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Making HIS-story

p/s: this blog was suppose to be post last 3 weeks ago but i didn't ave time to finish it. so it has been a draft since then. but it's time to clean out the garage. lol

or shud i
say her story. Pada 9 August 2008, nur munirah bt muhammad hisyam telah 'selamat' diijabkabulkan dan persandingan diadakan sungguh sergam indah nian (at least to me XD) haha
the first ever cousin in my family tree and the first grandchildren in Omar's family to be married.

congrats my lovely cuzin. for 5 years u took care of me n my family, and if it wasn't because of you kakya, i would never get close to anybody but me in Omar's family :)
we've fought so many times. well guess wut? i cried kakya, on da day u were engaged. haha
and i'm sure i'm not the only one. your siblings love u oh so much. but marriege is a process of life. i'm thankful that u have found one. see? told cha dat ur gonna get married sumday
. haha so duduk kt dapur pon terbuktilah leh jumpe lelaki gak kan? haha sekurang2nya kt dapur hotel sheraton haha
ah so many memories kakya! :) it brings tears n laughs to me. and yes, i'll
never forget it. :D well, i'm sorry for my lame voice when i was singing dat day. i ave a sore throat. yet i ave fulfilled ur wish. i hope u enjoyed it. yes, i know... its u fav song... oh plss... dun cry.. its a your day.. yes.. smile.. :) now dats better. da bride can't be seen wiv a dreadful melted makeup aite? X)
well i dunno if u'll get to read this post. i'm sure ur busy wiv work and stuf
f. but... here goes my speech. huh..

kakya, terlalu banyak yg ingin farah nk perkatakan disini. terlalu, sehi
ngga tak tahu farah mcm mane nak memulakan dan cara untuk memulakan.
kakya mempengaruhi hidup farah dlm pelbagai aspek kehidupan, mengajar farah, mendidik dan menyumbang ke dalam jalan2 hidup farah. farah x tau mcm mane nk berterima kasih dgn kakya sebab kasih sayang dan kesabaran yang kakya lahirkan kepada farah sungguhlah tak ternilai.

ampunilah segala dosa farah dari farah kecik hinggalah sekarang. segala pertuturan dan perbuatan yang menyakitkan kakya, ampun maaf beribu2.
kak lang doakan kakya berbahagia sentiasa dan sabar menghadapi dugaan. ye kakya, dugaan itu sesuatu yg tidak boleh lari. jgn merungut kerana Allah marah pd umatnya yang tidak be
rsyukur. namun Allah mengasihi umatnya yang sentiasa berusaha. jgn risau, setiap soalan pasti ada jawapan. setiap masalah pasti ada penyelesaian. :) jadi jgnlah mengeluh. kakya pon boleh hancurkn barang kat rumah ni mcm dulu2. haha X)
lama x tido dgn kakya. mandi sama2 haha XD baling bra dan panties. haha giler detail
. sorry kakya! men2 je time tu. haha kite gelak2 jugak kan time tu? best best. haha X) syg kakya amat amat!
aduh.. sungguh byk kenangan yang indah. oh ingat x kakya kena cop dgn daddy sbg " inspector tandas"? haha
mase tu jln2 kt italy dgn rutland. aaa! giler best time tu. :DDDDD

seriously kite mmg enjoy kt sane. haha kakya x abeh2 nk gi tandas. smpi satu tempat je nk gi toilet. haha
oh pastu kasut basah kene dgn air pantai. haha sabo tol. along ni. haha angah merajuk sebab kasut osiris kesygn dier rosak basah. haha kite cool je kan? oh n farah tgkp byk gmbr kakya secara mengejut. eh daddy simpan tau gmbr yg kakya tgh bukak mulut tgh mkn. haha giler
buruk n lawa gmbr tu. haha damn! so many memories. :')
kakya, alang doakan kakya sentiasa mu
rah rezeki dan cpt dpt anak. haha :DDD
jaga diri baik2 dan ... ah alang pun dah x tahu nk ckp ape. X)
ape2 pun, salam kasih syg yg x putus2 di hulurkan kpd kakya dari adikmu yang berad
a di jauhan ini. haha xpe jauh di mata dekat di hati kan? :')

oh and i wud to take dis moment to post my babies!! the two person that never stop smilling everytime they see me! :D akkaaaak! ah!! my nadi nadra. ;P

