i did gain ALOT of weight.
that's how diet went into the History of my life.

after i stopped diet-ing, things gotten even worse.
people can't stop talking how chubby i became, how flabby my stomach is and how big my thigh is.
i can take if it was one or two or even 10.
but everybody kept talking as if they know me.

its like i went from a mouse to a big fat elephant.
and it hurts.
resulting to stress.

FACT ! when i'm stress, I EAT ALOT THAN I NORMALLY DO.

so before you go commenting how fat i became,
you better think the consequences you're gonna give me.
cause telling someone they've gained weight does NOT show that you keep track of them and it does not give any good effects to you OR them.

i mean, does it feels good when you bring someone down?
how mean can you get?

i mean it. omma used to criticise how flabby i was.
i went all bazooka on her.
it doesn't give me any good if you say that i've become chubby.
it just makes me want to eat more.

so stop it.
stop telling me how chubby i am.
or how big i've become.

maybe to other people they might say,

"giving these kinds of criticism might build their spirit to lose weight."

well not for me.

do you really like it if someone die just because of what you said?


a huge number of people are dying, suffering and even HAD DIED because of starvation.

we on the other hand, has food served everyday in a clean plate.
so what if we eat alot?
so what if we don't waste?

14 million died of starvation.


so what if we don't get to be like them supermodels.
so what if you bestfriends are much more prettier than you.

at least you're living.

at least, I AM LIVING.

so who are you to tell me if i eat alot that i gained alot of weight?
even my parents doesn't tell me off anymore.

of course, the right proportion of food must be taken.
but i know myself better than you.
cause IT IS ME.

btw, the reason that i lost few kgs is not because i diet.
you see, i''ve been wearing this braces, so its abit hard to eat.
for the past 5 days of me first wearing it, i couldn't chew at all.
it hurts like HELL.
so i had to eat soup for straight 5 days.
miserable. especially for me who loves to eat.

lately, i've been getting alot of comments about me getting skinny.
and i kinda appreciate that.
cause its been awhile since i have that you know.
thanks again for those who actually realised that.

i didn't even know that i lost until i went on that scale again.

but right now, i've been cutting down some food, since braces are hard to eat with.

well, i guess that's it.
i just want to let off some steam.
abit stress today.
its been tough.
and i've been wanting to tell everybody about this.


i eat alot when i'm stress

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Saturday, November 21, 2009 1:36 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Just Admit It, I Know You Want It

to the person who preferred to be ANONYMOUS that commented me saying,

"being legal is hard"

you are WRONG.

being legal isn't hard. its you who think that being legal is hard. you decide whether it is hard or not. it also applies on your life. you decide to be right OR wrong. you decide to cry OR laugh.

and you decide it to be EASY or HARD :)

but i'm kinda confused of what you mean by that :/
being legal... is hard?

dude seriously, she's awesome.
i love this song.
like damn ;)

and and, she was the only youtube user that didn't disabled the embed.

i mean, i wanted to post this video in my blog, but i couldn't find any youtube user that didn't disabled the embedding.

cmon! how cheap can they get, tsk

again, i like to thx ESMEE DENTERS :)

ps; i didn't get to online last night, i couldn't sleep at all -_-"
pfft but i promise i'll post more news about what had happened for the past few days :)

-today is the most boring-est day ever! ok maybe one of the boring-est day.
farhah cancelled our plans to meet up :(
and i was soo looking forward to steal her gossip girl episodes.

-and yes, i think i'm into Gossip Girl :/

-there's alot of people that i miss right now.
and seriously, i can't for raya haji :D

when you could be mine

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Friday, November 20, 2009 9:25 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Gossip Girl

"abg tgk movie full hd layan. tgk cite iron man. kat youtube ada. best. screen besar. best. HAHA"

agreed *nod :)

thankyou to nuha and hellen :)
i'm touched that you guys care about me. wee~ haha :D

but i just realised that it was a false alarm -_-"
so much for staying up all night and cried my eyes out 0_0
so wasted -_-"

but Alhamdulillah, everything work themselves out this time :)

so it is CONFIRMED.
on 27/12,

i'll be on my way to MELAKA :)

masscom is my destination :)

i pretty much waste up my one year but i can't quite say i wasted it because i learn alot of stuff through the year.
i dont mind.
its ok i started like one sem late than other people.

my situation is quite the same as tini.
cause she'll be going to egypt next year.

its quite annoying when people kept telling me "Oh second intake ek?"
i don't know why, but it bugs me real bad :/

sabar je la fasya -_-'
it IS your choice :)

btw, i have been sleeping over at farhah's house so thats why i haven't been onlining and updating my blog :)

but more
details on that later.

oh oh while i was at farhah's place,
she opened up Gossip Girl at her laptop.

Gossip Girl First Season

up until last tuesday, i kept wondering what SOOOO special about gossip girl.
and after the first episode.


like seriously. i don't like it one bit.
no matter how the drama was like really showing the real world.
and i mean, seriously, I'VE SEEN THOSE BITCHES.
oh wait no, I'VE 'FRIENDS' with those kind of bitches before.

oh yeah, i already told farhah this but i still want to say this,
i have found * new nickname.

from now on, i'm gonna call * blair.
because *'s attitude is soooo the same like BLAIR.
and fyi, its a bad thing. haha
ef you :)

ok ok, dah dah -_-"
oh my headache is gone.

i couldn't sleep because i was having a major headache just now.
so i onlined and watched like tons of videos :)
haha, you see how music really affect my life.

