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Ai Shi Teru

i know how it feels to be confused.
it hurts. cause you wish you knew everything.
but you could do nothing, when no one is filling the empty spaces.
in the end, you end up knowing NOTHING.

i am in no intentions to make you confuse.
i am in no intention to make you feel insecure as what i had gone through all these years.

i just want you to know that you're stuck on my mind.
my friends said i think TOO MUCH about you.
too much has never make sense to me, cause all i wanna do is just to be with you.

and by letting you runnning around my head, at least i can feel your presence standing by me.

i don't want to be selfish, yet i don't want to be called heartless.
so let me just say this with all my heart.

and the only thing i want is, to see you happy.

love isn't suppose to be a war.

oh and when i said the quote and all, let me rephrase and explain.

when a girl and boy swore their undying love to one another, it is enough to understand that they belong with each other.

and a third person shouldn't be involve to make that undying love become a triangle love.

how can you expect others to respect you, when you don't even respect someone's heart?

but then again, i am a good person. I AM.
so i want to be in the middle.

i might not be the lucky girl, i might not be the juliet, the heroin of this undying love.
so if i'm not all those thing, wouldn't that mean I'M THE THIRD PERSON?

cause if i am, then i prefer to back off.
the last thing i want to do, is to destroy a wonderful love relationship.
i want a love that is meant for me.

i don't want to fight my way to get love.
i don't want to sacrifice my soul to win love but in the end gain nothing but pain.

all i'm saying,
i am not jealous :)
thats all :)

ps; too tired to even think straight.
wishing to hear his voice singing.
sweet dream apple

your guardian angel


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Friday, February 26, 2010 3:32 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Can't Have You

i'm not JEALOUS.

i'm tired of lies.
i'm tired of drama.
i'm tired of rumours spreading in negative ways.

i'm tired of trying to find a reason for what has happened in my life.
i'm tired of searching my right AND wrong.

i'm tired of crying my eyes out and making myself plastic everytime i see people.
i'm tired of listening to the same old advice.

i'm tired of fighting my way to survive a day in life.
i'm tired of chilling out to keep everything cool and slow.

i'm tired of being scared doing something wrong.
i'm tired of questioning if it really worth it ?

i'm tired of finding it hard to say no.
i'm tired of pleasing others.

i'm tired of BEING TIRED.

but most importantly,

i'm tired of not being ME.

this is not me.
i'm such a hypocrite for being a hypocrite myself.

i said i wouldn't lie, but i smile and walk away.
i said that i'll be okay, but i kept crying and crying and look away.

i'm waiting..
i'm waiting for the time... where my whole world crashes down.
and when that time come, i'll walk away from you FOR GOOD.

cause i don't deserve this love.
i don't deserve anything.

it started with nothing.
so why does it has to bloom with something ?

i know i won't feel peace.
i know i won't be me again.
but love is just not for me.
i know that before.
and i know that now.

but for the time being,
i'm loving the warm comfy feeling you give me.
i'm loving the seconds where i feel i am not lonely.
i'm loving the knowing that you love me.
i'm loving the feeling of being loved.
i'm loving being in love.

and i'm loving.. you.

but only God knows.

i'm not jealous.
i just feel like it is not worth it to cry over a guy or to fight over a guy.
if you are both in love, there's no time to fight with others to win this guy.
cause practically, he's already yours.

so someone should just BACK OFF.

but if it is me who should back OFF,

please don't sigh when i'm gone.
it was all....


ps; maybe we're trying to hard,
maybe we're torn apart,
maybe the timing is beating our heart,
we're EMPTY.


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 4:18 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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It's Weird, He's Weird

#he's crazy.

#he's naughty.

#it's hard to see him being serious.
but once he does, you'll freak out.

#he jokes around alot.
more than you could ever imagine.

#he doesn't act his age.
he's like a small kid who thinks this world is made out of candy.
and when it rains, it rains chocolate.

#he gets jealous, but he never tell.
but he always use mean sarcastic words that it actually reflect how jealous he is.
it hurts but at the same time, it made me happy to know he loves me too much that he can't see me with another man :)

#he's different.
at times i'm not sure if we're on the same page.
at times, it can be very awkward.
but eyes never lie :)

#he's not perfect.