a proud mommy i am. XD yes they are looking at you. haha they are such a great model great posing. haha
yes dats her smiling!! XD they're laughing! they are so good wiv cameras. lol
ah such a great model. :D and yes ppl! they are twins!! haha not camera or photoshop edited. this is a real deal. we ave twins in the family! god this is the time when i wish when i ave babies , i wanna have twins! haha
nurul nadra bt muhammad (along)
nurul nadira bt muhammad (angah)

only few ppls dt can differentiate them. n i am proud to say i am one of them. :D
oh there are tons of pics on da wedding day. but nah.. mybe in the next post. i think. haha

scoop of dat day was, ppl keep yelling n asking me y didn't i ask zaki to da wedding. wut da fish??? lol well wuts done is done. plus zaki is too young to go to dat kind of wedding. haha XD
juz kidding my love! :P

well i didn't went to school b'coz of kakya's wedding. sorry i missed ur badge ceremony queeny n zaki. i know u were hoping for me to tke pics of u queeny. haha XD

queeny.. i'm sorry....i didn't mean dat way.. huh..

funny notes: a kamera man was checking me out! XD n he happens to be my cuzins friend. ahaks. haha jgn mare zaki. XD


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Friday, August 29, 2008 8:51 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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so little time, so many things to do

news flash ppl :
apparently for this upcoming trial i am unhonour to announce dat i'll be very very very bz n i will not ave much time to play n online n updating this blog. not only dat, my komputer burned out. dat means i ave no komputer until it is fixed. my bro will send it to da workshop tomorrow pronto. well i hope. he promised me last week but da komputer is still here in my room. n its taunting me every second " uuu.. u cannot online anymore.. u cannot switch me on fasya. ha-ha-ha" pffft!!
n fyi, i am onlining using my bro's laptop. hehe :D
i'm really sorry especially to moose cuz he's been waiting for da new post since last 2 weeks ago. sorry. apparently my blog has one big fan. haha XD one big skinny cute fan. lol too much praising.
oh i spent my school holiday wiv books all over my head. apparently i am one of da students who doesn't get to spend a real holiday wiv family. well cheers ppl, after all of this come to an end we'll have our real fun. meaning no more caring about spm! well at least for 3 months. X)
yet da last day of holiday (sunday, 24/8/08),
my dad fulfilled da promise dat he made on da day we went to tgi fridays. da promise was to take me n lil bro izzat X) to petrosains! dun judge me. i never been there b4. yes yes i know, lived at selangor for 7 years but never been to petrosains. how lame can i be? well not anymore. i ave made a history in my life. n i went n well i guess u can consider dat i did enjoyed myself there.
oh i learned how to make ice cream! XD
n i sang wiv da t-rex. lol pis will be uploaded as soon as i have da time. haha we've spent 5 hours n a half in petrosains n still dat wasn't enuf for us to really see all of it. lol we didn't wen shopping at all. now dats a record in my family. we never went home wivout a shopping at a mall. lol
oh n i love asam laksa at laksa shack! i've been craving for laksa for too long. XD
oh wivout me noticing it, half my time during da school holiday, my family n i were all about food. haha, first time went to tgi fridays. da bomb ppl! love da cookies n' cream. gosh now i'm hungry! dang flabbet! lol n well i've tried sumfing new at secret recipe but i forgot wut was it. haha n baskin robbins. ugh.. so many things to tell! -____-"
lol oh well all i know i keep it update wiv my hyakuji. hait! ^-^
oh and last monday, 'we' did sumfing bad. haha seriously its one of da nightmares dat i neva wanna experience but it juz happen. damn. lol but i'm still trying to think of it in a positive way dat cud cheer me up n make me laugh my head off. but its juz so hard. i'm not gonna tell u what or who is 'we'. that is only between me n..... haha XD sumbody knows wut i'm talking about. seriously i am a 'bad' influence. u 'bad' boy. haha XP
oh fyi i haven't sleep n its 5 in morning already. so dat is y i'm alil coo coo in da head. haha
oh i juz wanna say we survive hyakuji!!! one week! haha eventhough we planned to date but it was cancelled two times, but hey it still means we didn't meet for one week. XD let check my pulse. dub dub.. yup still breathing. XD

oh i wud like to take this time out to say da sentence dat i've forgotten to put on my blog. lol i've quote it for a long time but i juz didn't remember to put on da blog. he said i shud on my blog. so here it goes. X)

