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100th post ; abg cepoi! :D

woot woot!
fazra syg ku!

terima kasih :)
your comments always make me smile :D
yeah, at least i know that there is someone that is always there for me and she CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT ROBERT PATTINSON haha :D

ok, i have like tons of things to write here, but crap
i dunno what to write first for my 100th post

but, i think i kinda promise one of my favourite cuzzie to write and post about him,
so SILA2 rasa terhormat ye ABG CEPOI :D
yes, i used my 100th post just for YOU :D

and dun worry jojot, i still sayang awak haha :D
muah muah muah! miss u guys like ALOT ALOT ALOT
and jojot! saya nk awak curik saya dari shah alam
sebab saya nk JUGAK TGK MOVIE dgn jojot
x kisah la jojot dh boring ke atau dh tgk movie tu

so here goes
abg cepoi aka saiful bahari :D
he's the third one from 5 siblings.
first kakya, second kaktati, third;abg cepoi, fourth abg dwan and last but not least, JOJOT KU SAYANG :D

who am i talking about? :D
tada! :D
meet abg cepoi
honestly, he was never like this
ever since he left me, haha sengal prasan
he went to UK to further his study
he's been working out, pegi GYM KONON :P

and shockingly, DIETING
WHOA haha
i really can't wait for my trip this april
nk gi hantam DIA KT UK XD

snow snow! waa!
i miss i miss :(
yes, disebabkan dia rindu sgt dgn i
dia berkawan dgn snowman
haha XD

comel comel!
fact: they said that this was the heaviest snow in ENGLAND
sampai school tutup ek?
ntah, lupa plak fact psl berita tu XD haha

atok atok! tgk! mcm atok kan snowman tu? :D
eh jap, dier pendek ar
mcm sape ek?
eh, fasya x gemuk haha XD
xleh bla, prasan kurus sendiri! XD
ok, dh melalut -_-"

abg cepoi: ni time process membuat snowman
fasya: eh, abg yg pki spek kt tepi tu hensem ar :D
abg cepoi: dh ade gf la
fasya: aww :D
hahahaha XD

eee abg cepoi GATAL
curang dgn KAK ZIZAH dgn FARAH
haha XD
BTW you owe me BIG TIME

1# you went to PARIS without inviting me
2#you went to eiffel tower without ME
3#you went shopping without ME XD

10 facts about abg cepoi
  1. he's buff from all the work out :D
  2. he's getting stylish :P
  3. when he was in malaysia, he used to kidnapped me from home so that me,him and jojot wud go out for movie nite, which i MISS so MUCH :(
  4. he's the most craziest cousin i ever known XD
  5. CAN'T DANCE haha, as in sungguh KAKU XD but thats what makes him special :(
  6. dulu pelat kan? haha XD skrg x kot bahaha XD
  7. if it wasn't for him, i wudn't noe how the cinema wud like, and i remember that one night where; me,jot,kakya,kakjijah and him went karaoke-ing at cineleisure :(
  8. he helped me and my family alot, appreciate it so much :)
  9. i love him like my own brother
  10. he's the pilot of my heart, haha XD giler CORNY :D

btw, snow cap
looks SO CUTE ON you
tpi jgn kembang!
nnti gemuk
haha XD

again, miss YA!

your singing diva cousin :D


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Saturday, February 28, 2009 11:28 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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back to square one

you know what?
on second thought

i end up not sleeping last nite cause i keep thinking of what i wrote
and i realise
why am i being sOOOO stupid?
i mean
its fine! if they wanna use most of their time just to hate me or hurt me
why don't i just let them be?
i mean, i shud be GLAD RITE?
i actually shud be grateful because they actually used most of their time for ME :D

seriously, i'm honoured,
so arigato! :D
for what i am wasting my time just like them?
i don't wanna be ordinary
like my dad always said, be EXTRA ordinary
be different! :D
so i'm saying thank you, and i'm sorry for my harsh words.

mari lah sama2 kita gelak :D

laughing panda Pictures, Images and Photos

drake bell icon Pictures, Images and Photos

lost evi icon by freya Pictures, Images and Photos

Fun Icon Pictures, Images and Photos

wah! ramai nyer yang gelak dgn i :D

but let me get this off my chest ok

  • i love you, i miss you, and i'll never stop doing that no matter how much you guys despised me and what you have put me through
  • i'm just a human, i'm not GOD, and i cud say the same thing about you
  • the best thing about mistakes? i learn from it, and i start to build myself from that, so i thank you for making me stronger THAN EVER
  • get this fact straight, i THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME
well there's more but i'm getting bored talking about me and all haha :D

ah blur blur blur!
sorry, tgh chatting dgn mickey smpi dier ambik segala idea dari kepala daku XD

oh well toodles! :D

ps:" don't tell God you have a big problem, tell problem that you have a BIG GOD!"

haha :D


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2:28 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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shoutout to MNA , AS and Z

warning, this is just a shoutout
kepada yang xde kene mengena dlm ni
jangan terasa or sakit hati
jangan risau, i STILL LOVE YOU GUYS :D

i just found out part of the things that's been happening without me knowing any AT ALL

~first was the threats
~second was him having a blog
~third him having a GF *which doesn't concern me at all*

so this post will only be a shoutout to few ppls

yes, i'm talking to you through my blog
i'm kind enough to not reveal your name

first of all
i REAAAAALLY don't know why you are giving me these hurtful comments
LOL :)
probably to you its not hurtful
but guess what, it pains me
probably you want me to be hurt?
if that really makes you happy
then have fun doing that
cause i'm starting to 'enjoy' this unbearable pain

second of all
if you REALLY hate me so much
then why don't you just be as cold as possible
as in, just tell me to BUZZ OFF
i'm glad to be of any assistance
cause, all i can see you are enjoying your new life
not that it CONCERNS ME AT ALL
since i never knew anything anymore
seriously!! you got a blog? whoa!
a gf?? wow, congrats!
ps; i know that this is non of my business
so MAAF LA klu menyibuk

third of all
i mean
we barely talk to each other these days
and every time i did try to
well.. you get the point
and all of a sudden,
i heard about THREATS
whoa! ok giler SHOCKING
only GOD knows how blur i am that time
like i said, we barely even talk
and now?
you want to kill my FRIENDS?!