#he's scandalicious.
i've been warned by alot of people.
heh, i can be very stubborn :)

but eventhough he jokes 24/7,
i'm his wife.
and that's all that you need to know.
nothing else.


the end :)

ps; hey apple! hey apple ! hey hey apple !
yes, you.

fallin' for you - colbie caillat


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010 4:38 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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10 Most Appealing Men ;) Tagged by Fazra

i'm so sorry for putting this off for quite some time.
but a promise is a promise :)

so here it goes.
10 hottest man !
um, honestly, i don't rank them.

cause to me,
they are soooo sexay that they make me drool all the time X)

oh wait, i've checked fazra's post again.
it's suppose to be 10 APPEALING MEN.

ps; i do not have a solid celebrity crush for i don't really go gaga over a celebrity for a long time.
i just like them when they act on the movie.
once the movie is finish. so does my feeling -_-'

ok. first off !

meet Ewan McGregor :)
my obi wan kenobi
Ewan McGregor Pictures, Images and Photos

ok, i fell in love with him when i watched The Island.
the one he was in with scarlett johansson.

he was so cute when he was blur about the human interaction :)
and and i fell in love with him even MORE when i watched him in Moulin Rouge yesterday.
that is why his picture is the first one i put here.
because he is the first person that comes to my mind about appealing me -_-'
he sang awesomely in that movie :)
i want to buy the cd once its out :D
oh yeah, and he plays obi-wan kenobi in star wars :D

2nd Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook Pictures, Images and Photos
look at him :)
i could post a thousand pictures of him but it's still not enough to show how adorable he is :)
i've fell in love with him when i watched him in My Girl Korean Drama.
awesome drama.
i bought the soundtrack after watching the drama :)

oh and when he has the hobo looks.
as in when he doesn't shave,
well, i dont know why.. but he reminds me of my ex -__-'
in a good way though :)

3rd Jake Gylenhaal
[jake gylenhaal] banner Pictures, Images and Photos
oh please tell me this reminds you guys of some guy you know :D
gjie ? queeny ? anybody ?
thick eyebrow, puppy eye ?
arghh XD
ok ok cool down :)

have you guys seen him in 'Bubble Boy' ?
funny. awesome man :)
he was as cute as puppy :D
and he is !
and have you guys seen his muscle.

kudos to him! he can be sexy and cute and muscular.
he has so many characters X)
i love him. i love him i love him i love him !
grr :)

4th Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum Pictures, Images and Photos
why him ?
well practically because he dance :P
and his muscle 8D
and he has that cheeky smile of his.
and when he talk, he talks in a cool way :]
bahah XD

5th Robert Hoffman
robert hoffman Pictures, Images and Photos
he's funny, he's sexy, he can dance.
and he has that cute casanova smile.
like, DAAAMn ~ haha :D

haha both 4th and 5th are from step up movie X)

6th Daniel Henny
Daniel Henny Pictures, Images and Photos
do i really need to explain this ?
like... [i am pressing each and one of these words] COME. ON.
LOOK at him !
he's adorable, he's sexy, he's just.. pfssh ! most guys go gay BECAUSE OF HIM OK.
and thats A FACT :|

i'm getting tired -_-'

7th Hugh Dancy
Hugh Dancy Pictures, Images and Photos
he's messy. but if a guy's look reminds me of someone that i love,
then i don't care.
i'll fall gaga over him instantly.
but seriously, thats the truth.

oh he's from "Confessions of the Shopaholic".
yeah, he's the boss that Isla dance with and fell in love with.

i can't think of anyone anymore -_-'
because i don't remember their name 0_0
i remember their faces.
yeah, thats fact about me -_-'
remember faces, don't remember time and date -_-'

8th Lucas Till
Lucas Pictures, Images and Photos
i remembered him !
the guy who looks so cute in Taylor Swift's video.
and the guy from Hannah Montana.
haha if it wasn't for the movie, i couldn't google him X)
he's cute ? :)

actually, i was going to put David Henrie.
but.. i keep look at him like he's some kind of..
a teenager ?
when he is like 2 years older than me ?
he's not appealling.
he's... attractive :)
pfft, the same meaning KOT -_-'

never mind, i'm gonna put his picture anyway :)
oh, and i know fazra likes him :)

