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another sad awful truth -_-"

* pfft, GILER, setelah lama x post, kuar2 je bahasa melayu. dh ar ckp jgn bising, MASALAH TUL MINAH NI -___-" *

*kepada yg tdk berkenaan, atau mls nk baca, terus scroll ke bawah and baca poem, SENANG CITE -_-" *

i blame nisa for my overdose sugary merapu-ness :D

ok, i'm practically useless right now, its not that i don't have anything to say.
i've got tons but i haven't yet upload pics and stuff, so that KINDAAA makes me not inthe mood for useful crapping :)

fazraaaa, awat hang merapu dlm bahasa indon la neeeeeehhh
haiyah, i haven't got time yet to read all of it but hell i was rolling on the floor laughing for sho XD

ok highlight!

satu bende je ar ok, I PERFORMED AT SMK SSAAS on Teacher's Day.
" you performed???"
yes i did you tootie toot, can't you read? -___-"

don't ask if i record it or not, i BLAME NISA. haha
asyik2 nisa je ni. haih famous ko dlm blog aku -__-"

nak tau sape nisa?
ee xyah ar, dier tu budak yg paling gedik!
smpi mengalahkan drama queen yg terkenal di dunia ni. haha
aduh, mati aku klu dier baca ni -__-"

oh yeah i play guitar, don't you know? :P
i've actually uploaded a new video of my singing.
hah? ape? nk tgk? post kt blog?
ish xyah la :D bahaha
* asal ko gedik sgt mlm ni fasya -__-" *

dh dh! jumpe di lain post ok ;)

to honey fazra, i had a bit rough time few days ago.
and practically farhah knows most of it.
my bitch farhah, i miss you so much, i hope ur having a great time at pulau perhentian, i wish you cud take me as well! but i've got a date.
no, not with human, but BOOKS -_-"
i wish it was with a human :D haha

so results from my frustration i made a poem.
but at that time i felt crap, so practically the words didnt came out too well -_-"
arrgh!! merapu merapu! D:

so i leave the comment part to you fazra and the rest of the world! haha :D

notes; - i know, intro bapak pjg, and totally NONSENSE -_-"

- i want to cry, but i can't :)
i'm holding it for certain occasions only. see how strong i am? ;)

- it doesn't really matter if i am not the world to anyone's eyes,
but to mine, you will always be my WORLD :)

- i'm not afraid of the truth, and i'm not afraid that i'm readable.
what i am afraid is that, everybody could see it but they done nothing to help it.
way to go, mrs obvious :)

there are days when sun is shining just right and wind are blowing just fine.
but rain will always come and wash this away.

there are times where life is as bright as white,
but the light of life will sometime fade to black as the darkness comes.

in every goodness of life, there is such thing as bad.

its like riding a ferris wheel, sometimes you're up, and sometimes you're real down.
and sometimes, it stop at one point, where you are stuck, hanging in the air.

sometimes past drags you, it'll make you cry, it'll make you strong.
sometimes it haunts you and make you feel like there's no where you belong.

future excites you, but nevertheless scares you.
it has unexpectable surprises yet terrible fall down that you just can't control.


even if you're stuck at one point of your life, the world still rotating on it's axis.
life still goes on, and there 's nothing you can do to stop it.

stop won't solve.
fixing won't do anything.

it's just a matter of time, you'll wake up and look back that you wasted another of your moment upon grieving one thing when you could have achieve MORE with the time you had.

humans aren't perfect, they made mistake, they learn from it. but they still make mistakes.
it's a frustrating process of learning and understanding the meaning of life.

but you got to go through it.
at least when you die, you won't regret doing nothing, when you could have had SOMETHING.

~thegirlwhowishshecouldbe thegirlshe USED TOBE
uniquesya :)


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 11:15 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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would you be my ventriloquist?

alert: TERLEBIH merapu .

