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2. Stupid

Why am I still crying?
Is it cause it's finally over, for good?
Is it cause I'm sad you didn't fight for me?
Or am I sad cause I wasted all these years with you, sacrificing everything and done so much for you yet you still don't feel anything when you see me cry...


I'm so stupid. Crying over a relationship that I hold on when I know it always leave me in pieces. All alone, lying on the floor like a lil helpless girl, crying for mercy.

All that's left are just heartbreaks and anger. Regrets. I wish I never met you. Never have I spent so much time with someone who doesn't even blink an eye when I'm about to walk out the door.
They're right. He's gotten too comfortable. Too relax.
He thinks that I'm just gonna take him back. That he has nothing to worry about.
And that saying something.

How far have I gone until I've lost all of my self-worth?
Ashamed. Embarrassed.
All those days waking up so early to pick you up, and sending you home.
Supporting you in everything you do. No matter where you wanted to go, another mma fight or an instameet or even being your no1 fan.
Compromise with everything you want. Up to a point I've even sacrifice my own feelings.

So pathetic.

Huh.. Gotta wake up from this nightmare. I had enough. 4 years is enough.

But am I strong enough?


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Sunday, August 10, 2014 2:40 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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