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I just woke up to EXO

And I just haaad to post this !
I swear I wanted to scream and bite my lil obnoxious brother from my sweet lala-land.
How could he do this to me, knowing that I have to wake up early tomorrow :( (and as we speak, the tomorrow that I am stating here, has turn to be TODAY -__- )

But then after a while not logging in my youtube channel, I realise that I have been lacking off from all the new updates.
The thing is, it's not like I'm a huuuuuge fan of kpop. It takes alot for me to like a group or a song itself. I might only like a song from one group and then thats that. Won't care the names of the members or even want to know updates about them no more.

So yeah, moving on (trust me, this is going to be a long post. so feel free to switch to other site if you're bored :) )

I saw an update from one of the channels I subscribed and it's a dance crew from vietnam that does covers of dance from alot of kpop groups.. which is how I stumble a group named EXO.

and lets make this an official post for them. Congrats EXO-K. You have succeeded giving me goosebumps. And the last time I had this feeling was when I watched Mirotic and Rising Sun (or maybe all songs lol) by DBSK.

The melody, the beat, the choreography, the video, the.. garrrghh ! huh...
and yeah, the teasers. I.. how.. urgh.. speechless.. no no, its ok, you don't need to search anything. Imma make your life worthwhile reading this by putting all the links of the videos.

So nice of me kan ? ;) haha

plsss plss, I am begging you to not move from this video once you reach the 2 minutes. and once you've watched it, you would understand what i mean.

and about the group, I havent done much investigating, cause I'm starting to regret not able to sleep back.

oh yeah, here's the video that gave me goosebumps. incredible song! :O

and trust me, the only person that I can identify is kai who looks like taemin from shinee, se hyun who also looks like taemin (at least to me eyes, or maybe i'm blind.. hmm) and d.o
other than those three, the other three just looks like twins. or triple. lol

so yeah, I will not like a group fully unless they can do live. so, passed ! ngeh *shrugs* haha just kidding, they got 2 vocalist with really good high notes and they can do it live.
so enough said, smtown has created an awesome group :D

with that said and done, good morning and off to doze just for a few minutes before my date with my orthodontist. *rolls eyes* Dah bosan ok ? this love-hate relationship with my braces.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, semoga selamat perjalananku ke Melaka hari ini :)

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Monday, June 18, 2012 6:23 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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