first you don't talk to me
now THIS???!

i just don't know what to think
all i know
i never ask FOR THIS
and yeah, i READ YOUR BLOG

go ahead, call me an idioit
you always call me THAT

and i LOVE IT

i DON'T REALLY KNOW you that much
but hell you're one asshole BASTARD
i swear to you, if i'm evil enough
i'll kick your ass and punch you in the face
makes me wanna kill you even MORE
probably because you're TOO boring with you're f*d UP life
you know, you're the type of guy
that i could just pick up near the streets
and you wanna knw something?
*so i've heard*
but bila fikirkan balik,
klu pon kau mengaku
so SHUH SHUH! go away fly~ haha

you of all ppl
shud noe better to shut ur bratty little mouth and just face the fact
MR S has hurt me alot
so i dun need you to MAKE IT WORSE
hell i HATE HIM
i told you like a million times
aku BETUL BETUL x kisah
do NOT GET me INVOLVE with this stupid puppy love or whatsoever
i ain't your third person
itu je!
aku dah x suka dgn dia! sudah ar !
yang kau nk paksa aku apsal?
ingat aku x tau? ENGKAU YANG TERHEGEh2 dgn DIA
damn, no words can describe who you are
and damn you're lucky i still think you as my friend
even after what you put me through

i noe dat i'm kinda friendless lately
especially after what had happen few months ago
but i'm NOT THAT DESPERATE to have friends like YOU PPL

haih, ntah ar
malas aku nk pikir

ps; " finding excuses just waste your time and tears, finding forgiveness and solutions create more time to be loved and cared by ALLAH"

~love, live, smile :)


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4:24 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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3 hours with gjie :)

i'll just talk straight to the point
since its 3 am already
ok since my movie plans got cancelled today *26/2/2009*
gjot aka gjie, my sayang gave a msg the nite before *referring to 25/2/2009 9:30 pm*
yes ppl i insert dgn time skali, haha XD

while we were so laughing our heads off during texting each other
i gave her an idea,

flashback 25/2/2009

fasya: eh, kelas u kul bape abeh? nnti nk VISIT u la! haha

so yeah
basically u guys can guess
the movie was off
and so i told myself why don't i at least go out
i mean thats the whole point rite
janji TETAP janji
dh janji dgn diri sendiri nk kuar
so ape agi
i gave msg to my mum
i'm going out to see gjie, *my mum are friends with gjie's mum, so it kinda make it easy if i told her i'm going to see gjie :D*
and woot woot! ding! GREEN LIGHT

long story short
tada! this is gjie :D
say hi to miss tinggi+hot+skinny+veggie
oh wait, x veggie sgt dh kan? haha :D
nmpk tu?
ape tu?
itu makanan la
yey! impian saya tercapai thx to gjie
i have always wanted to go to the BIG APPLE at sacc

i swear from the moment my bro said,
"BIG APPLE akn bukak kt sacc", i was the one who was so GIDDY about it
and tgk2 time opening, mama kurung kt dlm umah, wuaaaaa! :(

and scoop ppl!!
well ok its not a big thing but
listen to this
haha giler dramatic daku ni XD

kan dulu dier diet giler2 kan?
kan kan?
skrg ni dier mkn sweets, mkn TWISTIES 2 packet sehari
yes gjie
i'm writing everything what you have said to me
well ok ok
not everything XD

haha sorry ppl
i'm still mesmerize to the fact she's gonna eat at big apple and eat donut haha
tu yg tgkp dua kali
oh btw
ni time dier dh abeh kelas kt CAMBRIDGE
so dier tgh lapa haha
oh notes: arshad and fazran are working at BIG APPLE
which two ppl i'm not close to haha XD

masih dgn MULUT MUNCUNG DIER haha
but lawa kan pic ni? haha :D
take note: beg tu sama dgn beg QUEENY dulu haha
how small the world is
gjot, sha, syaza
while we were chatting and gossiping at BIG APPLE
we saw sha and syaza walking towards sacc
so gjie ask me to call them out
* hey gjie, i shout out girl u plak eh skrg? haha*
and yes, thats what i did
regardless of what ppl thinking
well screw u PPL haha

so we chat and chat
first its about gjie's scandal bahaha XD
and then psl spm
and then course
bla la la XD
and the sha and syaza left us cause they got sumfing to do
so we, as in me and gjie decided to walk around sacc to waste our 2 hours left hanging out together
yeah, we were crazy XD
gjie was on the phone
she tried to pose but then we were too shaking on the elevator
so ampunkan keburukan kami dlm GMBR NI haha XD
i blame the photographer XD
i just found out today that ezir works at DIGI store
so apa lagi!
say hi ppl to mr TEASER haha
i remember someone telling me his hot 0_0
NOT haha
btw, time ni dier tgh byk ckp and byk tanyer psl my social life and love life
so i took a pic of it since i was bored 0_0

oh did i tell u dat we bumped to FISCH as well
well aka MUHAFIZ
budak sek 9 or 8 wud know
but i didn't took his pic, sebab dier lari

gjie said that this pic is good if u put a good funny dialog as caption for it
gjie wud be the wife
and ezir wud the husband
gjie: u kene dgr ckp i! ezir: ye syg..
ok, i xde idea nk wat bende klaka skrg sebab ngantuk
but tgk gmbr ni pon dh klaka XD
sebenarnyer time ni kitorg tgh ckp dgn dier yg
dier sesuai pki kasut sukan adidas ni
comel kan?
*pointing at the pink shoes*
and then ezir wat muke touching dier
haha XD
god i miss u PPL :)
since that time ezir only got 30 minutes of break
and its his choice to menyibuk hangout dgn kitorg haha
so this was the last pic we took before he went off to work
which was sad but we promise each other to contact and hangout more often after this :D
haha at first i wanna took gjie and ezir pics together
but then gjie kate EEE
haha so yeah, pic nmpk buruk and
dgn tanpa segan silu
i ask the ppl that work at information center
to take pic of us
diorg tu security guard kt sacc kan? haha
hantam ar
tak pandai tgkp gmbr lngsung haha :P
giler kejam i ni