" he is my sunshine on a rainy day, and i'm his cloud on a sunny day" :)
yes hyakuji. i've changed da chocolate rain to cloud. lol hope it sounds better. if not, do tell me. :)

well in one minute it will be 6 am. n i've got tons of things to do. i think. haha i juz finished doin my chemistry revision. well not all XD but i'm getting to it. haha oh anybody wanna volunteer to bcome my tutor? XD cuz apparently i need one rite now. in chemistry n biology. lol ngeh when u wanna get things done, u gotta try it urself aite? but always grab if there is a helping hand around. who knows they know better than u do. adding more knowledge to brain won't hurt wud it? well alil if its an addmath formula. haha XD apparently in my life, i neva hate things such as addmaths or school. neva! i do enjoy doing addmaths especially finding da rite answer wiv da rite solution. but sumhow they or it juz hates me! haha X) oh well it take ones to know the other. huh wait? dat doesn't make relevant to this. see i'm babbling again ppl. how am i gonna go through today. gosh school n then straight to tusyen after school. doi! lol
oh well i've wasted too much time at dis post apparently. oh well. till da next post, hope u guys enjoy reading dis as much as i enjoy writing it. haha good morning malaysia n have a good day,week,month n life! :D

hugs n kisses to les fabs n happy belated birthday to lala. i'll post another speech for u da next time i'll online lalink. sorry to keep u waiting! :( n i love u too much ahmad zaki bin ahmad zuber. missing u so much. :( n i'm sorry... XOXO assalamualaikum n tata to u my wonderful person. yes you who is reading dis. :) ur wonderful to me my dear ;)


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008 5:28 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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i'm just a human

i've made a huge mistake. actually i make mistakes everyday. well dats just human. its a fact & no one can runaway from that. capiche?
right now, i am in one of my humongous mistakes. yes there's alot of humongous mistakes i've made. so as u can interpret, i am a very idiot person. even if i learned from my mistake, i still do it. yet dats juz da process. i think. heh.
but recovering bak from da mistakes juz stinks. yes, there are times where u made a mistake. u noe wut to do. like erasing the wrong words. or liquid paper da sentence. or might as well use another paper. wut if there are types of mistakes dat u've done, n suddenly u r clueless of wut to do... u noe dat or u really want to erase all da thing u've done.. but u dunno where to start...its juz so hard...even da simplest word "sorry" cudn't ease da pain.. it seems too easy n sumtimes not enuf... da most frustrating is dat u blame urself for all of it.. i'm sorry for looking at da glass half empty...
but sumhow i knew i made it all more worse...i know.. plss do not deny.. it has hurt enuf for me to understand how much it pains u.. dun deny plss...
to da ppl dat i ave cause so much pain, there are times when i ave said sumfing dat i shudn't ave said... i was so foolish... n sumtimes things dat i kept inside, it came out all wrong...
trully i am crying rite now...
i am not seeking for ur sympathy... but i am seeking for the answers dat i need to undo all of my sins n da wrongs dat i've done... i am not desperate for ur forgiveness... as it is ur choice to forgive or not... all i want u to know... dat i am deeply torn for wut i've done n realised... dat i ave been such a foolish, n was being very immature...
trully, all dis words i wrote to u now... came straight from my honest deepest heart...
as lame as it sounds, i am asking for ur forgiveness as it is my duty as a muslim...
i once heard dat "forgiveness its da most priceless present dt u will eva get. n as a muslim, it is our job to always ask for ppl's forgiveness, for we human make everyday mistake every second in our life. yet if da person u r seeking for forgiveness doesn't reply to it, do not be afraid or down. u ave done ur job as a muslim. let them make their choices n deal it wiv Allah.."

but i want u to know dat.... even if u hate me, despise of me, n will never forgive me... i still love u.. i really do... n i wud do anything juz to make u happy... even by sacrificing myself... i wud...
n if i ave broke ur heart to pieces... i wud, honestly i wud if u let me, i wud try my best to pick up da pieces n puzzled it bak together. it maybe not perfect as it was before.. but i will try to make it whole again.. n if it doesn't work, i'll give u my heart instead, even if my heart is not as wonderful as urs...