and God, can Taeyang's Wedding Dress song be any sad-er?
pfft, you know what? IT CAN :|

if you guys haven't heard the song, i am ordering you guys to listen to it.
seriously, its awesome!
the moves, the songs, the lyrics.
perfect. just perfect :'(

taeyang post

ok my butt hurts.

farhah, tomorrow i'm gonna kacau you again.
so, don't unlock your front doors, cause i nk pecah masuk. ahah XD

please remember december


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Thursday, November 19, 2009 4:27 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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no, it can't be.
please don't tell me.

all my hopes, dreams, all shattered ??

please!!! there must be a glitch somewhere!
please. i can't stand another disappointment in my life!

please, i think i'm gonna cry right now :(

i pray that when i wake up, everything would be okay :(

i need answers. i need explanations.
God, why?
why? why?
i... huh..
why do you put me in so much pain?
i'm already suffering from the past.
isn't that not enough?

i feel like i can't breathe anymore.
my chest.. its in pain...

there's got to be something wrong with this picture.

help me. i need help.

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Monday, November 16, 2009 1:03 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Tae Yang

done downloading 2 videos.

off to bed at 4:21 am with these two songs in ma head X)

lately, my heart is being hit by songs and *
stup*d *it$h
not the songs i mean. songs are not stupid. i'm referring to youknowwho.

today is farhah's last paper! :O

the dance!
damn 8)

i would die for that killer moves 8)

too too toodles ;)

ps; - my dear friend * , i hate you.
and i mean it.
HAH :|
you don't deserve to be call a friend anymore.
and thats A FACT everybody already knows.
sad, people pity you. thats all.
ops, thats too much for * to handle :D

who's desperate now? :)

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Sunday, November 15, 2009 4:18 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Why Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Differs?



please observe the picture located on the left side bar.
is it just me or it kinda expand upwards in internet explorer?

and there's one more obvious differences.
if you have a pair of good eyes, you would know.

i noticed the differences because i am the owner of this blog, HAH :D

please be kind,
if you're smart, try explaining this to me :)

i'm not an expert in IT.

cause if i was, i wouldn't post this, and i wouldn't ask you.
and and i could have fix the problem in a blink of an eye.

i think mozilla and explorer has their pros and cons -_-"

ps; - omma always say later later later.
she always forget.
i'm getting tired of excuses.
if i have the money and know what to do,
i could have done it right this instance.
i don't like this one bit. NOT ONE BIT.

-i'm scared i won't get to finish my persona before i leave.
but somehow that sentence just doesn't seem right :)

-if the wife's salary is much higher than the husband, would there be a problem ? :/
i'm very curious.

i think i can't love anyone like i love him


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3:18 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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What The ???


this does not make me happy at all.
i could kill that girl right now.

okay maybe i won't, but if she was right in front of me, i'll order my hyenas to slice and eat her face apart >:)

this girl is SOOOOO in my iwishthemdead list [ yes i have that list. HAH ]

maybe i'm being too dramatic -_-"
to jojot; fyi this picture is much more worse than the first one you gave me X(

oh and i'm just VERY curious,
did you really sent that message to me or was it a mistake?
cause it sounds VERY, and i mean VERY VERY MUSHY :)

"Listen to my heartbeat.. its waiting for you.. listen to my heartbeat.. its beating for you.. "

either you're trying to ask me to reply with rhymes cause you know we always do rhymes battles with each other,
OR you're sending me few lyrics of some new song you just found out and you might think i would fell in love with that song,
OR you send it because you missed me which by the way, I MISS YOU ALOT TOO :),
OR OR OR, you accidentally sent it to me by mistake?

yes, this is so me.
when one thing occurs, i put my head in such a burden.
i always think of the possibilities.

for example; [ oh fyi, this just another random fact about me, HEH ]

IF [and that is IF] i suddenly met with this one guy and went totally into crush mode,
i'll probably think twice or thrice or so.

i mean, what if he doesn't like me the way that i do.
what he if he does but he just wants to stick as friends?
what if he does but suddenly in the process things just doesn't work out between us and i had to let go and go through the broken heart process AGAIN [emphasizes]?
and what if suddenly he end up not loving me anymore and cheats on me with some short skirts free hair girl [whoa with details -_-"]?

and there's alot more, but its gonna take me all day just to write it all out.

unfortunately it's 1:35 am right now.

to be honest :|
all above is not even half of what i always think, tsk.

oh that just gaves me an idea.

there's this one youtubers that became famous from posting her videos like marie digby does.
but she didn't do her own originals and stuff, she was like singing a karaoke versions.

her name is esmee denters.
i totally adore her :)

unfortunately universal music group youtube disabled the embedding url :|
i can understand, i mean how can they make money if everything is free right?

Outta Here Pictures, Images and Photos
yeah she's pretty.
i guess thats why she went high up on youtube.
note, this is not a jealous statement.

its a FACT.
you don't see any fat girl with an awesome voice getting popular on youtube right?
that pretty much shows how lame this world is.
whoa, dramatic again my friend ._.'

but aaaaaanyway,
i burden myself again by uploading the song myself

What If - Esmee Denters

the music is perfect, the lyric hit so bad.
pretty much shows why i love it :D

well, i wouldn't be surprised why justin timberlake took her in.
i mean, she has an awesome voice.
she does.

from youtube, now she's world wide.
i doubt malaysia knows about her.

except for certain ppl who i have influenced to hear her song.
yes farhah, i'm talking about you. :P

but yeah, you could check her out yourself at youtube.
i'm totally getting all bluey because of this song :/

ps; hyakuji!
take care!
and i pray that we meet again someday!

wookie does not deserve to be touch that way, HMPH :|

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1:13 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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