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Nokia Bluetooth Headset Stereo BH-505 (friendly service)

my new baby :3
bought it with my own sweats :P (hypothetically :P)

no more wire ! no more earphones getting stuck between things ! no more wire being pulled !
no more phone crashing through the ground !

because comes EVOLUTION !

headset :)

i went to sunway, "takde jual la dik"
went to One Utama, "kene order la tapi lambat"
went to KLCC, "brand nokia ?"

i almost gave up, well no, i didn't, i just said it to dramatize :P
i check nokia's website for malaysia's version. and i check the local stores that are qualified by nokia near shah alam.
there were 4 !

one was at Plaza Alam Sentral, one was at SACC, one was at Ole-Ole, and one was at some sek 13 i think.
but unfortunately the sek 13 had no contact number.
so it leaves only three.

so i called in order of that list.
first, Ole-ole.

the girl who works there were SO RUDE. pfft she didnt even said hello. and she hangup even before i could say thank you. pfft
and SHE SAID I HAD TO GO TO KLANG TO LOOK FOR THIS. HAH ! i got it at shah alam. boo you X(

called SACC, EVEN RUDER ! chinese !
OMG ! i'm not being prejudice ! but seriously, isn't anybody wants to work this day ? cause the service sucks. seriously ! :(
but still no sign of headset :(

i pray so bad that this would be the one.

me: oh hello ? is this ashita communication ?
girl: oh yes. siapa ini ? (chinese)
me: i'm *, i want to know if you are selling this model.
girl: oh ok let me check for you okay ? can you leave your contact number. because i need to call the main branch.
me: oh ok :)

i had high hopes. i waited for 3 days. but still no sign of her calling me back :(
so i called the place again.
the same girl ! i know, because her voice was identical.

she was like nervous as if she forgots all about my headset request, so she promised to call me back after she got the confirmation.
i waited patiently, i said ok.

while i was onlining, suddenly !


wee :D! eventhough i was actually waiting for acai's call, but i was happy anyway, cause it was about my headset !

girl: fasya is it ? yeah, we have that model, awak mahu order ka ? boleh dapat esok lo klu mao.


i actually called her back again just to make sure it was the right model.
and we actually had laughs that time. LOL

me: ni model tu kan, bukan model yg lain kan, model yg back, xde wire, and warna putih kan ?
girl: oh miss mao warna lain ka ?
me: err model ni ada warna lain ke ?
girl: oh. ah. xda. haha
me: haha okay XD

see, now thats friendly service man :)

i can jog with confident now :P
oh yeah, its splash resistant did you know ? that means i can jog in the rain X)

but i have to cover my handphone though -___-'

ok then, off to bed. had a wonderful day today :)
will get right back to it soon :)

ps; abg :)


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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 8:40 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Stuck in Between Your Expectations

dalam proses mengemas bilik.
bwh katil, sudah gali = checked.
setiap penjuru katil lap habuk2 yg dah berkumpul = checked.
almari = TOTALLY CHECKED *_______*

fuh.. sedang berehat seketika dan menarik nafas yang panjang kerana hampir berjaya me..

*ding dong*

em ? oh ada org kat bwh, jap kene bukak pintu.
*turun bwh dgn malas. naik atas dgn air mcd coca cola semlm*

lol, dgn jelas nya saya menerangkan :)
ah.. so nice.. after a hard work, drinking a water makes it fresh :)

*slurp slurp*

nah, saje nak buat kamu semua tergiur :)
eh jap, i tak minum coca cola -___-'

anyway, back to what i was going to write,
almost succeeding in cleaning up my room. no more dusty bed or dusty floor.
now i'm just taking a minute to rest and continue cleaning up my books and table.

the fun part about cleaning up is that you'll never know what you'll find :)
i mean not the gross stuff.
i mean like when you thought you misplaced it but it's actually there. yeah :

and and when you almost forgotten the existence of that something but then you found it stuck between some things and you suddenly went smiling and tears prickled on you cheeks cause it reminds you one of those sweet memories that you wish you could relive.
lol now thats long.