FAZRA!!!!!! bersembhyg sunat syukur daku setelah melihat kamu mengepost kembali! ingat kamu sudah terjun ke laut ke tujuh sebab tension atau terbang ke udara mencari Robert! haha
klu betul yg last tu xpe la jugak. haha XD

and thx honey, totally miss you babe :)
i terkejut melihat gmbr i di blog u!
terharu terharu terharu smpi menyanyi lagu haru haru dari BIG BANG! haha

again, MERAPU -_-"

here's something to spice up the nite.
this guy is freaking AWESOME

he's not only a ventriloquist, he's a GREAT IMPERSONATOR AND * yes ppl, there's AND * a GREAT SINGER! and he's HILARIOUS!

crap! eventhough i adore Jeff Dunham, This GUY IS REALLY GOOD 8D

qoute from the video;


haha :D but still the humor can't beat jeff dunham :3


- I MISS MAKLONG's rendang :(

- so far, stpm really made me sweat all over the place.
remind me not too get involve with something TOO LATE -_-"
or i'll miss out all the details and crashing with my clueness and blurness all the way

- i'm psyched for the tomorrow's presentation but hell, i feel like i haven't done this for A LONG LOOOOOONG time -_-"

-scaling MENYAKITKANNN! arrrghh! i hope i don't have to go through that again! :(

-thankyou sooo soo much for the ppl who advice me upon my last entry :)
sungguh, i'm totally psyched for STPM NOW haha
well sort of :P
muaah!! syg kamu semua :D
yes, fazra, you especially.

- i can't stop watching every single video from either America's Got Talent or Britain's! :D

ps; " Don't Take It Personally, It's just What I do."

SYAFIQAH ????? -_-"

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 1:52 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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I'm hungry and I'm continuing my Studies with effing MADNESS

Don't read unless you're UNDERAGE.


i feel like a mashed potato being squashed in between two slices of bread untill the mashed potato all gooeeeing out of the bread. PFFFT

and that doesn't even describe how i feel.
crap crap CRAP.

and i tot standing up will make me feel ALOT BETTER.
welll HELL YEAH, it SURE makes me feel BETTER.
fuck, IT MADE MY LIFE ALOT WHOLE BETTER. * sarcasm, sarcasm, SARCASM *

and i don't even care what the crap ppl say about me, EVEN MY OWN PARENTS.

CRAP! ada jugak yg nk mkn kasut aku freee free je.

SO HERE'S THE BIG NEWS PPL: ( probably you guys already heard of it, rumors get on pretty fast, can't blame them. its an ict world -_-' )


puas hati?
and let me make it easier for you.

" why stpm farah/fasya/bitch/ or wtvyoucalledthisgirl?"

well its because i want TO.

" why now?"

because i finally had the chance to talk to my parents.

here's the thing, you all know my parents choices were either a levels for law, diploma in LAW, and effing efing LAW LAW.
or shud i say, my MUM'S choice.

while my dad, he SOOOOO LOOOK UP TOO ME. WOOOHOOOO! * sarcasm*
he really wants one of his kids to be a doctor.

so here's the catch, i'm gonna stick to stpm to shut their mouth for awhile.
TOOT, they telling me what to do, i don't even know WHAT TO DO.
but thankgod, i'm not the bitchy girl who has no life and religious who will runaway from home and sold her body for 10 buck everyday.

so in my mind now, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

every single freaking thing happen in MY LIFE?

friends moving on without me?

haters telling off bad rumors about me?

parents crapping about how they wish a daughther like me wasn't born?
THAT TOO SHALL FREAKING PASS yet never be forget!

uggh... i'm hungry.

oh and to you my 'friend',
its LIFE. ppl laugh with you, but there ain't nobody who will cry you a tear when you're sad.

but if you found one that sticks with you through the darkest hours and the brightest days of YOUR LIFE,
that my dear, that is WHAT WE CALL A FRIEND.

but in the end we die alone.
i know that, if you're all alone, you'll die.
thats true actually, especially, when you're in america. you'll understand if you watch many movies about suburbans life and wars and stuff.

they live in a community to keep themselves safe and ALIVE.

but crap, if you don't do what they told you to, you're one dead stinky meat.

i'm not saying i'm like some kind of a hero or wtv,
but i stand on my own.
the fact that, we DO NEED FRIENDS.
so forget those crappy bitches and asshole.

once you're up, they'll awed you with regretfulness.
cheers mate. i love you, take care.