so after that i and gjie off to jln2 again and babble2
and fortunately
gjie's a big fan of the movie KAMI
*sape yg x pernah dgr lagi movie ni, keluar la dri tempurung kamu*
so, she with her xray eyes, saw one of the actors from KAMI
abu aka abg NAS T :)
af first i didn't saw him
but i insisted that we go upstair since gjie said she saw him
so we DID
but then gjie was TOO shy to take pic with him
i on the other hand, are carefree and gutfull :D
just when i wanted to go to the dude
gjie ran away and went down stair

so we waste our time more just one stair down from the dude at the choc store
and u cud say a MIRACLE HAPPEN
the dude went downstair
and gjot saw him again before i did
i swear to u
i was SO BRAVE
i think u guys can guess
because i called him like tons of time but he cudn't hear it
maybe because i was shouting too SOFT XD
so ape LAGI
i went up to the guy

fasya: hey! you yang from movie KAMI tu kan?
abu/abg nas t: yeah!
fasya: um abg nas t is it?
abg nas t: yup thats me :)
fasya: well would u mind if i take a pic u with my friend, she's like a big fan of the movie :)
abg nas t: sure! why not?

lihatlah muka gjie yang gembira+masih malu+ketakutan
haha :D

xkn i x dpt chance gjie?
i pon nk gak! :D
wee :D
hehe ok
x nmpk mcm pelik ke gmbr ni? ;)
so anyway sorry for the blurry pic
because time tu pun gjie was still trembling
tgn dier masih shakey
ye la, dpt berslm dgn abg nas t kan?
haha XD

but my conclusion about NAS T
he's buff, he's tall and stylo :D and yet, he's not the photogenic type he's much more awesome in person :D

so PPL
do u hear me?

after taken the pic, we said thx and i said to him, he's awesome
which is TRUE :D
and then lps kitorg tgkp gmbr tu
BARU org nk acknowledge him and mintak autograph dier

giler bangga kan kite gjie?
sebab time tu xde org pon dtg kt dier
dier jln2, org pndg je
but WE DID :D
we are so AWESOME :)

haha but gjie regrets that she didn't get to talk long with abg nas t
eventhou she was the first who ran off after taking his pic
aww, x dpt nombor dia kan gjie? haha :P

gjie went home at 4 sumfing
just when i sent her off
she sent a msg saying that dude aka abg NAS T
was sitting at uncle k kopitiam rite next to where i was standing
when i was saying good bye to gjie
DAMN u bg msg lambat la gjie!
i dh bla time tu! :D

NEW fact aboutfasya: dlm satu hari, saya x prasan byk ORANG yang saya kenal lalu sebelah saya atau pun saya terlanggar

i think i have a problem
i mean, i can only focus ahead
but i can't seem to see whats rite next to me
which doesn't make anysense
ape ingat i ni mcm mata pemangsa ke?
boleh tgk semicircle je
klu yg mangsa, boleh tgk smpi blakang 0_0

so here's the last pics we took

perfecto :)
bye gjie! see u soon! thx for day :)

  • thank you gjie, u really made my day. lets promise ourselves if we ever bumped to that dude again, we'll ask for his number. bahaha, but i doubt he'll give :P
  • thank you ezir for wasting your 30 mins break with us and making us laugh :D, yey i dpt gelaran BUDAK TENGAH haha and btw, i'm happy and i dun mind with all those controversi questions, and believe me ezir, i AM SINGLE haha
  • thankyou sha and syaza for chatting with us and being apart of my happy day :D
  • thank you fisch, lol
  • thanx BIG APPLE :D
  • I'M REALLY sorry mirul afiq, i swear, I DID'NT realise u were there and u HAVE CHANGED alot, but thx for saying hai to me, and i miss you too :)
  • and THANK YOU SO MUCH abg nas T kerana sggp melayan karenah kami :D kamu hebat :D
*i'm sorry but its been awhile since i update this blog and this is probably one of the longest post eva
but i hope u guys enjoyed reading it :D

*i want to tell Z, that i'm not pissed off at all. and i think that u shudn't be too, why? because i'm fine, just because i was mistaken about the msg, doesn't mean it was ur fault.
but what i'm hoping for a replacement for today, since it didn't workout :D

like i said, a PROMISE is a PROMISE :D

*i noe there's alot more post i need to do but pls bare with me here, i have too many things in my hand now eventhou i'm not working anymore

*the thoughts of me not working anymore makes me sad alil by lil :(

ps: " LOVE is a rose bursting into flower: and kisses are its petals "

~everything happens for a reason

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Friday, February 27, 2009 3:06 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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i'm the first follower at ATOK's 100 :D

woot woot!
sungguh bangga mendapat ni
dh la nombor satu plak! :D
tak pernah dpt nomber satu dlm hidup!
haha XD
well, actually dua kali je, tpi tu pun kt dlm kelas and it was when i was Year 2 and Year 3 :D
tpi kt dlm dunia luar atau len2 x pernah :D

i am No 3 in My sibling :)

i am not number one in ANYONE's HEART
oh ape? ada org jerit la
sape tu?
oh sorry jojot!!!
i nombor satu dlm hati u ek?
sorry sorry! haha x prasan XD

so yeah xnk membebel byk sebab dh lama sgt x blogging
atok ku syg!!
nenek ucap kan makasih byk2 :D


bila nk dtg umah ni? :/
amirul afiq ( bukan miyo ) dh buat date dgn i ni haha
kitorg dh set nk men lagu ape
hang, bila lagi?
and ckp kt redwan gedik tu
klu nk blaja men piano, dtg umah
x yah nk menggedik lagi XD

daus lawyer ku! :(
janji TETAP janji
jumpe pon x

and miyo!!!! waa
ni yang xleh bla kesedihan melanda time ku gembira :(

ps; " you seldomly forget these little things in life, but little did you know that those little things that has been making who you are TODAY."