but still, yeah. you know what i mean right ? :)

oh god, i'm sore.
this shows that i haven't done this in awhile -___-'

oh and the reason i'm slurping this coca cola is because the gas is already gone, so its not carbonated anymore :)
i hate carbonated drinks -___-'
except for ice cream soda ! :D

i miss drinking it :(
i miss alot of things -____-'

actually ! *just remembered what was the reason i wanted to wrote this post*

i was going to write down what happen just now.
well not like detailed.
i just want to strut out few things.

this is my life.
i can be with anyone i want to be.
i know you raised me up to be a good girl, to live up to your high expectations.

the problem is, it's my turn to make you proud, so let me do it my way please ?
i'm not trying to be disrespectful or anything.
it's just that i respect you too much that i appreciate what you have done for me.
so in return i just want you to sit back and see what i can do.
and that you have raised me well enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

i make mistakes. thats normal, but that doesn't mean i don't know that it was wrong.

and seriously, I'M STILL YOUNG !
for goodness sake, i'm not even at the point where i am qualify to say i can get marry right now.
so please, leave out those relationship out!

you can conquer my studies life, my friendship life, my social life, my work life, BUT! not my love life.

it's hard enough to go around when you make your own decision for my own future life.
you don't need to add more pain on how to live my life with whom.

but i'll wait for that one day, when you guys will truly understand and accept me for who i am :)

don't worry, i'll go along with this, even though it hurts.
i mean, who doesn't feel alil bit pissed off when you guys choose the person who left me out instead of the person who is standing next to me.

but still, like i said, i'm still young.
things could change.

i just hope that, that change is for the better, no ? :)

ps; i was kinda hoping that maybe, well wishing, wondering, that.. yeah, you know..
well.. we could.. you know..
err.. well..
oh forget it -___-'
i'm so helpless *__*


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Sunday, June 27, 2010 12:07 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Missing A Smile

i woke up early today with hopes and dreams that my parents will allow me to go out and unground me haha XD

oh well, i have few days left for me to 'hangout' in Shah Alam.
sigh, eventhough i'm excited to go to Lendu, i feel abit sad for not getting the chance to meet up with old friends again.

i mean, i missed alot of people, ira :) whom i haven't yet to met. god i promise to see her. sigh...

and ex-schoolmates, i really wish i could go and see my exform6 friends :(

and and SMKS9 :(


i missed alot of people. and every time i think how far apart we are now, it just brings me to tears.
and i feel even more worse to realise that i didn't do anything to fix it, or couldn't.

oh, life must move on, right ?

god, i miss my bestfriends and all.
*holding back tears*

ok, start off the day with a smile people ! :D
and the whole world will smiles back at you :)

oh oh and i bet you're wondering why i am so happy today ?
well, there's no specific reason actually, its just that i want to make the best of my life :)

and no, nothing happen, nothing particular.

i just felt like i should be grateful once in awhile.
i mean just sit back, watch the world... and enjoy it :)

i mean yeah i had my bad times and all, but why would i want to sacrifice all of my happy moments just because of it, right ? :)

so yeah, just live your life peeps ! ;)

well then, off to do summer cleaning up :)
toodleloo :)

ps; you will always be the one.
"if nothing is everything, would you be my nothing ?"
*holding back tears*


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9:35 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Additional Advice from Aini

i almost forgot all about this !
u have to wear a covered shoes !

here here, aini is like an ex student at UiTM puncak perdana, so she knows well than i do.

thx aini btw for commenting, appreciate it SO MUCH :)


is ur friend taking information system or teka?

an advice to ur friend - no need to do laundry, coz there wont be time unless, u want to sleep at 2am. besides, ur house is near..VERY near.

bring 'kasut bertutup'. or not, they're gonna make u wear baju kurung wid sport shoes!. ..dont worry, there wont be much walking..AT ALL! u wont even get tired of walking, u'll b tired of the activities instead...they'll be loads of laughter im sure.

