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RED BOX karaoke day 260708

I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing. ~William James

i'm not happy right now.
thats all i've got to say.

lets move on to what i want to post. in hope this post will ease my anger and sorrow.
heh i HOPE.

last sunday, 260709
my cuzzie sms-ed me and called me asking me if i can go out and go karaoke-ing with them.
they gave me 1 hour to get ready, whoa.
for a normal sassy girl, THATS NOT ENOUGH lol.

but i'm not normal am i? :)

at first i tot, we're going to cineleisure the place that i first had a karaoke sessions with my cuzzies.
suddenly we went up the stairs and went into RED BOX.

i'm like, whoa! are we sure tht we're going to the rite place, i tot we're going to that old place, well not that old. its just that its been ages since i've been there.

guess what?

we were at the right place :)

my first movie, i went with jojot and abg cepoi.
my first karaoke box, with jojot and abg cepoi as well.
my first trip without parents to genting highland, with jojot and abg and the rest of cuzzies ( good times :( )

there were alot more.

but this time, my first ever going to REDBOX, karaoke-ing at REDBOX, eating at REDBOX ( how many times shud i emphasize on that REDBOX ) haha
its with abgcepoi as well, jojot and kak jijah.

you guys made my day :)

ignore the face, i know. i look like a ghost -_-"

3 hours.
3 hours of fun. it seems not enough.
AND I'M SO SORRRRRY that farah bolot semua last skali 0,0

next time, everything is on me. i swear :)

unfortunately my camera's battery was running low and it didn't have much space left in the memory -_-"

bad timing LOR

but we did get to record some videos.

and the FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! O M G!

i swear, i ate alot, TOO MUCh -__-"

urgh, a picture says a thousand words right? ok so enjoy ;)

CRAP, my mouth is drooling again X(
thats kak jijah! and thats abg cepoi! and thats my baby jojo! :D
i love them SOOOO much :D

look at all the food T,T

the food was included. that means, pay per head, eat ALL YOU WANT :D
and no, we're not that DAMN RICH, pfft some people :

oyster 8D

they have sushi!!! XD


sila lah gelak, saya pun gelak :D

sehingga menghirup oyster :9 haha

everything is serve ;)
jojot x sabar nk mkn -_-"
ye ar, mknn dh tersedia, tpi x mkn2 sebab x abeh2 tgkp gmbr. haha XD

sambil mkn, sambil menyanyi lagu Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
yes jojot, i remember XD

sepatutnya gmbr ni kene sensored -_-"
not appropriate for youngsters haha
fazra, JGN TIRU XD

yes, i was wondering the same thing.
are we here to eat or to karaoke? -_-"
either way, i'm still loving it :D haha

it should have been censored, it should have been censored -_-"
my jojot :) ish3 haha :D

this is abg cepoi :)
he was singing Munkin by Anuar Zain
my fav song :)
abg nyanyi, boleh thn la -_-"

ps; for certain reasons, i'm going to post photos and videos separately.
sorry for any unconvinience.

feeling much? 0_o
whoa, siapa laki handsome tu? hahah XD
actually, i wasn't singing that time. POSING JE LEBIH XD

ye, pasangan burung cinta. haha XD
sempat berposing smbil nyanyi.
it looks as if kakjijah was eating the mic -_-"
moving on! XD

pitching lari ar abg. haha XD

she's awesome :)

aww, she's cute isn't she?
kawa ie ne? :3
sayang kamu! ;)
she's trying to find more songs to sing XD

we agreed we look cute in this :D
hey! we always look cute ;) haha

again, posing je. x nyanyi pun :P

gelap tul kt REDBOX -_-"

hah! baru terang :D lol

senget XD
aku tgh feeling kt tepi tu, korg posing bangat XD

love :)

ko meneran ape tu fasya 0,o
ok, this pic definitely shud have sensored -____-"

jojot tgk ape tu? x kenyang2 lagi ke?? -__-"

love them till the day i die :)

everybody is already tired but not me! :D

don't ask, i don't know what i was doing as well -_-"