David Henrie Pictures, Images and Photos
so yummylicious :)

9th Ryeowook
cute ryeowook Pictures, Images and Photos
it wouldn't be complete if i didn't put ryeowook in this post :)
it's like forgetting who i really am [not really] :D
he light up my way through the darkness.
and i'm very thankful :)
he's just adorable isn't he ? :D

10th Nickhun
nickhun Pictures, Images and Photos
nickhun Pictures, Images and Photos
nickhun Pictures, Images and Photos
Nichkhun Pictures, Images and Photos
Nickhun - 2PM Pictures, Images and Photos

the world has gone mad !!
since when i become madly obsess with nickhun.
no, i will never go back on ryeowook ! X(
no ! stand still fasya. *melting*
pfft, it's no use -_-'

hubby ! :D
fuh, ok, now i'm back to my senses :P

so yeah.
thats it.
i have done it.

i'm sorry.
there's alot more celebrities that i go gaga everytime i see them on tv,
but i just can't remember their names :/
oh well

i'll post if anything happens.
cool :D
i'll make a folder for hot celebs.
at least it'll be easy for me to remember those hot hotties hot guys ;)

toodles !

ps; i've done it fazra !!
and and i love you !
and i miss u !!
i'm sorry that i haven't been able to update my blog :D

i've become lazy over this CNY -__-'

dontknow why :/

pss; thank you hubby for helping me :)
he gave me a list of hottest guy through his opinion.
never thought that most of it kinda what i like too.
great minds think alike ;)

let's play a love game :)

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Saturday, February 20, 2010 4:07 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Friend Request on Facebook

50 friend requests awaiting.

the thing is..
it's not that i'm trying to be mean or unfriendly.
heck, it would be totally weird if I, FASYA, become totally not friendly to others.
you can ask huda.
She knows me better than anyone has ever had :D

no seriously, she does :)

back to my point,
i'm not trying to be very snobbish as well either.
heck i love to make friends :D

but the thing is -__-'


why the heck do you want to add me for,
if it's only to fill up your stupid empty friends list.

who do you think you are ?
adding me just to get to my besties ?
like what the FUDGE ?
if i know where you live, i could have just bomb you straight away 0_o
and I MEAN IT.
no kidding *holding back giggles*
crap :)
i can't be that evil.
but you'll be scared to death if i ever turn evil. hmph ! :|

you added me.
you said hello to me once or twice.
and then you just move on with your life.
whats the point ? i tot adding was supposed to mean like, i want to get to know you.
like, HELLO ?? doesn't anyone knows how to myspace/facebook/whatever else anymore ?

you dont even have the courtesy to thnk me for approving you.
these types of people, only last one week in my friends list.
three strikes and you're OUT !

and with those above stated,
exist my number 5 reason which has become my MAIN reason why i do NOT approve friend request blindly.

i seriously don't know you :|
i even have problems remembering people who i know, why do i need to mess up my mind with strangers -__-'

but seriously, it's not that i don't want to get to know you.
i just think,
there's no point of having too many friends, when there's non who could help when you are in pain.
this coming from experiences, okay ? :)

but don't jump to conclusion saying i don't have friends who i could count on.
cause i do ! :D

you know what, i don't want to forget those happy moments.
i want to still keep remember all the laughs that i had, even when i have a bad day.
oh God, why do i have to be so forgetful -__-'
but thankgod i have friends who understands me :D
i'm sorry Huda, i burden u alot :)
but u always stood by me :)

ann who always has to bare with my blurness most of the time XD

and gee, who has to bare with my painful sarcasm XD
i always bully her >:D

and geeja :D
my bibik XD
bahaha XD

i so damn miss them :)

err wait, this post has went to another topic -__-'

never mind ! :D
well, it's already 7 am!

good morning world !
it's time for me to sleep !
bahah XD

ergh, when will i ever change -__-'

ps; hubby dah tido ?
are u dreaming of me ? :P
bahaha loco me -__-'

oh pss; i almost forgot.
there are friends that i know sent me the friend requests.
but i'm not even close to them.
and they have added me on myspace.
but they never commented me or even send a msg on myspace.
so what is the point of me approving in facebook?
the same situation is going to happen anyway.
solution? left it in the request box.
i don't want to be rude to just click ignore :)

notetoself: if you think you're not close to me, don't try to act as if you're my bestest bud in the whole world.
it's pathetic :|

lullaby - chase coy

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Thursday, February 18, 2010 6:37 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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New JapaneseDrama / Cartoons / Romantic Comedy CDs ! 16/2/2010

