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Just Admit It, I Know You Want It

to the person who preferred to be ANONYMOUS that commented me saying,

"being legal is hard"

you are WRONG.

being legal isn't hard. its you who think that being legal is hard. you decide whether it is hard or not. it also applies on your life. you decide to be right OR wrong. you decide to cry OR laugh.

and you decide it to be EASY or HARD :)

but i'm kinda confused of what you mean by that :/
being legal... is hard?

dude seriously, she's awesome.
i love this song.
like damn ;)

and and, she was the only youtube user that didn't disabled the embed.

i mean, i wanted to post this video in my blog, but i couldn't find any youtube user that didn't disabled the embedding.

cmon! how cheap can they get, tsk

again, i like to thx ESMEE DENTERS :)

ps; i didn't get to online last night, i couldn't sleep at all -_-"
pfft but i promise i'll post more news about what had happened for the past few days :)

-today is the most boring-est day ever! ok maybe one of the boring-est day.
farhah cancelled our plans to meet up :(
and i was soo looking forward to steal her gossip girl episodes.

-and yes, i think i'm into Gossip Girl :/

-there's alot of people that i miss right now.
and seriously, i can't for raya haji :D

when you could be mine

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Friday, November 20, 2009 9:25 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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