nyibuk tul kepala laki tu -__-"
x mengapa, aku terlalu gembira time tu utk memikir ttg kepala org. haha XD
that sounds so wrong XD

posing skit, ape salah nye :)
oh and that light up there is awesome! it changes colours 8D
haha sah aku jakun -___-"

see, told cha it changes colours :D

hah kau! sebesar-besarnyer REDBOX nyer tanda lol

we're awesome :)
peace, NO WAR

ni lah akibatnya org yang x pandai guna mekap gatal tgn gune mekap -_-"
here's a close up

hah kau, dari ada eyebrow hitam, terus jadi purple eyebrow -__-"
ada2 je la abg cepoi :)

jojot pakai lipgloss??? OMG haha
mcm angelina jolie haha XD
eh eh bukan! scarletjohansson ar ;) haha

sorry! i'm still mesmerized by jojot's lipglossy lips XD

and thats it for that day.
lets continue to next post for bloopers, funny videos of us karaoke-ing and ending of story of the day :D

till next post ( which is now )
senget Fasya :D


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Monday, July 27, 2009 1:05 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

My Template works best
on Mozilla Firefox and
Google Chrome, sorry :)
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Harry Potter 7th, Cars and Refrigerator? 180709

"You can’t put your true feelings into words.
I can’t express my important feelings.
If the two of us could exchange the feelings in our hearts
Would we see..
Would we see that destiny is on our side?"

so far, july has been treating me pretty good actually.
heh, thats a lie. even the beginning of the month already tortured me to bits and particles.

but life is like a ferris wheel.

sometimes we're up, and sometimes we're down.
so, after a LOOOOOOONG down, i think i deserve to be up for once in while.
and hell am i up for a long time these days :D

oh oh, i'm not saying that i don't like to be happy, i'm actually more grateful than ever.
so thankyou Allah, for awarding me with these beautiful happiness and alil less pain these days :)

to think that last saturday was the bomb enough to write on my blog, and here comes tonight!
whoa, double whoa!
tonight was the bomb, so i owe my gratitude to you, abg cepoi,kakjijah and jojot :)

without you guys, today wouldn't be such a tremendous day :)

and don't worry, i WILL spare sometime to write the post about last night. at least before jojot goes to matrix!

athoughttoself;punya susah cari poster yg ada sume main character harry potter -_-"

on 180709 as well, after a tiredsome gotong-royong, i called upon jojot and we ( as in me, jojot and abg cepoi ) ended up meeting up and they had made my wish came true.



HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! don't you even THINK of going there!

don't! cause i know! "harry potter kali ni boring"

satisfied? dh, jgn kutuk lagi dah movie favourite aku.
dh penat ok, penat mendengar karenah org.
even aku pun x kutuk twilight, kenapa korg nk kutuk harry potter?
even aku pun x kutuk star wars, kenapa korang nk kutuk transformers?

*asal aku berbelit2 ni? 0_0 *

hanya jojot yg memahami :)
kan jojot?

so here's my review:

harry potter 7th is much better than harry potter 6th. in 6th, the storyline was kinda jumpy as in, it wasn't continuous, so it was kinda hard to understand and WEIRD -_-"
whereas 7th was continuous. every scene was connected to each other. and harry potter movie is still good in making goosebumps -_-"
i mean, * to those who have watched *
giler mengejutkan biler harry potter cube nk cekup air dri sungai tu, and suddenly TGN MUNCUL menangkap harry potter punya tgn! dgn sound effects, background music, mmg MENGEJUTKAN.

ditmbhkan lagi jojot memegang erat tgn ku, and then lompat biler scene tu berlaku, terus ku menjerit dgn kuat.
well just shriek. lol -_-"

back to my review, oh yes, harry's character has matured from all the movies i've watched. he's abit dare devil and much more relax than usual. for once, i enjoyed his acting. from the cute blur boy he used to be, he had became a very naughty boy in 7th movie. and he really made me laugh.