If ur at puncak perdana, tudung aint compulsory.

orientation at puncak is really fun. i luved mine! it woz extremely FUN! Didne hav tears at all!. depends on who 'Pembantu Mahasiswa' u get.

No worries, hope u engjoy ur time at Puncak Perdana. Its well better than Shah Alam, its easier to study there n u wont be getting a dorm, u'll get an apartment!.gosh, im starting to miss it now. lol.

anyaway, hope i wasnt too late giving these advices.


p/s there s also a small food court outside the campus. we calld it 'kandang'..just in case u want to eat out at nite, u can go there, but not during orientation, of course.

there you go, hope that helps too :)

good luck again.

ps; see how alot of people is helping u out here ? :)
haha love u zaf ;)


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Friday, June 25, 2010 9:09 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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ok, i promised zafirah to post this advice.
i didn't realise that today was friday.
so that means she'll be going to her orientation tomorrow.
i'm so sorry honey, i didnt't realise.

plus when i had my orientation, i think it started on sunday. if i was not mistaken.
ok, i'm rushing typing this.
fuh, chill.
i can finish this in 30 minutes.

if i can do the time table for DMC2B not more than 30 minutes, i can definitely do this :)


they will remind you that during orientation, they would say you're still not a student on your campus yet, UNTIL YOU REGISTER COMPLETELY.
normal ;)

back to topic,
THESE ARE SOME OF ADVICE THAT I THINK SHOULD FOLLOW, since i've gone through an orientation just not so long ago. only few months back, and i can still remembered the pain, the joy, they tears, and the friendship :)

i can still feel my sore head and tiredness crawling back to my mind -__-'

ok ok, off to the main topic!


ps; honestly, i'm not an expert, and i dont have a computer brain, so i might forget things.
hey i'm just a human -__-'

like, toiletries, brush, shampoo, colgate, pads for the time of the month (you might know when you need those, SERIOUSLY, i know -__-')
and slippers.
oh oh and also bring along a sport shoes or any type of comfortable shoes, cause you'll be walking.

the reason i said pack only the things you need is because you will rarely be in your room during orientations.
so things might get lost, you know ?
yeah, that happened alot. well to me and others. pfft.

2. bring alot of baju kurungs.
yeah, you'll be wearing baju kurung during the week of orientation the whole time.
oh and try bringing a black kain cause they'll prolly ask you to wear UiTM's theme baju kurung.
for the guys, i think you guys have to wear black slacks right ?
yeah, anyway, baju kurung is a must.
my advice, those daily clothes that you'll be wearing at uitm, bring it after you finish orientation.
just bring a few that could rest for a few days.
oh and bring a white long sleeve shirt, serious, you'll need it.
yeah, for sports actually :)

seriously bring alot of baju kurung, you don't know what will happen.
unless you don't mind to wear the same baju kurung that smells or full with your sweats and all.
my batch would know what i mean -__-'

3. during at Lendu, my advice is to bring umbrella and a hand-fan.
cause we had to walked in a HOT HOT HOT day.
so yeah -___-'
but for those who are at other campuses, well i don't know, but still advice to bring umbrella just for precaution ;)

4. err.. what else ?
spoons ? forks ? a bowl ? a plate ? a cup ? a bottle ?
well thats important to bring of course.
you'll be staying there as your second home.
you might get hungry.
oh bring lots of cookies, bread and milo.
you need it, seriously.
you will get hungry.
i did :D
ps; sure, you can bring electric kettle ;)

5. of course towels, penyapu (er i don't remember the english name -__-'), penyodok, oh mop !
haha yeah you need that ! it get dusty, no ?
and wiping cloths to wipe dust or anything dirty.
just like home :)
and a bucket. yeah, you need it, at least one. two is awesome :)

6. soap to wash after using bowl, spoons, forks, cup and all.
yeah, you would prolly eat maggi right ?
so better prepare soap to wash those oily stuff -___-'

7. oh i just remembered ! a dustbin ! haha a must man :D
and of course dustbin plastic ;)
oh yeah, you should always buy a basket for dirty clothes, it'll be easy :)

oh wait, i just realise, you live at bukit jelutong zafirah, so you don't really need that. cause your house is like near to your campus. PFFT :P

8. prepare pens, pensils and an empty book to wrote down notes ;)
you need it.
i know :)
cause i was always the first person people came to see for help.
am i right guys ? :D
haha omg, i love last sem :)

9. a small iron board will do, if you want of course.
sure, bring an iron as well.
oh did i mention you have to wear tudung during orientation ?
yeah, YOU MUST.