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2:44 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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taggy by fazra :D

Rules and Regulations :
1. copy and paste the picture in your blog .
2. write on whoever suits the character . whether they got blog or not .
3. tag 5 or more people . (:

the good friend : good? irham :)
the slow one : umm... i think is sarah, she's kinda slow haha
the pimp : pimp?? hem.. haha along angah cause they keep talking about it XD
the good little church girl : -
the shy one : haha gjot :D
the one that always swears : adiela -_-"
the grumpy one : oh nuraini haha XD she's kinda grumpy sometimes but she's funny :)
the one that always gets hurt : shahril, haih :(
the one thats up to no good : syafiq 0_0 mane ntah dia skrg.. -_-"
the jock : wuu.. mr macho, hem.. i think its amir tough :D
the one with the bad memory : ah... mak long :( but she's really tough :) salute! :D
the geek : a'ha! haha fattah :) god i miss him :)
the innocent one : ah.. i think its syafiza, she's so humble :D
the goodie two shoes : MIYO :) sungguh baik ya ampun!!
the drama queen : haha zaki :D
the lazy one : me! :D
the gangster : jojot! haha XD she's MY gangster :)
the stylish one : farhah haha
the flirt : ah..
if boy; faiz or abg syahmi, their extremely cute+sweet talker combo 0,0
if girl; reyna haha or tini dgn gaya dier tersendiri yg sggh menggoda, aww i miss that :(
the tiny dangerous one : oh oh, amalina, jgn buat dier marah, nnti dier cubit! haha
the tower : GJOT :D and abg CEPOI :)
the one with all the gossip : haha, lala :)
the ladies man : ah, ofcourse who else? zaki bahaha
the one you can depend on : myself :)
the annoying one : ezir haha X)
the cutie pie : tini :)
the princess : honestly? i don't like to lie, so yeah, its queen, i ave always said that from the first time i met her. its prolly because of the name. but its not princess, its queen.
the funny guy : atok :D haha
the one thats always hungry : kak iqa haha XD, she can't stop eating XD

this is like from the positive side
at least from my positive point of view, xde niat nk kutuk or ape2
its like a compliment to u guys, gratitude to be exact.
so be honoured if u guys are in :D haha


i've got this before by nuha
but i'm gonna do it again for fazra
see how ur very important to me fazra :D haha
sila2 kan terharu haha XD

but klu spe yg dh kene tag by the second tag, xyah buat agi ok.

Whoever gets the tag,they have to write 10things about the person who tagged him/her. And, the person who got tagged has to write 10things about herself/himself.

fazrararara :D woot woot!

  • got to know her by blog and she added me at myspace :), thx hun
  • shes very pretty when i first saw her pic :)
  • adore edward cullen or shud i say robert pattinson haha more than anyone i know XD
  • very talkative, and creative, love her blog!
  • very open minded
  • love to read books
  • i think she's still single haha XD or maybe taken by me bahaha XD
  • i remember her babble-ing about chicken chop haha XD
  • she's one of the awesomest dreamers :D
  • and she wants to get marry to ROBERT PATTINSON haha XD

moving on to me

  1. craze maniac for dancing,singing and music instruments
  2. love to play games such as ps2,ddr,desktop games,ps1 and so so on
  3. love anything that has cheese :9
  4. love japanese food, SO MUCH
  5. love to travel and adventure
  6. sleeping is like the most greatest gift! haha
  7. love to watch meaningful movie with meaningful quotes
  8. loves chocolates,sweets and ice-creams especially pralines :9
  9. eventhou i talk straight, i kinda keep my sad feelings to myself, so kinda secretive haha
  10. and i like to lecture or advice ppl alot, LOVE COUNCELING :) i blame mickey for this and shahril XD oh oh and farhah! haha

I'm tagging for the first tag ;

-everyone! cpt cpt! jgn x buat haha XD i will check :P


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12:01 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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starz lg

i swear to GOD
i dunno what to POST
not that i dun have anything
there's ALOT
i'm really just too depressed and BLUR -_-"


new fact aboutfasya; she is not into entertainment life but SERIOUSLY

i cud do a MUCH BETTER criticizing than HATTAN
you're an ASS
for the first time, i'm on the same page with AJAI

pelik kan?
tibe2 je ckp mcm diorg ni sahabat aku plak XD

i mean cmon
sape tgk starz lg td?
sape menang?
cause i didn't watch it till the end of it
cause why?
the ending wud be the same u know
its just the same case like AF, sorry to AF fans
everything is not FOR REAL

u put a show
and then u ask for the contestants to be voted by the audiences
i swear to u, ppl these days go for LOOK
yeah, u heard me



a face doesn't deserve a SALUTE
unless they have a GREAT TALENT

and has anybody told cassie when she make up like that tonite, she looks like mulan jameela
well at least to me 0_0

btw, i'm just saying this out of a blue
and its not like i HATE IT
i'm just not into it

but i'm blaming kak iqa * if u guys remember, she's the daughter of my mum's friend*
for making me more INTO KOREAN entertainment -_-"
not that i hate it :D

so anyway, SYANA BEAUTY SALON had their officially opening ceremony today
long story short, PROMOTE PROMOTE :D

i'm kinda blur rite now -_-"

told cha i'm clueless of what to post
i'll let this post hanging
u wanna criticize me?
go ahead,
i'm happy ur wasting ur time on me :D


- fakers? they don't deserve to live in MY WORLD. haters? they ain't worth my time to waste. liars? heh, one word. karma. and BOY, i can't wait for that day! i can't wish u bad things, cause it's bad luck to me. so i'm just gonna let ALLAH do what HE does :)

- crazy people don't like to be called crazy. crazy people doesn't admit that they're crazy. crazy people are still HUMAN.

ps: " i used to respect u, i loved u too much. i still love you. but my love for you, is just DEEP but MEANINGLESS. "

