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Silverstein - Runaway

I'm done. This is it.
While listening to this song, imma make myself stop overthinking about those stupid things that shouldn't really matter to begin with.
This has stop. I didn't came here for this. If there is someone that can smack me back to reality, it just has to be me. Cause no matter what, it ain't gonna start if it doesnt start with myself.

So let's have a toast for the douche-bags, let's have toast for the assholes, let's have a toast for skunk-bags, and everyone that I know !

so yeah.
lets turn this anger to something productive fasya. nah nah nah. don't go there again.
you're being like this its cause you just been putting up with loneliness for far too long. nah nah nah. lonely has been ur friend for a looooong time.

its about time to just embrace it and love it.

oh god, i sound like psycho, right?

huh... i just need to slow down.. what have i been doing this whole time. i've becoming something that i was so afraid of being last 3 years ago. i told myself that i dont want to go back there anymore...

oekaki. i'm sorry. if you have the ability to talk, you might just curse me for posting loads of shits on you.

ps; let the time pass by.

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Monday, July 9, 2012 10:40 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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