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Friday, May 22, 2009 1:15 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Vacation 2009 #6

hate me.
sue me.

but that does not justify your right to do that just because I HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATING this freggin blog.
BAHAHA merapu is my middle name X)

after i got back from maklong's house, i have been totally busy and have no time to even post anything!

oh btw, siapa kt Matrikulasi Perak? klu ada kem SLM SYG RINDU KU pd jojot cousin ku yg ku rindu sgt sgt! :(

oh and i want the pic from that photographer senior guy dude! the one i was holding cootie/ redpanther when i was helping taking your things up to your new room JOJOT! haha
embarrassing yet cute! :D


crowded! lemas den -_-"

i find that izzat looks adorable in this -_-"

current location; HAMLEYS

a trip to london, its a must going to HAMLEYS

guess whats this? budak2 cartoon network pasti tau :P

is it real? has my dream came true! haha
nah! its just a poster, but i'm proud and i'm amazed with the collection babeh! OMFG! i mean damn!
crap! giler awesome doe! haha

ok ok melebih2 plak -_-"

-_-" posing ganas? haha

yes, thats my friend, farhah
hahah :D
jk honey ;)

star struck! haha :P

bubbles!! i love bubbles!!!

after going to hamleys, we took a 45 minutes train to Bicester
where branded items are sell at affordable prices,
Gucci, Louis Vitton, Burberry, YOU NAME it
eventhough it is affordable, but darab dgn malaysia nyer currency,

PERGH!! boleh jadi buta tau x! 8D haha
still mahal! but nk wat camne, dh brg ori kan?

ps; lihatlah daddy gembira dgn Bally shoes dier and izzat dgn toys dier -_-"

on that night after waiting for 6 hours,
finally abg cepoi came allt he way from CARDIFF
to see us.

he studies there, so we took this chance to see how's he is doing there!

i waited out in cold to so that abg cepoi would see the apartment, and eventually, he did :D


first day out with abg cepoi! wee
cari hp angah :P

ye ar, angah dh ade touch skrin hp kan skrg? MENYAMPAH, xnk kwn, pfft :P

mama: " cepoi! sihat la cepoi kt sini!"
fasya: " haha!! mama, abg cepoi kurus ke? :D"
mama: " chubby ade ar!"

bueeek! abg cepoi kate kurus konon! haha
and guess what, he's not that tall as he used to be :)
or maybe i'm getting taller.
haha prasan :P

well atleast i'm taller than farhah, THATS FOR SURE haha

being all cute :P

spot 'the' bag

ps; takde ke siapa2 yg nk pecah kan glass ni untuk rompak bag2 louis vitton tu?
i WOULD :D haha

question; SIAPA suap SIAPA?

ps; promote promote 17 again
haha :D

i can see your tummy abg cepoi, bahaha :D

one of the best place to shop and DROP :D

no matter how you can't lose your big tummy,
i still love you abg cepoi :)

and eventhough you still haven't got six pads yet,

happy birthday abg cepoi :)

to be continue... seriously... -_-"

hah kau!
sepjg beberapa minggu ni, ini je kau post fasya?
hebat punya budak -_-"


- lala, i miss you, and if you do not talk about korean for the whole 30 minutes we talked on the phone, i would not consider you as my one and only LALA :D
yes, we will definitely hangout like we used to :)
no, like we ALWAYS DO.