~honesty is hard to find


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Monday, February 23, 2009 1:15 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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i spilled two icelemontea at two ppl on mylastdayofwork

the title has cover right about everything :D haha

yes ppl
today, 20/2/2009 was my LAST DAY OF WORK at NYONYA KITCHEN


no. its not because i feel sexually harrassed lol :P
no. the work was as simple as ABC
no. it wasn't tiring. i work for only 4 HOURS in a day
no. the manager wasn't mean or likes to torture ppl, heck he HELP ME ALOT which made me alil bit hard to let go of the job :(

it was because.... ting ting ting! PARENTS

it started out because i PLEADED so much to get permission to work
well, they did allowed but hey, everything got to be equal rite?
when u want sumfing, u got to sacrifice sumfing equal
so, i have sacrifice myself for a vow

" fine, if you want to work yourself out and feeling all tired, go ahead. we're not gonna nag to that stubborn head of yours. we HAVE too many things to be worried about, we don't need YOU to make our head worry about other things. but we can only give you not more than ONE MONTH. no NEGOTIATION. its final. MY DECISION." -daddy

hey, biler FINAL dah keluar dari mulut dia
jangan harap la nk pujuk lebih
itu maksudnyer kamu nk mintak kena pelempang free saja

reasons why i even wanna work actually?
haha, wait for the next post ;)

this post is reserved for telling you what happen on my last day haha
which u have read it on my title

ok, you can say that if you had a camera and snap that moment, you'd laugh ur head off knowing what had really happen
but too bad, it happen to me which i still haven't figure it out yet how to laugh about it -_-"

it was 3.15 pm
i've actually finish my work that time
it was actually our break
but to me, its the end of my work shift :D

since i have to wait for my brother for another 3 hours
so i spent most of my time at nyonya kitchen helping them out or just walking around the mall
so there's this big family consist of 7 ppl
2 guys in their twenties, 1 in thirty and another guy is in 50 sumfing
and there was 3 adults women

so they ordered drinks, still normal
and the bartender made the drinks and all and put it on the tray, still normal
and i was near the tray, so as usual, i put straws into the drinks and all, still normal
( there was two icelemontea, one cold water and one hot chinese tea )
so i decided to send the drinks off
so i did what i always do, lift it carefully and all
so here's the drama comes

sekan ( bartender) : boleh ka fasya? jatuh kang *excuse him, he's an indonesian :)
fasya: abg, dh banyak kali abg ckp camtu. kang jadi betul2, fasya xleh nk gerenti ok. fasya dh cube sedaya upaya ni!
jamil (my kapten) : kami risau je*with grin on his face. pfffffttt

so off i go, regardless hearing them giggling behind me
yeah, they love to tease me :) haha
gonna miss that

as always
i would put down hot chinese tea first, for its very important to start with the dangerous one haha

their table were unorganised
7 PEOPLE shud seat at the round table
it was SUPPOSE to be that way, to make it easy
but they want it the two square table combined together
which mr chris said, its not rite but "CUSTOMERS are always RIGHT"
pfft yeah, RITE

so while i was trying to put the cold water, it was freaking HARD
i tried to reach the table without tumbling the drinks onto the customer
( which was funny cause it still happened eventhou i tried to avoid it, pfft )
i cudn't reach it
so the customer 'THOUGHT' he cud help me out by moving his chair alil bit far behind so that i cud move in
which was nice but HELLO
so if u move backwards, that means u'll be pushing me back as well!!
so, long storyshort,

the two icelemontea fell onto the two customers that were sitting in front of me

haih -_-"
mr chris tried to cheer me up

"its ok fasya, its just icelemontea, its a good thing it wasn't hot tea"
"haha, funny, for the whole month, never did u made a mistake, and here u are on ur last day which has ended already, and u SPILLED, what a great closing ceremony fasya haha "


actually there's more
but i dun wanna talk too much
i mean
god, on my LAST DAY
i made alot of mistakes and not only dat,

hey, everything happens for a reason rite?
i think -_-"

oh oh and i just find out that acacia mardiana is going to start work there tomorrow
which was abit unfortunate that i stop working early :D
oh well :D

did u realise that my co-workers has already said about me will spill drinks
and it actually happen?
itu ar
kerana mulut, badan BINASA

so moral of the story
never ever wish for the worst :)
cause KARMA exist
and ALLAH always LISTEN :)

oh well
guess this is another challenge i have to face -_-"
but its okay
the customers actually were kind
they didn't get all crappy and discriminating or anything
but still
i feel so ashamed seyh -_-"

while i was cleaning, well cause i pon kene siram dgn icelemontea tu time jatuh tu haha, well kt bdn je la -_-"
mr chris said have a seat
and he was trying to calm me down and all
he suddenly put down on the table rite in front of me
i've always wondered how it wud taste there

" here you go, a treat. regardless of what had happen just now. take this as my farewell present to you :) "

god, i swear to you, if i was normal that time, i wud CRY
but i didn't, which was ok haha

well i dont wanna yap anymore longer cause
u'll be tired listening to me yapping and all
so i'll upload pics of my last day now

two of my kapten
abg jamil and abg herry
muka2 yg malu di tangkp gmbr, GEDIK :P
nyonya kitchen's staff minus abg johan aka JOHN aka my co-kapten/husband :D
hectic as always :)
oh and the customer on the right
thats my favourite customer
cause they're so NICE and KIND to me :)
orang berbudi, kita berbahasa
oh wait, terbalik ek? -_-"
blame abg JAMIL
kuang asam nyer kapten :P
i still blame abg JAMIL
mr chris tgh ckp la -_-"
oh btw mr chris is my MANAGER :)
don't worry sha
i swear :)

ps; " life is like an ice chendol, its sweet but cold yet warms the heart in some spot :)"

~you miss something to appreciate it


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Saturday, February 21, 2009 1:45 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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what i want in a GUY

i had this post for draft like for a long time
so i think i'm gonna use a lil bit of my time to finish what i started

Thats All - Michael Buble

i want a guy that wld be proud having me in his life and as his wife.