huh... but i guess... nufing its enuf... n i think, maybe all this words... this awfully honest words cudn't ease n cure all da pain dat i've caused... if there is sumfing dat i cud do, pls... do tell me... forgoodness sake... i'm a juz human.. i cudn't predict every single thing... i wud try my best to mend the pain.. yet maybe dats not wut u want... then tell me... plss... huh...

in the meantime... sumtimes talking n a long arguments won't resolve to anything.. so, i wud give time for u to cool da pain n anger dat i've put u.. do not think of it as a reason for me to runaway like a coward... there're times when heart is in such pain, it cudn't take everything all in once.. that is y i may seem far away... but pls understand and know dat... i am always there for u if u need me... i am always n will be... remember.. i am holding ur hands through all of dis.. even if u r too hurtful to let me hold u... juz know dat, i am there... so close dat u shudn't feel scared n wonder if u r alone.. as u r not.. but if me being far away is not wut u want me to do.. do tell me.. for i cud not read your mind... n you too cannot read my mind... dat is why we need to open up wiv each other.. no matter how hard, painful, burdening.. honesty is such a big asset to one such happiness. so plss... do tell me...

all these words... still isn't enuf for me to express how i feel rite now... how low i am, how sorry i am, how i realise i am so uncaring,useless, worthless... but yet... writing it wudn't do any good...
for u are sleeping ( mybe.. god knows wut u r doing) n i am writing dis on my blog.. n dis post wud reach u maybe tomorrow after school... huh.. i juz feel like i need to write sumfing dats all...
even if i will print dis out n gave to u.. huh...

thank you. i ave waste more than enuf of ur time... n do know dat, knowing dat u r reading dis thoroughly... is such a....huh....thank you...even words cudn't descrbe.. even saying i love u.. its juz not enuf my love,friends.... cuz my love is too big to show, too deep to tell...
thank you again.. ave a nice day my wonderful person... yes it is you who is reading dis.. yes.. you r my wonderful person.. even if u r denying it.. ur still are to me.. thank you for coming into my life.. goodbye for now... n if i closed my eyes forever today.... remember, i have loved u along the way n sorry for everything....


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Thursday, August 14, 2008 8:24 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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nothing to think about when u're in love

Photobucket u turn my world from a dark to a warm bright sunshine world waga hyakuji. =)



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Monday, August 11, 2008 1:40 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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school can be nice n cool sumtimes

i'm happy. BIG DOT

:D i am i am i am i am i am. yet another best weirdest day ever. it started nice yet even if there ppl dat try to make me feel very down, heh les fabz is there for me. yes. les fabz ppl. additional z there. lol n to pn zalma, happy birthday. it only came once a year teacher. even if u dun read my blog, haha i juz wanna say i'm very grateful to get to know u n ave u as my teacher. :)
oh n happy birthday farahin! :D

byknyer birthday org dis month! -_-" pening den. xpe la. dat means dis month cud be a great month. month full of birth celebration. :D

my days gets weirder by da day yet.... i'm very happy. v v v. oh wait i already said dat. lol sorry la!
gjie! thx 4 da praise. dat really make my day. well actually its da other way around haha. i'm like making ppl day today. pfft wut am i babbling. hey gjie u were mad rite dat time? but i succeed on making u laugh. haha XD n queeny i'm always there for u. plus i pon nk merayau td! :D hey u shud be proud of getting dat badge. dun let dat b**** hold u down la. dats lame la! XD she's ain't wiv fighting anyway. nnt kuku dia patah la! lol giler xleh bla kutuk. heh sorry. not!!!

finally! sumbody recognise how i'm really good at acting! :D
lala said i'm les fabz councelor. haha n yes my lesfab; ur welcome. always pleasure doing folio addmath wiv u. XD or shud i say, for u! X)
anyone want a free massage? lol i know lala wants it. dun worry lala. if ur sick again, i'll do a full time massage like i did last wednesday. :D

gjie, confidence come within u. its not by training or any sort of kung fu. XD its how u believe in urself u cud do it. n i'm sure wiv da drama ur in now, u will learn n understand wut i mean. dun worry. n do be proud of urself. to be honest wiv u, i'm not always proud of myself.. its juz dat i know what i'm capable of doing. i know wut is my advantanges n weakness. so i use it. :D

after school, i stayed bak until 6. XD wiv my hyakuji ofcos. my bro was supposed to pick me up. but then he was too bz n fell asleep. so he forgot. lol its ok along. i still luv u! plus sitting in a sheltered place while raining, it can be very very calming n sweet. loving every moment to bits n particles. :) i wish dat i cud do it over again. n i'm sorry for being alil angry b4 dat. ppl keep pissing me off by da min. well not les fab ofcos. :D to them, u noe wut? go ahead. ave fun all u want. u ain't breaking me down. wtv u do, i can do better. n puh leasssseee. can u like act like a girl. nk baring2 lak. for god sake. mentang2 kau kurus. n lawa. n do keep it to urself if u r good at doing belly dancing. no one cares. pfft.