10. bags for classes.
well not that REALLY important, but girls need bags anyway -___-'

11. hangers ! and clippers for cloth. i mean sepit baju. lol
yeah, you need it.
tissues ! yeah, you need that boxes of tissues.
and handplast, those plaster for cuts and bruises, you need it for emergency.
and minyak cap kapak (myfavourite:P), panadol. precautions :)

12. don't bring your laptop yet ! you won't need it, and you won't have time for it, TRUST ME.
you will be sleeping at 2 am at least or more and wake up at 4 or 5.
and then the rest of the day you will be out of your room, either hearing a boring useful lecture or doing an activity.
so don't bring laptop.

13. buy yourself the ambi pur room spray. just to make the room smells nice. haha :D
and febreeze for furniture.

14. don't need alot of pocket money, but do topup if you want. cause i know you'll get bored and your hands will be glued to handphone :)
oh don't fall asleep during lecture. they will hunt you -____-'

15. don't forget your charger for your phone battery :D

16. bring alot of passport size pictures. you'll need it :)

17. i don't know whether you would need it, since you're at uitm Puncak Perdana.
because i think i've been there before.
its not like my campus, you know.
but still, bring your own pillows and stuffs that are related.

well then, i don't know whether i left out anything. but i hope i didn't.
so yeah, thats it i guess.
if i ever think there are more to add, then i will do another post.
so yeah.

ps; for those who thinks that there are more things to be advice then, share :)
oh and some of the things above are well, it depends on where you are located. some campus are different, no ?

my campus ain't that big, but it ain't as small as UiTM Puncak Perdana.
i totally have been there before :)

pss; good luck to all newbies ! and to zafirah :D


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3:46 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Back to Blogging 0_0

omg omg omg !
i stayed at home for almost 2 whole months, didn't get a job, didn't go out since i was grounded.
onlined facebook 24 hours a day and i have yet to TOUCH A SINGLE THING ON MY BLOG 0_0

bloggie, i mean oekaki [omg i even called it wrongly, shame on you fasya :(]
forgive me for putting you off :(
i have forgot what is like to stay up all night posting anything, everything on you.

curse my laziness and.. err
and laziness :(
forgive me.

and not only that, i'm going back to my busy life at campus next week on friday :(
that means, i only have few days left to bond again with my blog :'(

oh poor oekaki :(
you've been there for me through thick and thin.
i shouldn't have forgotten about you.
if you were a friend, you wouldn't even be talking to me by now.

i even promise to redeem myself when the holidays started, but i didn't even redeem all those mising post :(

*i know, why the hell am i being over dramatic tonight ? oh it's 4 am. no wonder -__-'*

oh god, i need to sleep.
i need to balance back my sleeping schedule.

may ACAI spare me :P
omg i'm so dead if he finds out that i'm still awake at this time -___-'

ok ok, i'm off.
but dear oekaki,
i promise i'll wake up in the morning and strut and fret through your post page :)

ok, err i can't promise, cause i already promised and i broke it -___-'

alarm, DON'T dissapoint me.
i wish acai could wake me up, his voice usually stabilize my mind from the drowsy of sleeping disorder -___-'

oh oh, stop talking fasya, go to sleep.
but i can't sleep cause i'm not sleepy :(

errghhh !!

sleep sleep sleep !

toodle loo ! <3

ps; hyakuji. damn its hard when everything is kept inside.



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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 4:05 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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of course, everybody knows this.
i've been posting all those emoish post about how i'm miserable knowing how acai was in an accident.

well guess what ?