OH EM GEE 8O [like seriously, with my eyes wide open]
what has happened to me over this holiday ?? 0,o

i sleep, go out, go home, eat, online till 4 am and then went off to bed.
and then it repeat its cycle till today.

i need to break the habit -__-'
it's thursday.
i'm going back on saturday :(

you know how broken down i am now ?
of course u dont.
i'm the one who's going through it right now.
tsk tsk tsk :)

it feels as if i have no future to hold on to -_-'
dude ! wake up !
you have like tons of work to do X(
get up from ur sleep and smell the coffee already.
move that lazy butt of urs and get a move on.

bahaha, u know what, i can't really take myself seriously :D
i will start writing in a serious mood and then i end up smilling and giggling my ass off.
it's like, HELLO !! somebody went coco loco at 4 am in the morning X)

err. ok back to serious mood. *cough*
krik krik~ ._.

what was i talking again ?

it's my decision to go back to Lendu on saturday.
i just tot i want to have a fresh start.
at least i'm prepared for lectures to begin again.

oh let me just say, even though i only get to meet you for a few hours only. [2 hours to be precise]
i am happy that i get to meet you !
i did tell ya that i'm happy enough if i get to meet you aite ? :D

and you're right ! you always lift up my mood X)
that's why i need you to stick around [cause you're body is like a stick XD. well not anymore :)].
it's better to lose love, than to lose a friend :)

and who says, exes can't be best friend ? :D
thats pish pash talks :P

oh and zaki ! lookie lookie ! :D

yes, i bought Ponyo ! :D
don't asked why i didn't bought when i was cd shopping with you.
it took me more than an hour to figure out whether i should buy it or not. [i know you would said i SHOULD :D]
i ended up withdrawing my money and bought it anyway :D

and i bought Caroline,
well, it's because Izzat has been dyingly wants to watch it.
and coincidentally it was on sale.
so me as a good sister, well yeah. thats about it :)

and i bought Concerto Love cause while i was hesitating to buy Ponyo,
i saw the cd,
straightaway i took it !
like, pffssh. pfssh !
dude !
oh yeah, in Japanese, the drama called Nodame Cantabile.
i don't understand why they have to translate the title of the drama -_-'
it's not even close to the real meaning of the title 0_0
but still, they turned down the price ! :D

oh and and i bought 'A Lot Like Love'
well not because ashton kutcher.
most girls go gaga over him, i dont :|
but anyway, i bought it because it only cost rm9.90 !
like hello !
it cost the same as pirate cds, except it's not a pirate cd. it's an original cd !
awesome !
i bought it like in its most cheapest state ! XD

in one day i spent rm100 just because cds XD
oh well, i never get to spent money on me.
so why not, right ? :D

oh my gosh its almost 6 am -_-'
err should i sleep ?
oh well 0_0

and i told u so,
i am a SEGARA-ians ok.
queeny and ana can even be my witness for this.
stop calling me buana !
cause i'm not !
not that i have any problems with buanas.
but seriously ! stop mixing up my sport team !
even gjie was a segara, though she didn't go to training that much -_-'

see, even this shirt still has spots lol.
memories from sports day :)

i damn missed school !

orait. i'm going to end this post here -_-'
toodles ;)

ps; my hubby is craaaaazy XD

pieces - allison iraheta

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3:22 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Too Bad To Be True

be patient.

i have 4 events that has pictures to be uploaded into facebooks.
and each of these events consist of more than 100 pictures.
and you expect me to upload those pictures in one night.
my BUTT !

oh fyi, it's the time of the month.

so don't play play.
it's not my fault if you ended up crying because of my harsh words :)
i haaaaaave warned, have i ? :)

and how many times should i have to tell you ?
not in a million years.
no matter how many times you write down those cheesy meesy words,
i ain't gonna fall for it.
so stop it.
just STOP IT :

jojot said;