but still i got a closure by moosey. hehe it is. i save da words n print it my dear. n i keep it right here, in my heart. :D funny notes; i'm getting da zaki's allergies!! i luv it! XD


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Thursday, August 7, 2008 10:20 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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one of da weirdest yet greatest day! tribute to tinot

i've got tons of weirdest day. haha n it all started out..hem.. b'coz of him. i guess. haha see how u brightens my day amour? hehe


tini! i've bolded ur date ok! so i shud be appreciated for dis. haha jk honey. u know i luv u oh so much. hey hey wuts wiv da crying. i noe i noe u were really touched by all da celebration. no crying on ur birthday k hun? ;) we luv u oh so much. n so does 'he'. :D n i'm sorry for da hectic start. i really am. it almost fall over places. but in de end it work rite? alhamdulillah. even if it is already past, i still wanna wish u happy belated birthday kartiniizreen. BIG DOT. haha ok ok might as well state my speech here.


u too noe rite dat i luv u too? u were da first person to see me crying at 9. haha u took me in n made me feel home beside u. u fight for me, always do. n guess wut? i'm fighting for u too. :) ppl say dat time is not da measurement (astaga! masuk lak bab physics! XD) of how deep da friendship is. well they are rite. even if its just been for awhile, we ave gone through alot; up n down. n i mean really down! haha but hey. dats da process of bonding(chem!!! :D) and luving each other. the more we fight, the more we noe. so lets fight! haiya! :D lol i'm serious. haha

but wuts in past, let it be in the past k. if its a good thing, lets cherish it. but if its da other way around, forgive,forget... move on! lets look forward to da future n make history out of history! XD jom gi double date agi! haha oh i masih x kesempatan nk swimming. can't wait for da genting higlands plan. :D oh sleepover at my new house. ugh byk nyer plan! XD kita bergumbira slps spm. but for now. lets chill wiv books all over us. haha n honey, dun let da past overcome ur faith in love. believe in love. if u r afraid of de outcome, how u gonna face the world? but u noe wut, if u really fall, dun worry, ur not alone my dear. we'll fall togeva! :D *hugs

now enuf wiv all da lovey dovey and touchy feeling. :D i didn't sleep at all da day b4 tini's bday. so i might be cranky dat time my dear. haha i slept through da whole school session lak. during assembly,sleep. addmaths,sleep. sej? sleep. haha the only time i didn't sleep. hem...recess! :D but after recess i got a lil bit boost. by zaki. hehe thx amour! i cudnt even walk. to be honest wiv u..i cudn't even think n see straight. but i juz strengthen myself n keep my self strong.. ugh..tough day...and i'm so sorry teacher syed! waa i cudn't believe i slept in ur class. :( n its not very nice of u to similarate me n dat astroboy anime. i do not look like dat file! lol u guys must ave no idea wut i am talking about. XD n then during bio pn shamsinar(is dis how u spell her name? ugh i dunno -_-") enter da class to inspect pn alena.y can't dat teacher smilled for a sec. i mean "sincerely" ofcos. doi. wtv new scoop, his son getting more stylish by day. mucho transformation from nerd to hotstuff(well almost) haha. i still remember da first day of school bumping to him. he doesn't smiles alot does he? like mother like son. lol ops! scooping too much! :D

afta school. we prepared to celebrate tini's bday at secret recipe. we went to da mall to change our school clothes ( ain't no way i'm gonna celebrate in it!) got alil bit conflict b4 dat. huh guess we can't run from jealousy. but its not jealousy dat takes control of me. da feeling of left out, misplaced. u know? not knowing where u really are. i juz dun wanna felt wut i felt bfore. not dat i'm afraid of it, heck i've been through it loads of time. i juz dun wanna get lost in my own world. i've lost once. n i'm still trying to find my way bak. i wudn't want to get lost while i'm trying to find it. plus i'm happy being protected n cared by les fabs,farhah and my family. i like it juz da way it is. i noe.. life has to have ups n downs.heh guess nufing ever be what u want. but i'm grateful for it. thnk you for all da ppl dat ave been there for me. i'll remember it till i die. :)

