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Scared, Sad and Lonely..

Right now I just need to distance myself from love to see who is willing enough to break down these walls.
I can't do this anymore. I've been hurt for far too long. I've given many chances to the wrong people.
I've let myself be loved and treated wrongly. No one can love me like I love myself.
If being alone is what it takes, then so be it.

I'm done. I fear everything due to all the pain that was inflicted in me. Now I just want to feel happy again. Like closing my eyes and feeling the raindrops on my hands one by one..

A man once taught me what love really means. I'm just thankful that at least I'd learned something. And maybe when the time comes, I will be able to tell if its love or just.. loneliness :)

They were right, it is best to loved and lost.
To appreciate the next opportunity when it comes.

I'm scared... sad.. lonely.. but I know I'll get through this. Just like.. old times :')

There's no more tears left to cry. Thats how much it hurts me.
Like everyone is out to get me... like I'm living in my own nightmare in reality.
I really want to cry right now. Like my heart is pounding and aching and my eyes are burning in fear, pain and suffering.
but I realised that I have cried over and over again until there's no more tears left.

Memories... What I miss the most is memories..
It's haunting me.. the face, the place, the feeling, the moment.. the touch..

Goodnight.. at least i know i'm not alone.
scared, sad... and lonely is accompanying me :')

ps; walking towards the future, with my heart chained to your memories...

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012 1:45 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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