-i'm gaia-ing again -_-"

-wish me luck ppl for aswara tomorrow!
i'm gonna see if i'm eligible enough to be a superstar! haha
well sort of :P


and thats A MUST PPL * serious face*

- don't worry, i'll be posting my current situation soon enough.
for now, have fun and enjoy reading this vacation post.
tpi nk wat camne, dh janji org tu! haha :D

ps: " i'm like an octopus doing a multitasking,
i'm like a computer, full with windows and tabs,
i'm like a piano, all the notes are being pressed in every single WAY!
so don't try to add more to this, or i'll throw you into the sea so that you got eaten by some HUMONGOUS OCTOPUS haha



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Saturday, May 9, 2009 7:37 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Vacation 2009 #5

so yeah,
on my last post, i've pretty much tell about first week of my trip.

well for London, we didn't travel that much, cause we've traveled all part of London before. most of the time, we just hanging around our apartment and walk around Hyde Park and Kensington Park to find me some boys. bahaha! ok the last part is a lie, the rest is true X)


LONDON, England

we were totally happy because for once, we stayed at BIGGER place.
trust me, for the past few times we've stayed at London, Most of the hotels were SMALL.

just imagine, YOUR BATHROOM is as big as CLOSET. yes, BELIEVE ME. XYAH NK ckp psl BILIK LA -_-"

the view from our apartment.

British People
daily routine; a walk in the park is MUST for them.
who doesn't if they have like the awesomest park with the most wonderful sun and breeeze?

wah! promote promote! :D
tolong sesiapa bawak saya lari!!! :D

damn, i miss this apartment, i do

shiny :)

mama ni mcm budak2 -_-"
ntah2 dier saje2 je nk bermanja dgn daddy?

YUP, definitely nk bermanja2 -_-"



disebabkan kerinduan terhadap daging, haha
eeemmm kebab :9

thumbs UP for halal! haha

burberry's scarf
burberry's beg
burberry's jacket
what else? -_-"

notes; night life at london can be stinking with ppl drinking and smoking everywhere, but in every small quiet corner, if you were there, you'd listen to two lil voices singing silently.


if we went back from germany much more sooner, mama said i could have met up MILEY CYRUS.

and mama said, if we could go to paris the second day we were in London,
we could have met with MILEY CYRUS TOO.

DISSAPOINTED? nah. i did met alot of super stars there.
but i met someone who is not a superstar, but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. :)

dirty details later ;) haha



omg, i haven't used this sentence for a long time.. hem..
ok ok! sudah, don't get all mushy fasya -_-"


and i can't help it :)

malaysian's kurus
kat LONDON GEMUK2! haha

oh oh! and sungguh friendly!! :D

i was walking through the flower walk at Kensington Park,
when i felt something walking below me.
i stop.
i look down.
and there was a SQUIRREL holding my FEET!

ok i didn't jump, and scared it, because i was too excited!! haha

damn! i'm getting all jumpy again! i can't help it!!
* fasya, you're losing it -_-" *

ok! inhale, exhale. hah.... :)

gemuk itu COMEL :)

and no, never once i have been scarred by a squirrel :)

izzat is a bad photographer, he didn't took a pic when he jump onto me :(

but no worries, abg cepoi has come to save the next day!! :D

lawa kan? :)
sedih nyer...

telaga lama
not working anymore, hanya sekadar lakonan lol

ps; not a DOLL.
this is REAL.

weird birds -_-"

while we were strolling throught the flower walk playing with the squirrels, mama and daddy went JOGGING :


Kensington Park

i'm currently at my cuzzie's house
update will be done soon enough.