and to da ppl dat is trying to destroy me, yeah you do dat. try ur best shot. it ain't gonna work. cuz ur in my territory. n thousands of 'guards' are protecting my castle. try to break down da walls, it'll bakfire n u'll fall instead. try bend my knees, i'll bend ur underestimation. :D


i'm sorry for being such a foolish, it isn't rite for u to be treated dat way. as ur worth more than golds and diamonds. u are my everyfing. its ok. i understand. friends is ur assets. so i'm gonna say dis sentence once again. n i really mean it juz as much i mean it when i first said it.

i don't need to be ready to lend a hand to you when you need it b'coz i'm holding it. all you need to do is juz grab on to me when u need me.

:D so be happy with whoever. pls do! or i'll be sad. but dun ever think ur alone, coz i'm always there for you.

actually there is more to me on dis date. tini dpt penghargaan lak. darn it. but it's a secret between me,zaki n les fab. ;) rite guys? les fab + z = <3>
thx mior,meno,namer,izzul for completing the day. :D lps ni kite pegi bukit cerakah sama2 k ;)
acip. hem haha congrats. jage tini elok2! :D
dan and shahril, u guys make me day. thx. u guys cool!
lala, jage diri bebaik! tu la sms dgn org tu x ingat dunia. kn dh sakit. :D n queeny. seriously! we ave to do make over sumday togeva! us les fabs! u look sizzling hot! :D

queeny made a dare. n finally! a kiss from acip to tini n vice versa. eleh elh malu2 plak. :P
again, a ride from ur mother inlaw kan zaki? hehe sakit ati korg berkomplot kenekn i! XP xpe xpe. hehe
n tusyen was ok i guess. except for da fact sumbody seems like doesn't wanna share 'her' reference book wiv me. heh! dun care. one day if i ave da chance, i'm gonna talk straight to her. one day, pls come soon! n note to self: start studying! nnt kene tanyer dgn mr aru! :D

n yet again, another great closure wiv nitey nite call wiv moosy love. thnk god i called da second time. :D such a hectic day kn syg? funny notes; do not let dan the gay near my boyfriend again!!!!!!


school ok.lala didn't came n gjie had her drama from recess untill da end of school. so there was only three of les fabs. bored during est. cikgu syed x dtg! ish3. mlm2 boleh on9 myspace lak. :D

formula for the lotus eater : He Will Never Find Agony. h for assunta's Husband, w for thomas Wilson, n for Narrator, f for Friend, a for Assunta. got it during english keyword work.
waa x siap agi h/w bio! X)
after school was da best. even if i ave to wait, but still, its worthwhile. seriously. XD oh bahagianyer ku. haha ur such a focus person my anata. u can't even see me at da cantin. so cute! at least i get da chance to admire u again. n u wanna noe y i like to admire u from far? cuz dats when i see who u really r. da same thing when i first met u. :)

and at last! ur ym works! wee! :D buzz! :D again, a great happily ever ending wiv nitey nite call by moose. n seriously, i luv dat sexy voice. not da fake one. da first one. god falling over n over again! 0.0 hehe well i think dats it. can't wait to go to bed! eh i mean sleep. haha :D u ave no idea wut i'm talking about. n dats juz da way i want it to be. cuz he is da only one who knows! XD

funny notes; shiny nails are so gay for guys! for god sake! even dan doesn't polish his nail zaki! 0.0 fish is nuts!


