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Jay Sean Rocks!

let there be songs marathon in my blog.
i just found out tons of awesome new songs [at least it is new to me, lol]

i have been hidden by all kmusic that i haven't been listening to all new english songs.

someone even said that i'm TOO obsessed with kmusic. but in my dictionary of life, there's no such thing as TOO OBSESSED :)
ala baru dengar 10 lagu korea dah kata obses, poyo ar -_-"


ops, terkeluar malay plak :D
hai bebeh! hai aliah! hai tirah! hai aiman! hai makcu! hai kaklong!

haha i just found out that even my cousins at kajang reads my blog.
eh budak2, kenalah paksa diri baca bahasa inggeris ok, akak tulis inggeris je memanjang! haha :D

ada lah sikit2 melayu. this post is exceptional.

OPS menyimpang T_T

ok, this is official.
i am in love with jay sean new album :|

all his songs are awesome kot!
ok not all, but seriously, 85% of his songs is sooo awesome :D
ada percentage tu -_-"

i'm gonna post all the songs i'm in love right now.

and people, jay sean's down song, IS SOOOOO LAST SEASON -_-"

i heard from farhah that at uitm melaka, students there listen to that song everyday.
what a bore :O

its hard to choose the best song. cause to me all his songs is awesome -_-"
but the top one [pointing above]
that one really nice :)

please, let it rain money. i want to buy his new album :(

this song kinda hit me bad :/

see i told you, to me alot of his songs are awesome okay? :(

ok, enough is enough.
i want to buy his album right now.
he prove his point already.
his songs are awesome.

plus i can't download musics are the moment.
ares is acting up.

pleaseeee help me :'(

she could never love you like i do


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Monday, November 23, 2009 3:38 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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