- gracie's choice and mom at sisteen are one of the awesomest movies! :D

"i miss mushy"

~thegirlwhoisSOemo :)


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6:14 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Vacation 2009 #4

OMG its my 151st post? haha


METZ, France

we could have gone to paris, but it would take us about 4 hours to get there. imagine how long the trip's gonna take for us to go and come back -_-"

- a city in the northeast of France
-located in the confluence of the Moselle River and Seille River.
read more

for the first time stumbling upon a toll.
oh did you know, there are no tolls at Europe AT ALL?
except for borderlines ofcourse, for example; this, frm germany to FRANCE. ONE. and thats all.

yes ppl, thats stand for Moselle River.
now do you believe me this river is LONG? :)

dlm misi mencari laki hot, haha
misi; GAGAL :P

picnic-ing again
menu of the day; NASI GORENG :D

spring sonata: a walk to remember

cruising along Moselle River for 45 minutes.

one memory can't forget;

a french guy fishing at the riverbank saw me and yelled KONICHIWA.
haha :)

sepet nyer -_-"

damn, its beautiful :(


Black Tulips
bak pepatah Pak long

" Queen of Night "

Yellow Tulips
* i forgot -_-" *


KOBLENZ, Germany

-where Moselle River merge or meets with Rhein river( rhein is the main Longest River in Europe )
-the third largest city in Rheinland-Palatinate
read more

yes, i'm lonely, LOL

ice-cream movenpick
daddy says; NOT YOUR ORDINARY ICE CREAM, one of the finest and expensive ones.

not your ordinary smarties, LOL
* abeh tu ape ordinary hah fasya? -_-" *

don't ask, i don't understand it either -_-"


babble-ing with the video cam lol
the meeting point of Moselle and Rhein River

picnic-ing again :D
menu of the day; mayo cheese mushroom sandwich! :D

a weird looking chair -_-"

an ancient history fountain.
they build a history fountain, meaning each level of this fountain defines each and every century of Koblenz, before World War , When Islam Conquer it and so so on.


ps; mama happy daddy belikan dia two expensive shoes.

Last day at GERMANY


BONN, Germany

- City of Beethoven, the famous pianist,composer and etc
- 19th largest city in Germany
- located south of Cologne/Koln on the Rhein River.
read more

there's a transparent working lift everywhere

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven's House
in german spelling: Beethoven-Haus

a weird small bicycle made by old roots, i think -_-"

WALL-e WALL-e!!!
this shop has all the merchandises from all movies
twilights posters, autographs, pics,necklace, key-chain.
even WRESTLING. yes you heard me zaki. all wrestlers poster, YOU NAME IT.
even the CLOTHES.

i bought some twilight posters for my besties who reads and adores Twilight.
unfortunately i don't have much money to buy for all of them -_-"
and i had to pick for they have 8 different kind of posters. and all of them were GORGEOUS -_-"


Koln Bonn Airport
Goodbye Germany


and thats it.
for the first week at Germany. there you have it. hope you enjoy! :D
cause i really enjoy doing this post, brings tears actually lol.


- i'm so sorrry!!! i'm so so so so so so sorrrry!! i'm sorry for coming so late! pfft giler, i love you guys! :D i feel so guilty right now!
haha but we still had fun just now! haha :D
gjie, irham, ezir, zhariff and anis

you guys are AWESOME!
i miss you so much gjie!!!!

and i'm glad you love your prezzie. eventhough its not much, but i guess its the thoughts that counts right? haha * sewel betul aku malam ni -_-" *

pics of jamming will be post, soon once i'm not tired and not lazy * kan kata? sewel -_-" *

-i need a guy that can wake me up, cause apparently, even when my brothers wake me up i snap at them without even realising it cause i was damn asleep! omg! seriously, i x sedar giler yg adik i bgn kan i? dier kte dier dh bgn kan, but i marah dier? omg! when the hell is that? i yell in my sleep -_-"

again, i need a guy who can wake me up! -_-"

kenapa phone dah semakin x berguna? -_-"

ps;" You might think you can predict me, but YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ME,
You might say I don't Know You, but I KNOW ENOUGH TO LOVE YOU.

~thegirlwhoLOVESbigapplealien :9


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Friday, May 8, 2009 5:20 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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