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Wednesday, August 6, 2008 12:00 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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yeah yeah i noe. da last post was incomplete. i get it.

well i'm juz too tired these days. like yesterday i wrote one post that only ave da title n it is saved in my draft wiv an empty post. lol well to be honest wiv u, i'm feeling tired rite now. i feel like i aven't ave enuf sleep. heck i dun tink i slept at all! lol

so ok dis is how my week goes;

monday 28/7: i dun quite remember how school went. but all i noe i was too shuhana buat lawak dlm kelas. :D for da first time in class i am enjoying history wiv pn shuhana. haha and cikgu syed comel seyh. haha i was about to go to the toilet wiv lala while there is no teacher in class. n suddenly he was like running from downstair, squeaking at us when we were going out. haha aww cute. ily cikgu :) school was ok. until it stroke 1.20.jeng jeng jeng 0,0.haha dramatic much. well i'm not complaining actlly. i'm juz expressing n telling u how it goes. ok, here goes; zaki had a big prob wiv his fren. BIG DOT. dun wanna elaborate on dat. n ur rite lala, sum must take and sum must give.tq for being there for me. :') oh n afta dat me and zaki stayed bak until 5 sumfing. and we had a blast. wiv da company of shahril(my evil brothainlaw), iqhwan :) and last but not least, azalea. well she wasnt there for dat long. but still, hey we had fun togava :') and tusyen was da bomb. for da second time i enjoy my tusyen wiv mr aru. :D and for da first time he said he is proud of me! :D now dat is sweet closure! oh wiv a touch of nitey nite call wiv moosy. :)

tuesday 29/7: dun quite remember dis one. oh wait a fight wiv les fab pfft i was a dumb ass big time. sorry les fab! well wtv it is, we forgive and forget. and learn from it. and sumone told me" da world doesnt revolve around u" actully it came from me. but wut da heck. :) hehe xoxo my love! and for the fourth time or was it fifth? lol zaki was sent home by his soon-to-be mother inlaw. haha soon la sgt! :D ur getting fond wiv my family arent u sweetheart? ;) funny notes; i made jwa day! lol well not really it was zaki's childhood photo did. haha p/s: cute!

wednesday 30/7: u see by the way i bolded dis n italic n colour it in red. it is b'coz actually monthiversary wiv zacky wacky! wait. i told dis b4 on my last post. doi. haha and actually i was kinda dissapointed after knowing he won't be wiv me celebrating it. plus i was stayin bak wiv tini b'coz she is staying bak to meet up wiv acip ( her bf!!! :D happily ever after gurl. believe in urself n love!). lol my words got all tangled up ain't it? well wtv it is, da dissapointment dat i felt was waste actually cuz moose end up stayin bak after all. ngeh hehe oh n i get to play wiv kitties at sharil's house until i was left by zaki at his house. thnk god nufing happen! :D and yes i admit, u look hot in dat awesome longsleeve shirt. :P we had a love story in front of giant ( again :D) and baskin robbins is a must for da monthiversary. cuz da last time we had our 'monthiversary' it was at baskin robbins. i still keep da resit and the tissue :D hey its not a dirty tissue. he wote sumfing on it. :) maybe i'll show it in da next post of love. :D pralines n cream! :D sorry queeny cuz u were fasting at dat time :D i can still taste da sweet sweet taste of sweet pecan in my mouth.. em em! :P yet anotha day wiv great closure. :D still da beginning was kinda sucks. well actually not suck. its juz dat we had dis cermh by dis one ustaz n he tell da story of wut Nabi Muhammad S.A.W saw during da Mikraj. n it was damn frightening ; golongan yg menghentak kepala ke batu hingga pecah dan bercantum semula dan adegan tu berulang hingga kiamat ( ini golongan yg meninggalkn solat fardhu) n i ain't elaborate on dat more. -_-" thou it was from dat moment...or maybe not, dat i decided to wear scarf whenever i go. permanent. and i mean it. :) zaki was da first to know. :) oh funny notes; ppl laugh when they say me wearing specs damn it. can't wait to get my own contact lens. still begging for dat thou.

thursday 31/7: est ceramah! at last! and i was scared dat time when i tot da ceramah was after school. we ended up having it at 8.20 till 10.20. y i'm scared? haha cuz it was da bonuslink day at subang parade! :D meaning shopaholic time babeh! LOL tropicana life had an anniversary sale ( yes zaki i admit. lol) and it was 20% sale on all item including new arrival. n VoIr *its pronouce as vu-ar! pfft mama oh mama* had a 50% off till 70%. so cool! ofcos i bought sumfing. :D we shopped from 2.30 till 11 o'clock. haha :D and during da time i was bored waiting for my bro and dad to make their choices ( my mum has to accompany us one by one! mama is our hero! ^^) , i went crazy wiv my lil bro, izzat as i hold da greatest thing eva. zaki's camera!!! haha zaki, nk gmbr! :D oh i forgot to mention. it was a historical moment for our class, 5 science 2 dat pn normah didn't came to class! like.. woah! she was da last teacher to be knwn as not coming to class n teach us. XD still we love u pn normah. we always do :D funny notes; ppl keep staring at me when i came in da hall for da est ceramah. coz i was wearing specs. fish commented after recess asking " mane specs nenek?" darn it.