i want a guy that when he looks at me, he will say "i'm lucky to have you"

i want a guy that will never stop loving me even after how much we have been through

i want a guy that accept me for who i am

i want a guy who dare to correct me when i'm wrong

i want a guy that is ego enough to keep his right

i want a guy that is not shame and afraid to shed even a tear for me

i want a guy who is not egoistic to admit that he's wrong

i want a guy who can take care of me and my family

i want a guy that speak his mind out

i want a guy that is charming yet promising :) lol

i want a guy that trust me

i want a guy that has goals and ambitious
if not, i'll make him see THE WORLD

i want a guy who respect me and anyone in this world

a guy who will stood by me and say
"you're great, you've done what you could, now let the world repay you, at least let me"
aww isn't that sweet? :)

i want a guy that listens to me and talk wisely

i want a guy who smells nice no matter what
* this is more to personality :P

i want a guy who looks nice every way and what he wears
just the way he is :)

i want a guy who worked his day out but still can slow dance and giggle with me at nite :)
cause i love DANCING :D

i want a guy that could change the world, MY WORLD

i want a guy who will never stop believing in himself and Allah

the second most important
i want a guy that could be a MAN for me :)

i want a guy that loves me
i LOVE HIM too :)


-keep this in mind, i bolded there that i WANT, not that i NEED ok :)
cause you may not know what life could bring you, so i can't really say anything :)
but one can dream rite? :)

-like i said, this is an old draft. it doesn't connected to my old post "confident ppl"
and i'm not saying this as if i'm thinking of getting married or anything.
this just comes naturally, hey, sometimes you have to wonder how your future is gonna be.
success don't come easily, you gotta earn it

-i'm not looking for a perfect guy, cause i'm not perfect
i'm not even interested of looking for anybody rite now, so pls, just take this as a thought for a thought :D

ps; i'm not afraid to decide what is right for my future, are you?

~time is precious, so i don't wanna lose you
cause you're precious


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Friday, February 20, 2009 3:23 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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smoke your lungs out

for the first time
i'm kinda blur
maybe because i got no story for you today

well at least you guys are free from the grip of fasya's YAPPINg wahahah :P

and i wanna say thx to;

fazra, for those sweet comment
seriously, i'm touched :)
and hey, we are friends :D

and firdaus,
my old BUDDY
god, I MISS you man! :D
hey, kite kan dulu motivator skola
so biase la
i'm still sticking to that role what :D
while you are achieving the tittle LAWYER :D
can't wait for that! :D

stats for today:

did you know
the numbers for cigarettes smoked today are

damn you crazy ppl

i mean, can't you ppl REALISE that you are KILLING yourself??!
if you are meaning to do that from the beginning you started smoke
then by all means,
no one bothers to stop you.
but remember just one thing,
hey, don't get this the wrong way
cause killing yourself is not AN OPTION
i swear to you its true
i've done it before
and yeah, don't act all surprised
i know, its sound horrible
i mean you'd probably effing criticizing me now

" who this girl think she is??! talking like this when she did the same thing before, effing she has no rite to talk low about ppl who smoke! damn BITCH"

ok, welllll u get the point

but the thing is
you ppl are blindly enough to missing out something call LIFE
problems? stress?
duuuuuude! there 6, 761, 605,689 ppl in this world!
and guess what?
they, we, are going through the SAME DAMN THING

i didn't see it before
i swear to you
i was so NAIVE

but now
you got to face the FACT
you make MISTAKE
but you gotta LEARN from it
dats LIFE
its ain't there for nothing yo!

and another fact

there's a survey stated that
" in EVERY individual life
there at least 7 ppl that cares and think about this one individual
if its not parents, then siblings, if not, cusins, if not, friends, if not acquintances, if not, school, if not, better yet, GOD love you always"

one word ppl
don't be SELFISH

i'll just give you guys ONE example
you guys heard about Gaza rite?
get this fact
they're trying to LIVE, surviving

so ask yourself,
what are you doing?
sitting around, reading newspaper blanklessly, watching tv emotionlessly, and what?
KILLING yourself
funny how this two things contrast in the same freaking way

but then again, God created this situation for a reason
probably to balance the population? 0_0
weird, how i can be negative yet positive
haha :D

i must have confused u alot :)

but one thing for sure,
i just hated that instead of the smoker
the ppl who are exposed to the smoke
innocent ppl
'secondary smoker' they called
suffering from the effects
and DIED
probably Allah love them so much :(

ps; "Life works in various way, you can't predict, you can't say you know it all, cause there's always more up ahead, you just got to be ready and fight with all your might, just to win and SURVIVE"

:) smile smile and laugh for once ppl
it doesn't kill you :)

~i remember you always

death caused by smoking for this year
919, 924
and increasing by one every 3 seconds



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1:41 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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confident people

first of all,
thx zaki
you save me a HELL lot of time from searching for those songs and WAITING to get bumped to you just to get that songs from your phone
not that i don't like to get bump to you, i just don't like spending time thinking when WILL THE NEXT BUMP COMING UP -_-" get it?

ps; dude! opera! me LOVEY! :D

to the user name called 'orang' at my tagboard
thanks for visiting my blog
though, i don't really know who you are -_-"
and your question, um
i don't quite really understand..
are you asking my opinion?

what do you think that you can identify a person as a confident person, a person thats comfortable under their own skin?

my first perspective
- probably this 'orang' is asking me what makes me think i can identify a confident person? its like kinda harsh haha, apa yang buat aku ni sedap2 je boleh tahu orang ni sape, org ni sape? haha X)

my second perspective
- maybe its an opinion question. meaning, he wants me to answer how do i see in a person.

so dats why i'm kinda confused XD sorry, byk sgt kebarangkalian maksud soalan tu :)

but i'll answer it anyway

what do i think that makes me can identify a person which is comfortable under their own skin?
well one word ofcourse.

isn't that rite ppl? who's down with me? :)
i mean, first thing first, to feel comfortable, you got to accept who you are.
second, love who you are.
last but not least, be grateful :)