*creek creek(sounds of cricket)*


i swear to god if it wasn't for CASEY, i wouldn't even believe acai was in an accident.
i mean, wtf ?
surgery ?? platinum ?? brain damage ??? broken legs and arm ???

dush dush !

only God knows how i feel right now :)

relieved, happy, shocked, surprise, mad, angry, giggling, and SOOO IN LOVE WITH ACAI :)

i love you ok puppy !
like hell i do.
and u can actually see it from these two days.

crap ! i got punked ! XD

here's the analogy of how it started ok.
since it was a fake accident, i'm ready to tell the truth.
haha XD i hate telling sad stories :)

on monday night, about midnight, i was having a serious arguments with ACAI (the most greatest actor in the world to add more precisions. pfft),
and all of sudden he said he was driving and i said ok fine, just text me when you've arrived at your home.

but just when i was about to finish my sentence,

acai: oh shit.

TUP. the line went dead.

i didn't care much, cause i was mad at him.
so i called him again.
the phone was dead.
then i was just saying to myself that he was being all immature again.
i called him again.
i couldn't even bother anymore.
so i texted him few messages.
and let him be.

about few minutes later, i tried calling him again, but still OFF.

and then i was bored facebook-ing and playing games, i went and view acai's page.
well, i already post this on my last post.

so anyway here goes the analogy after knowing acai had an accident.
i'll cut it short :P

~~~ call ieta, acai's sis for confirmation. she said yes, she said it wasn't serious that i shouldn't be worry. but HOW CAN I NOT BE WORRY IF I DO NOT KNOW A THING THAT IS HAPPENING TO ACAI ? am i right or what ? right ? lol
but then she said she'll update with any news. I DEMAND GOOD NEWS. i did, well in my heart. lol
god, when i heard that he was in a coma, i was running around my house like having a knife stuck at my heart. pfft

~~~ talked to casey, she said she will visit him at the hospital. at that time i was unsure, if acai really is in accident.
maybe its because i wanted it sooooo BAD to be a joke instead of a real accident.
so i keep denying and denying. God knows how much i had to put up with it.

~~~called casey the other day to asked if she went to visit acai.
i was pacing back and forth, every minute i count. after one hour of texting her i keep picking up my phone wondering if i should call her and ask if she's at the hospital or not, cause i REALLLY WANT TO HEAR ACAI's voice. like damn hell.

~~~i let my facebook and my laptop on for two days straight cause i want good news, i want new news about acai. and then casey post at my wall.

this made me believe that acai IS in an accident

i was speechless. i straight away called her. and she told me he was still unconscious when she went to visit him.
i'd cursed myself, i did. because i didn't get the chance to fly to sabah just to see if he's ok.
if i could, i would.

i cried. i cried and cried and cried.
i prayed, i kept singing his favorite song to keep me company. i wear his favourite shirt and his perfume to feel his presence around me :)

~~~ ieta text me through his phone saying that i should call him cause he's already conscious from coma.
yeah, i was so grateful he was awake i didn't even think how weird it was.
because i don't want him to be in a coma. i cried when i heard his voice.
i felt thankful, relieved. i missed him so badly.
he told me he has to do a surgery tomorrow.
and then he told me he was sorry that he couldn't be at shah alam on the 10th of june.
i cried.. i cried cried and cried.

~~~ i waited for good news, i waited and waited, bt there was nothing.
i ended up even more stress up. everyone has been texting me, commenting me, giving me support.
i felt grateful that i have bunch of great, awesomest friends.
and i wanted acai to know that so badly.
and then, when i heard acai had to undergo a surgery, i was sad that i couldnt be there.

~~~ at 3 am, he texted me asking what was i doing? i wanted to hear his voice so badly. i missed him. we called for more than an hour. i felt mad and strange.
he said he posted me something. his brother will send it to my house.
and he said its something to say sorry for not being here as he promised.
i told him i don't need anything, i just wanted to see him.

me: instead of posting me, why don't u post urself here ? i would much prefer you standing right in front of me.

i silently wish it was real. i really wish that he would come instead.