friday 1/8: alhamdulillah. straight 5 days wivout getting late. :) hope dis week will be da same. school was fine. nufing interesting except for da fact i got praised by pn norani. it was one word thinker game. she ask us to thin of one word dat maybe wuv come up in essay exams n we ave to think points dat we wud elaborate on da one word. i end up wiv "guilty". dunno y i had dat word stuck up in my head. wtv. n afta school, zaki was going to leave me n i make dat face ( da face dat always win zaki's heart dat he won't leave me) hehe :D sorry. u were mad. i noe u were. i'm sorry. thx for da hugs n kisses. needed it so much! oh n tini. plsssss stop thinking all dat nonsense! believe in urself will ya! dun waste ur happiness on da sadness dat already past! we luv u oh so much! :) hem. during da evening i went to school. got alil bit conflict wiv my bro. hehe sorry along. n then i did da board for tini's bday. :D can't wait for her burday celebration. n oh yeah my eldest bro burfday was on da 1st august. so when i came bak, my bro wake me up from da 2 hours sleep n said we were going to manhattan fish. lol went out again for da straight 2 days. like lol! i was already damn tired afta all da shopping. oh well mkn pon mkn la. at least i ave new experience in food. :D funny notes; nitey nite call wiv moosey is such a great closure.:

saturday 2/8: yesterday was pros n cons. haha went to da library. zaki waited for me like 30 minutes. or was it more? X) sorry luv! da starting was already sucks. n i already knew da upcoming is gonna get more grosser. zaki went home early cuz of his family want to go to da pc fair. kinda sad+heart crashing. lol but still i am glad dat u still came through juz for me. :) thx. ily ahmad zaki bin ahmad zuber. had crazy wild fun wiv shahril (evil brothainlaw :D) ok ok ur asking y i call him evil. cuz he is! haha luv ya bro. we are happy family u,zaki n i. :) 3 notes of shahril being crazy : 1. he babbled so much dat da ice cube dat he tried to eat end up falling into places n yeah it attract ppl big time! :D 2. he talks to a chair. " zaki. we need u ( touched a chair beside us.)" lol 3. oh yeah i remember da third one! lol sorry zaki. :D da third one= he is a freaking weird guy who ate chewing gum spearmint+mentos. lol! now u got brain freeze dun cha? :D and at nite my old bestfren for da old days came to my house. she moved to kemuning. so we aven't see each other for ages lorh! and everyfing wasn't even planned. she came to my house juz b'coz she was around da corner wiv her family b'coz there was an invitation from their old neighbour. n my parents came home from cuzin's birthday wiv a lot of homemade pizza( pizza hut la sgt mama! -_-") cool! luv u babe! u hyper-ed my nite. i was like damn tired. :D funny notes; yet anotha sweet nitey nite call wiv my moosey. :) ily n i really do. always there to comfort me. well almost. :D haha

sunday 3/8: da boringest of my life. yet interesting alil. tini called n we babbled; she said how lucky i am to ave zaki and vice versa. tini! u are also lucky to ave acip! everybody who get da chance to be wiv sumone dat they luv is lucky. remember dat luv! :D n sorry moosey. i didn't mean to do dat. ofcos i call u cuz i miss u. not b;coz of dat. even if dat asshole didn't bother me, i wud still be calling u. forgive me will ya? :) ily oh so much! haha i ate so much today, tortilla,homemade pizza from last nite,ayamas and kuey teow ( my fav!). lol n yet neva miss a great nite wivout a phone call from kiki. hehe xnk la. nk panggil sumfing dat nobody eva calls u. my world. ey? dh ke? ala! darn about my life? lol thou shall fear my wrath!! lol o o. 0_0 i am so aving... da zaki allergies! help me! :D funny notes; plss hold me tite!!! cuz it's already 3 o'clock n i'm still not sleeping! >_^

haha well i guess dats it. my overall. such long post. wonder anyone wud eva want to read it. i noe sumone dat wud. hehe muah! luv u oh so much!


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