PROUD is not as in showing off TOO much and bragging about it
that is SO not proud ppl
proud meaning you are not afraid to show who you are, never be ashame, and just take what life has offered you and go with the flow :)

the few personalities that a proud person has

-live their life to the fullest yet be cautious
-walk with confident, well i got that one from my dad actually. he used to say "to be confident, you got to walk like one. jgn BONGKOK, jgn LEMAH SEMANGAT, don't walk TOO fast. just walk FINE" :) and no, bukan MCM MODEL -_-"
-same as above, grateful
-talk with no fear yet with mind open wide, get it? meaning THINK before you TALK :)
-are not afraid to face up to challenges

well there's alot actually but i don't like to take alot of your ppl time :)

but if you have like any questions, pls. do ask :)

and to 'orang'
if its okay, can you like, introduce yourself?
i would like to know who you are.
if its okay with you anyway.
if its not, then its fine :)
thx again for visiting this blog :)

i don't have much to say
probably because all my ideas has blurt out last nite
yeah i didn't post anything last nite,
tired -_-"

i don't wanna start yapping
cause i'll be emoish
i'm totally emo sentimental lately
but i can't quite seem to have any tears :/

this is official
new fact aboutfasya;she can't CRY for the moment! 0,0

i mean CMON!
i'm freaking listening to all this SENTIMENTAL songs
and so emoish songs
i'm freaking sad and stress
and i'm weeping like hell
but guess what?

no tears
wait a min
why am i making a big deal out of it?
isn't it like a good thing?
its not normal yet
its a good thing rite?
i mean, hey at least i don't have to be like REALLY REALLY miserable

oh and i just realise
that i've used my blog mostly for information spot
which is funny yet AWESOME :D

did you know from ALL around the world approximately 66126 blog are posted today and still counting :D

rite, i've always wanted stats about the world :D
i mean, its so... so i don't know
i just feel excited knowing all these
keep me close to world?
maaaybe haha
oh and btw, me *pointing to me* not socializing?
so not me! :D

so forget all the crap stuff i said before :D
*referring to last 8 post called 'a place in this world' *

bukan ape
i just don't like being another victim
i mean kaktati said that just by making somebody uncomfortable is already consider SEXUAL HARASSMENT

whoa whoa, slow your horses down
i didn't say i'm being sexually harassed :P

i'm just saying
being nice is enough
being friendly is okay
but being TOO friendly
whoa, hello MISTER *slap!* welcome back to reality
i'm FASYA, no no, not farah that so lovey dovey happy go with the flow girl
i ain't no SLUT
i ain't no easy target

so you can forget about getting my number or my email :P

seriously! who these ppl think they are?
and i definitely don't wanna be like those girls in the news paper

ps; nama tmpt rekaan saje :D

oh i guess u guys got the new fact
well in this year, 2009
4 cases has occured

thats why, most my family members
ESPECIALLY my cuzins :)
ps; i miss you guys :(
warned me to be VERY careful which is an addition to becareful bahaha :D

nk tersangkut dgn mamat2 indon tu?
say what????
ok jgn ckp pandang sebelah mata
ok kejam sgt la :P

well u get the point rite?
and i'm not just saying for mamat indon only
i'm saying this for ALL MALE species :D
oh oh!
except for lil kiddies
THAT, i can NOT resist X)

i swear to you! there's this cute baby! uggh! damn!
i've said this before
"its not who i will be with, its who i will raise"
well maybe dats kinda abit like a lie
cause sejak kebelakangan ni
ramai bincang psl CALON2 pfffft!!! -_-"
suami and all
but hey, there's A LONG WAY to go

just enjoy :)
trust me
22? 23? 24? 25? 26?! man..
its a long way to get there

unless ur already 24 and still can't even find a date for yourself and plus you're a GIRL
oh boy..
girrrrl, you got some problems there :D
well not a big one
but hey, sometimes ada yg kahwin time 26 kan?
so ape slhnyer?
x mati pon

but whats the one most important thing la kan

its that the MARRIAGE

it last till eternity :)

"rumahtangga adalah tiang masjid
jikalau roboh rumahtangga itu,
robohlah rumah Allah

btw this is just some random topic
i never intend to write this at all
hey, sumfing got to be blurt out sooner or later
but anyways, that doesn't mean i'm ready to get things set and going now
like, dude!
i'm not even 18 yet! 0,0

i know i'll be a good mother but yo
i need to have a career too you know
stable life
MONEY, thats important :D
tak kan nk bergantung dgn suami je kot?
haih, tak adil tu :P
i want MY MONEY :D

no, no notes today
i've said enough :)

just a lil ps;
" if you can REALLY see me in the future, take this as a note,
i'm not going anywhere.
i'll stick with you no matter what, as long as i'm in the picture"

smile ppl :)

~i love you forever

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 11:59 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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its not that i don't have anything to do
i mean its already 3 am
i'd probably shud go to sleep X)

but nah, :)

quote of the day :
" memberi ketika diminta, dan orang akan berterimakasih. memberi kepada mengharap, dan orang akan HORMATI"
isn't it awesome?

now i understand why some boys like to pull their hair
haha, ok i am totally giving u guys too many imagination about my hair
yes, its very short :)

seriously, addicted plak tarik rambut ni
oh best part, xde rambut gugur :D
but i LOOK horrible when i have bed head -_-"

did you guys read about the SOLAR ECLIPSE and the LUNAR ECLIPSE?

solar eclipse : A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is wholly or partially obscured. This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from the Earth. At least two and up to five solar eclipses occur each year on Earth, with between zero and two of them being total eclipses

lunar eclipse: A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth's shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse. The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon's location relative to its orbital nodes. The next total lunar eclipse occurs on December 21, 2010. The next eclipse of the Moon is a penumbral eclipse on July 7, 2009.

well during the SOLAR eclipse i was at maklong hse
and we were outside and, well like just say accident happens
i'll tell u more about that soon, i think -_-"

my dad and i missed the lunar eclipse
yes, me and daddy are kinda like into astronomy stuffs :D

but i didn't miss out on SOLAR eclipse, which is AWESOME :D
i remember someone told me

" bukan ke tangkap gmbr gerhana matahari mcm bad luck? i dunno, my grandma told me"

first of all, i don't believe in superstitious stuff, so ngeek! strike one!

second, i was never really lucky to begin with, so ngeeek! strike two!