" jodoh tak menentu. bercinta lain, berkahwin lain.
kalau dapat berkahwin dgn true love, itu namanya rezeki."

with all my heart, wait.. i take that back since my heart is empty.
with all my will, i deny all this.

jojot said;

"it's hard at first. but slowly you will move on and open your heart."

only one word, but it echos trillion times in my head endlessly.

how crappy can i get ?
sometimes i asked myself, how did i get myself into these kind of situations ?
silly, it'll all comes back to me :

err, never mind.
i'm off to bed.
cause no matter how much i tried, i just feel too excited everytime i think about how i am going to meet FWB tomorrow.

do you see how happy i am now ?
can you ?
cause i am.
i really am ! :D

even a thousands of smiley that i can post here, it will still can never reflect how happy i am when i think you FWB :)

my brain says i need to pull myself together,
but my heart feels all jumpy and giggly to even make sense with the brain X)

oh, yeah.
it's the time of the month.
i have warned :)

mood swings spilling all over the place.
i'm sorry oekaki.

oh and i haven't wish you yet.

not that i celebrate either of those two,
but just wishing to those who are :)

ok. now i'm off.
and i mean it.

ps; you're just too BAD to be true :)

slow motion - kartina persian

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 2:37 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Currrently; ANNOYED

by my tiredness.
i damn wish i could regain all my energy back in a blink of an eye so that i could turn this frown upside down.

annoyed, by my aching body.
my butt hurts. i bet it's because of the jawa dance we done on last thursday.
yes, the effects came late. thats just me.
my backbone is aching, probably because of last friday. tsk
more info on that soon.

annoyed by the fact on sketch competition day,
my camera was used abusively by other people, whom that does not respect the owner of the camera.
they have taken massives of pictures of themselves posing and not one of them have pictures of me.
and not only that, pictures that was taken when the sketch was going on, most of it was BLURRRRR.....
i am very pissed off.

i've learned a lesson.
never will i ever leave my camera in other's hand.
they were lucky that i was in the sketch.
cause if i was not, don't you even dare to touch my baby with your filthy hands ! LOL :P

FWB only have two days of holidays.
and apparently he is spending his sunday and monday at his hometown.
he studies in perak, and his hometown is at perak.
going back and forth.
if i am stress with this fact, i bet he is even more stress than i am -__-'
i just hope i get to meet him.
i really miss him.

i don't like a crush game.
i'm not a doll.
i play games, but i don't play hearts.
he's annoying.
sometimes i just wish he would just be honest.
cause i can never take him seriously.
his words are as empty as my soul.
sorry, i just can't take your words seriously.
thats why i need FWB to be around :)
he always keep me grounded :)

i'm hungry.
and i'm still uploading pictures of the sketch.
yes, theres ALOT.
like bunch !
ughhh !
i hate it !!
i don't like too many pictures -___-'

plus i can't sit here all night uploading all of this.
oh wait, i just did.
it's 5.38 am right now.
sheesh -___-'

picasa has helped me alot :D
now i can upload multiple pictures in one picture.
more job can be done X)

well, off to get the uploading job done.
and maybe after i'm done with that, i'll update this blog with tons of stories that happened in Lendu.

ok ok. tooodles ;)

ps; i don't know why i hate it when he always comment me.
err ok. i'm getting a headache.

this is the life - hannah montana

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Sunday, February 14, 2010 4:43 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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363th !

i have been studying at UiTM Lendu for almost one month and 2 weeks.
alot has happened during that time.
even words can't explain how bumpy the road i had to faced just to be here right now writing this blog.

one thing for sure...


i could have gone home today
i could.
since i was given an exception to not go to my 10:30 am class :D
something you will never understand ;)

but seriously, i can go back hme and wrap in my favie blanket.
my own bed, and hugging my family whom i miss the most ! :D

FWB, will you be home this friday ?
heh, maybe not -__-'

i'm coming home everybody.
one week of holiday is all i need now.

i have been skipping classes and laying on my bed hoping the time would pass quicker so that i could go home :)

well, it was unintentionally !

i overslept !
so i missed my class -__-'

don't worry, i've already topup everything that i missed.
well almost. LOL


home here i come !!

ps; most of my friends said that i look stressed these days.
aimi is worried if i have problems with my classmates.

it's nothing people.
i just want to go home badly.
thats all.

running around everyday is fun, but i need rest too sometime.
energy has to be topup too ya know ? :D

though i will miss all the friends i made here.
good or bad, you guys had stood by me :)

love you guys loads ! :D

pss; FWB, i want to see you.
i can't stand this pain.
i need HUGS :(

somewhere i belong - linkin park

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Thursday, February 11, 2010 5:34 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Love Story 2#

some guy whom i forgot what's his name, gave me a rose origami made from tissue.


