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It's been awhile..

So... I know I haven't been updating this blog for sometime.. or a long time if in web time. LOL
Its just that I've been busy :)
so yeah, just a short post to fill up the holes in my blog. ^_^

anyway, welcome to new sem which is my final sem ! wohooo ! can't believe I've come this far. Regardless what has happen during my days in Melaka, gonna leave it all behind once its done.
gonna strive for the best for my future :) que sera sera :)

Thank You Allah for blessing me with such beautiful, lovely people around me. Some has became my friend for life, and some are just there for me to learn patience and life.

It has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride :)
will update more on how things have been going during my sem break.
Nite :)

ps; JJ project, block b, nu'est and b.a.p. at least there are some new decent boy group. though i really cant stand a man looking so feminine -__-
pss; hari ni saya rasa gembira sebab dapat bercakap on the phone dgn orang yang saya dh lama tak berjumpa. sangat rindu <3 sometimes, i give good advices. haha perasan ! XD

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Sunday, June 17, 2012 1:50 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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