~~~ at 10.14am, he texted.

acai: i da tak sggp tipu u. akceli, dr 20 surgery so far, cuma 4 owg je yg selamat. jgn kowl i. i tak sggp dgr suara u 4 da laz time.

i cursed him and replied.

acai: i am sori. pray 4 me syg. if u believe, i will b there 4 u, in any form. believe!

i cursed him even more. cause it was cliche and fishy.

suddenly he texted saying his brother is right in front of my house.
i wished SO HARD THAT MY HANDS WAS SHAKING FROM IT that i want acai to be there instead of his brother.


yeah, he was there :)

i ran to his arms :)
it was totally like in a movie :)
honestly i never had been surprised by anyone before :)

oh yeah, of course i smacked him for making me worried like hell and crying like a maniac.
i smacked, i bite, i pinch, i punch and i hugged :)

it was like a dream. looking at him, touching and knowing that he's there.
honestly, i'm happy :)
i can't stop smiling this whole day.

you know, he already given me many signs.

acai: bila you kene ikut ur mum gi ofis? sebab i takut my brother takleh hantar brg tu.
acai: i'm near sayang. i'm so near to you sayang.

everyone can't stop saying how sweet it was, well i'm just glad that he's healthy :)

i wanted to say a big thanks to everybody has been supporting me.
seriously, i'm so grateful right now to have guys in my life :)
i appreciate every lil things you guys did :)

and sorry for making you guys worry too much about me X)
hey, if you guys were ever in my situation, i'll do the same for you guys k :)

kaklong, syafa, tintin, ann, geeja, atok :P, mommy nisa :), atilia, mya, nafis, arep, izzati, amy, nai, raa, ekin, god there're so many people. i'll tag you guys ok :)

and to CASEY, the one made it all happened,
sigh :)
you bitch ! :)

are u taking drama next sem for koku ? are you ? cause i think you'll ace it hands down -___-'

and to ieta, haish. ketuk ketuk jugak budak -___-'
lol :)

thanks again. well can't wait to see you oppa ! ^_^

ps; i've learned my lesson sir ! :D


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010 12:53 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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is it selfish of me to have this feeling of wanting and hoping and wishing that he will eventually show up in front of my door in one piece with his cheeky sweet smile and laughing at me?
"Hai sayang, did I scare ya ?"

is it wrong for my to ask and wish that this was all a joke just to make me realise how much i really love him ?

cause for once, i actually can't face the truth that he's laying in the hospital weak and hurt..

for all my life, i've been demanding to know the truth, to live with only the truth.

but now..
for once... i am actually denying the truth.. running from it..

i've come to a point where i feel like i'm never gonna be okay.
not until his standing right in front of me now..

it feels like i'm being myself when i was in 2009.

i need him.
i really, really need him.
and i need him to know that.
so badly..

i'm overreacting.
he's not gonna die right ?
how stupid can i get? hahaha

"keraguan ini, bukanlah pada mu,
perasaan hati masih rindu,
kakalutan ini, hanyalah untukmu,
tercari-cari, bayanganmu,
tak sanggup aku, kehilanganmu."

what do you expect ?
you hear sad songs, of course you will end up being all sad and moody.
but i can't.
i can't stop listening to it..

Allah must love me very much for putting me in a such terrible position.

results are coming out.
i have yet to hangout with friends.
sorry gjie, i know that you were expecting to see me this week.
everything is just messed up..

tomorrow i have a job to do,
my mum asked me to teach her staffs the nobody dance.
i should be happy, since i love dancing..
but i'm not..
its weird..

everything is wrong..
i'm... all... wrong,,
and i know i should be strong..
but its just so hard..

i'm dying to know how is he doing..
i want to see him..
i want to look into his eyes and say i need him..
i love him..

stupid fasya, he's doing fasya.
for god sake.
i feel like pulling the trigger...

god, i will not sleep, until he's in my arms..
let the time passes quickly..

ps; i can't stop crying.
i miss you oppa...
byane.. saranghae..