" I don't get all excited when somebody brings me flowers.
Ain't gon be sittin on my phone more than an hour. "

seriously, i love this song BADLY.
cause it really reflects what i really feel towards love.

i mean,
psssh.. u just gotta read the lyric and listen to it.
some might be hattin' on the beat, but you can never stop me from loving the lyric :)

it ain't about the melody.
it's the words that brings out the beat 8)
tch, some words there fasya.
motivated much tonight ? :P

or should i say morning.
damn -___-'

it's 4:49 am.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, back to our topic for this post,

sweet ? heh
maaaaaybe :)

it's not like he made this tissue on his own.
he actually took it from some other guy who made it.
i told him [lets refer him as 'A' from now on since i don't remember his name], " that's not nice. that guy made it with his hard work."

and 'A' replied, "it's ok, you can do plenty more right ?"
he was referring to the guy who made that rose.
weirdly the guy was blur yet he nod.

me: "anyway, why u want to give me anyway ?"
'A': "just a lil gift. IKHLAS :) "

he was lucky that i was hungry that i accepted the rose and went back upstairs to eat my food -__-'

not that i would rejected it, i just thought that i should stick around alil longer to understand his intention of giving that rose, ya know ?

though it's not a real rose, no ?

i wonder, would i feel alil different towards this if it was a real rose ?
since i haven't gotten a real rose from anyone before.

or would i still feel plain as the tissue ?

oh and dont you ever go saying, " giler ar fasya, ramai peminat oh. byk betul love story dia. asyik kene ngorat je "

it ain't what you think it is.
and it sickens me when i think about it.

i haven't seen that guy for quite some time.
he's not from masscomm.
so it's normal to not get bumped with him.
not that i'm asking for it.

but seriously,
fairy tale.... is just not for me :)

oh if you're asking what did i felt when i got this rose,

cause you'll be disappointed and wondering why.


how harsh can i be these days ?

oh and to me,
[don't get hurt by what i am going to say, it is just what i think]

but being in a relationship but putting 'Engaged' status in Facebook,
means nothing to me :|

pfft, we weren't in relationship to begin with anyway.

my love story uno hasnt end it story yet -__-'

should i elaborate more on that post, or should i write another post ?

tsk, on second thought. let it be.
if i ended up having a will to write the full story about it, i'll keep ya post.

but for now.


my life would be dull without you by my side here in Lendu :)

and you too lappieto.
i feel lil stress.
cause i'm in a dilemma of sending this lappieto home tomorrow.

sigh -__-'

oh well.

i just want you to be safe, thats all baby :)

my destiny - misha omar

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4:43 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Love Story 1#

here's the thing.

if i were to tell you that i like you, would you feel the same way too ?
and would it be fair for me if you didn't ?

or you would only felt the same way after knowing how i feel towards you ?
again, is it fair for me ?

humongo NO.

but honestly ?

i have no feelings towards you to begin with anyway :)
so when i see you trying to get me jealous, i yawn and hoping you don't embarrass yourself TOOOO much.

get that 'sayang' ? :)

trying to make up a controversial scene.
it did worked but it only last for few days.

i just went along with it.
funny, i had no emotions towards it at all.

usually i would think twice.
but i didn't.
cause honestly i had no feelings towards him at all.

what i see in him and all other guys,
i see fake, plastic, LIES.

so why should i even try ?
trusting is way beyond my imagination.

i hope people didn't get wrong impressions about me.
i ain't the type of girl that easily hook up.
and i ain't that hard to get hook up too.
you just got to have the key to my heart.

once you have that, the process would be easy from there. [process ? LOL]

but seriously,
you ain't gonna find that key.
why ?