so honestly, i am satisfied to see the 7th.
and it really heals my burden of missing emma watson sooo much! XD
yes, i really miss emma watson's acting. and for once, i see her crying for a guy.
and it was funny to see her running from the weirdo freaky guy. haha

again, i AM SATISFIED. YOU * pointing * may not enjoy it.
but to me, harry potter didn't dissapointed me like they did on the last movie.


end of review.

oh oh wait wait! yes, there were alot of kissing scene, yes THAT ANNOYS ME ALOT. urgh -_-"
but its true, their big dudes and dudettes now. so practically hollywood is like that 0_0 or should i say real life -__-"

ok NOW its end of review :)


move on to pics ;)

there were a showroom for the new satria neo.
if along were there, probably he wouldn't stop talking about that car -_-"

ah, lihatlah fasya ni. walau betapa kejam pun abg2 dia, tetap mengingati mereka.
i do love them, but the fact they always differentiate what i have and what they have just makes me sad.

dh dh, jgn ko nk buat post ni sedih fasya yg bijak :)

ye, kali ni daku menjadi model :)
wah gembiranya kau fasya :D haha
credits to abg cepoi ;)
ye ye, mesti ingat berterimakasih dgn abg cepoi! haha :D

fasya, kau tgk kereta ke tgk reflection kau? haha XD
* i think i got something between my teeth *


i know!! lawa giler kan 0,0

a good car is not judge by the outer, but by the inner. ENGINE is the heart of the car.

hey, car is like human! haha XD

so don't judge a car by its cover. translation; don't judge a person by their looks.

R3 :)

aduh, post ni sudah jadi post psl car plak 0,0

i'm a girl who is not afraid to get my hands a lil dirty, or should i say alot ;)
hah? nk jadi bf? ambik nombor dulu ok? ;)
* haha! asal kau perasan sgt mlm ni fasya! XD *

asal mataku terbeliak 0,0
weird -_-"

enough about cars.
ee abg cepoi vain -_-"
and suka sgt tgkp gmbr time farah tgh enjoy 0,0
mmg suka tgk muka ku BURUK :P

hah kau! senyum la puas puas! -_-"
nasib baik camera ku survive. haha :D

kan dh kata? -_-" suka tgkp time org tgh sibuk buat something else.
i look so HIGH in this pic 0,0

naik atas balik sebab nk tgkp gmbr, sudah otw nk gi kereta sudah -_-"
oh well XD

ye, perut saya boyot :'(
and saya sayang jojot! :D
hey! it rhymes! weird... -_-"

now this pic shows why i need a braces -_-"
but i don't want to! :(

si boyot dan si comot! :D

3,099?? haha
promoter untuk ape ntah ni -_-"

is your refrigerator old?
then buy a new one! only for 5,199 including this beautiful promoter! haha
oh promoter pun x termasuk skali ek jojot? haha XD

hah! fazra! i still remember yang u kte barang2 kt umah u oldies, nah refrigerator baru! haha XD

fasya: "mana ice dier? x kuar pun!"
jojot: "sila masuk ke rumah saya"

bahaha XD
suka ati kau je wat line script fasya XD

well, i guess thats the end of 180709.
awesome. and tonight makes these two weeks double awesome.

again, pics credits to abg cepoi ;)

hah... just like ol' times :)
i wish that we could this again and again.

and the next time, maybe kakya skali boleh? haha
AGAK TAK BISA DONG, anak akn kuar and bila dh kuar, haih :)

oh i love you jojot,abgcepoi,kakya,kaktati,kakjijah,abgdwan,kaksiti,paklong and the best MAMA! * and when i say mama, i mean MAKLONG* haha XD

hey hey, jerel.
i'm ok :)
and you are right.
heh, you were always right. i have them. i always have them.
i'm grateful. i'm ok. so i hope that you're ok too.
don't worry about me. and i don't worry that much about you too.
cause i believe in you.
i do :)

till then,
superstarwannabe :)


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Sunday, July 26, 2009 3:06 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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