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12:15 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Ya Allah, Gantikan Tempat ku dengan Tempat dia, Aku Lebih Rela.

tell me he'll be alright.
tell me that he's doing fine.
tell me that he got my messages and he's on his way to see me.
tell me that he's not hurt.
tell me that he's still breathing.
tell me that i'm just overreacting!

cause i know i am.

Ya Allah...
i have done the most terrible thing.

i felt like i was in a movie.
one second i was talking to him on the phone.
and then suddenly phone was off.

i couldn't even think straight cause i was fighting with him that time.
so i just ignore the signs.

i called. the phone was off.
thought that he was mad, so he shut his phone off.
i calm myself saying that he's being silly and immature.
called him again. still off.
i cursed him for turning his phone off.
third time called, i just couldn't be bother anymore.
i sent messages. eventhough i know he will not read it until he on his phone back.

and then..


you have no idea how i felt.

to be fighting with the one that you dearly love and cause him in pain that cause his life.

maybe this is just another way of Allah to show me that everything could be taken away from me just like that.
i'm so weak..
i will not sleep.

not until i hear his voice.

*i'll cry my eyes out until there's no more tears anymore.
*i'm listening to his favourite song, to the song that he always sing to me,
to the song he always want me to sing, he said it was OUR song. a MUST song for him.
*i'm wearing his shirt and his perfume.
*i'm viewing his pictures and his messages all over again.
*i've texted his sis and my friend, to become my third persons.
*i'm praying for his safety and for him to be away from any harm or any injuries.
*i'm begging... on my knees... for him to be able to smile back at me..
*i'm dying here... crying...and hoping... wishing..

call me crazy, call me stupid, but i love that man more than my life.

heh, funny.
he would be laughing at me by now.
if he was here he'd prolly say, "oh really ? aww how sweet. for a minute, we were fighting just now. and now you're saying you love me ? now thats weird."

it is..
but thats how weird it is.
and i can't even answer to it..

oppa, i'm miserable at best..

you promise not to leave me..

oh god, what have i done..
i'm so stupid !

if you were here right now, you'd prolly bite me and cursed me for saying i'm stupid.
i can't believe i actually miss being bite by you.

oppa, i'm listening to miserable at best.

"you're a thousand miles away.."

"don't cry.."

"and the hardest part of living is taking breath to stay.."

you know how words can make me cry ?
oh god, i can't sleep.
you're right..

"i can't sleep. not until i hear your voice."

i agree oppa, i know how you felt that time.
i can't sleep... and i will not sleep...

oppa.. be safe..

ps; i love you.
i love you.
like hell i do.
please, don't leave me.


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 4:11 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Numb and Lazy are My Bestfriends :)


and proud of it ! miahaha >:)

my dear oekaki,
if you were a human, i bet you will make faces by now.
the whole one month of staying at home.
i haven't even touch my blog.
the only thing i ever do is wasting my time sleeping, eating or watching tv.
other than facebooking, which is getting bored by the minute.

but facebook is lucky enough to get me addicted in playing sorority life -___-'

i remember onlining myspace just to play that game.
sigh, good times :')

i barely open my myspace -____-'

will that also happen to my facebook ?
i mean, grow out from it -___-'

ok, i'm just randomly babble-ing since i have so many things to say but too lazy to write it down.

of course there are ups and downs of staying at home and quarantine from getting a job.
pfft parents.

but anyways, i've passed my computer test for Driving License :)


gosh, i'm terrified thinking about my results.
shit, that just means i need to sleep.

toodle-loo ! ;)

ps; i have come to a point where i am numb to breakups :)
and pain, and lies, and mistakes and anything else that could cause me in much miserable state :)
its a good/bad thing.
i can't be too comfort with this, cause if i do,
i'll end up being heartless for sho!
and you wouldn't want that, don't chu ? :)

i mean, what is love without a heart ? :D
you should be scared.
cause you almost lost me.
but next time won't be that easy for you anymore.
respect, relax and response :)

pss; eh eh mcm 3R plak -___-'



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Sunday, June 6, 2010 2:37 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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