and last but not least, if it is bad luck, then why there's thousands of pics of it in these worlds, we even have like tons of researchs about it, so ngeeeeeeek!! strike three! YOUR OUT! :D

haha jgn marah ek, saje je wat bende ni
saya bukan nk mengutuk sesiapa pun!
saya cume nk gaduh dgn diri saya
because sometimes i... kinda believe it too, hehe, herm.. -_-"
well moving on to pic!

yes i know, u can't see it
but why don't u try clicking the image for once? :D
hah, nmpk kan?
the shape of the sun its like one of the moon phases isn't it?
what i tell ya?
its a MIRACLE :)
now this is miracle,
cause u dun see this everyday
can u see?
its a half sun!
usually its half moon
but now , its sun!
and did u realise, the sky was dark that time
and you feel like the sun was shinning at one spot only
this pic was taken on
and it was really hard to take the pic actually
it wasn't clear at all
all i cud take was only skies with bright light
but when i ask for izzat's tissue
to cover the camera
thats when that image formed
awesome! :D

photography is amazing :)

too bad that i missed out on lunar eclipse, oh well
time will pass
and probably i'll live :)

ps: "magic are not REAL, its just a quick action that eyes can't see which deceives the mind.
while MIRACLE are real for which we could not make,produce yet obtained.
it just happen :) "

credits to WIKIPEDIA FOR the definition
and to persona's players
you are welcome to laugh or gigle with me :D

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 2:52 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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lion dance

i'm gonna make like a blog marathon
no, i'm just wanna clean up all the drafts and lot

so pls, bare with me here
oh i just got a new quote

Must I pretend that I'm
Someone else for all time
Why must we all conceal
What we think, how we feel?
Must there be a secret me
I'm forced to hide?

this is like a hit-me-baby-one-more-time haha

new fact aboutfasya; she LOVES her new hair regardless of what ppl sy

there's one thing my daddy used to tell me
JUST stand on the GROUND :)

you know, i miss family
no no, i'm still living with them
we just don't spent alot of time together
and we hadn't had like talk to talk
everyday, every second,
i don't even remember the last time we ever talk
i can't even count the times they've fought...

haih asl nk emo ni -_-"
ok moving on..

remember i told you that
mr chris would probably ask a group of lion dancers to Nyonya Kitchen
well, the BIGO BOSSO doesn't wanna waste any money so, the lion dance was CANCELLED


oh well, thank god that i did take few pics of lion dance at famous thai

new fact; did you know that lion dance wasn't originated from CHINA? :)

reason why lion dance are formed
that it brings luck or as what mr chris said
"supaya bagi ONG sama kedai"
oh and cast away bad,evil spirits :)
budak ni OBVIOUSLY cute
from the minute he was walking around outside the restourant, i notice him loads of time
i'm stuck seyh :)
u know what?
when i saw this boy
he reminded me of a person
he almost look the same
serious!! look at him! he's so cute, like miyo
has that japanese eyes, like miyo
and he's CHUBBY, like miyo :D
i just can't get enough of this boy X)
oh oh oh!
fact aboutfasya; i LOVE KIDS
i'll squeal at the top of my lungs just by adoring them from a far :)
we offer the lion tangerines and watermelon
and also packets of peanuts
trust me, the drums and all was like right in front of me
u can feel the beat moving through ur body
and u know what?
i LOVE everysecond of it
it makes u feel that ur alive :)
music to ears :) ah...
um, moving on
x tau nk ckp ape :D
cute x?
budak yg gelak tu la -_-"
well he's just some random friend
and no, he's not my new bf
or i'm crushing
no such thing ppl
he's name is wing
well thats what he claims 0_0

oh and wanna noe where was lion dance was originated from?

it started by PERSIANS
i SWEAR, try searching it out
i knew it from KAK TATI, my cousin
she told me she read the real history text

oh new fact; did you know, our HISTORY text book is not all that RIGHT
senang cite, we're living in LIES
loads of facts has been changed
pfft, wtv
i ain't that into politics
because like i always said
politics are BULLSHIT
berani kerana BENAR :)

btw, lion dance was some sort of a gift by persians when they came to CHINA
they presented to Chinese emperors
and THEY took it and take it as a tradition
funny how they made it a popular ritual
oh well :)

ps: "with just a lil smile up on their faces, how can one hesitate to stop and smile?
KIDS are miracle :) "


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12:22 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Create a playlist at

every little songs have their own meaning
and has one symbol
these songs coincidinky-ly used the symbol

Mirror mirror lie to me
Show me what I wanna see
Mirror mirror lie to me

Why don't I like the girl I see
The one who's standing right in front of me
Why don't I think before I speak
I should have listened to that voice inside me
I must be stupid, must be crazy, must be out of my mind
To say the kind of things I said last night

Mirror mirror hanging on the wall
You don't have to tell me who's the biggest fool of all
Mirror mirror I wish you could lie to me
And bring my baby back, bring my baby back to me

If only wishes could be dreams
And all my dreams could come true
There would be two us standing here in front of you
If you could show me that someone that I used to be
Bring back my baby, my baby to me

There's a girl in the mirror
I wonder who she is
Sometimes I think I know her
Sometimes I really wish I did
There's a story in her eyes
Lullabies and goodbyes
When she's looking back at me
I can tell her heart is broken easily

'Cause the girl in my mirror
Is crying out tonight
And there's nothing I can tell her
To make her feel alright
Oh the girl in my mirror
Is crying 'cause of you
And I wish there was something
Something I could do

If I could
I would tell her
Not to be afraid
The pain that she's feeling
The sense of loneliness will fade
So dry your tears and rest assured
Love will find you like before
When she's looking back at me
I know nothing really works that easily

Look at me
You may think you see
Who I really am
But you'll never know me
Every day
It's as if I play a part
Now I see
If I wear a mask
I can fool the world
But I cannot fool my heart

Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

I am now
In a world where I
Have to hide my heart
And what I believe in
But somehow
I will show the world
What's inside my heart
And be loved for who I am

well thats that :)
notice how it related to who the person inside
its like the song showing that
this person
or persona
is trying to reach out but cudn't
haih, i feel the pain -_-"

try to feel the lyrics


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