cause i throw it away :)

well enough said.
i just want to release alil bit of something that i've been keeping to myself.
and honestly, nobody knows this except you oekaki :)

i just hope FWB still understands me :)

ok end LOVE STORY UNO :)

oh em gee, i'm coming home !
it has been almost 3 weeks :D
and i'm still strong enough to live here.
cool man :D

let's dance - miley cyrus

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4:06 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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i became the DMC1A class rep.
that was what happened on the first day of lectures week.

tsk. after one month, only now i want to elaborate everything here ?

yes, my first class begun on 4th of January 2010.
boy was i excited that time :)
i woke up early to not miss the class X)

it starts at 8.30am.
unfortunately my roomies and me are not in the same group.
i'm in DMC1A, while aimi is in DMC1F, kiddot is in DMC1D and zati is DMC1B.
so we have different timetable.
i have morning classes on monday.
while they, well..they sleep -_-'

and when the lecturer explain that we had to write diary everyday as our semester assignment,
my heart was blooming with flowers, candies and everything connected to sweets X)

LIB 102 : MR Anwar.
fundamental of thinking and writing strategies.

i will never forget this lecturer for his lecturing skills is superb.
if there's a quote that describe him, then it has to be "think outside of the box"


my second class was BEL 120.
i knew that it would be an english class :)
and boy was i even more excited ! X)

it started on 2.30 pm.
at least there's a gap of 3 hours break between the first and second.
i have time to eat brunch [ breakfast+lunch X)] and do my prayers X)

BEL 120 : Miss Afifah
Consolidating Language Skills.

bel has tons of homeworks.
it's like going back to school except more deep ?

but english is something i love, so i don't feel pressured.
oh wait, i love every single classes in masscom.
so i'm not pressured at all :D

and i have night class on monday as well.
but i'm lucky that it's only on monday :D

and i have no class on friday ! :D

so i can go home for 3 whole day X)
sigh.. home -__-'

ok back to post :)

my third class on monday starts at 8.00 pm.
i had to rush, cause the maghrib Prayers are at 7.30 pm.
and the class are quite far too.
and and it's quite scary walking alone from tun putih through tun fatimah's tasik to class -_-'

well yeah, i walked alone :|

aaaaaanywaaaay :|

CSC 134 : MR Alias
Computer Information Processing

it's like being in a computer club X)
but it's fun. seriously !
cause i looooove I.T :D

though sometimes i don't really understand what Mr Alias wants us to do for the assignments -_-'
maybe it's because i usually sit at the back of the class so it's kinda hard to understand what he saying -_-'

no offence, but he has a broken english -__-'
but it's ok, it's up to me to fix that ! :D haha

well, for the first day or should i say the first whole week of lectures, the only thing we did was introducing ourselves in every single classes.
oh except for bel and csc.
in one week, i have three classes of bel and 2 csc classes.

so of course on the first week, i already have loads and loads of assignments and homeworks -_-'


this kitty was too cute for me not to realized.

and when i stop playing with it, it will sleep at my feet.
which is when he is at his most cutest state evaaah :D

and when i try to move my feet away from it slowly,

it will instantly be awake and try to find my feet again.

so that...

it could sleep back on my feet :)

i haven't seen this kitty for almost 2 weeks.
to all UiTM Lendu citizens, please do inform me if you ever see this kitty.
cause i dearly miss it very much :'(

ps; these are all pictures from the 4th of january.
yes i'm uploading all pictures that i have taken on that DAY.

i took this picture when i arrived 20 minutes early at bel class.
i was bored and the projector was on.
plus i was all alone.

i was playing the shadow game thingy and all of a sudden i have an inspiration of taking pictures of my shadow -_-'
this is one of the reason why i shouldn't be left alone :P

who can guess what was i doing ? ;)

the faculty of art and design.
you know, we asked the same thing.
why did they put one of our classes at Art and Design's faculty ?
isn't masscomers supposed to have classes near the masscom building ?

not that i'm complaining the long walk and the stairs to go to my class at A&D building, but it's just weird.
even a lecturer asked us why were we there -_-'

still i love all the cool paintings and creations there :)

you can never separate me from loving taking pictures of beautiful view such as the sun and etc :)

currently it's 2.47 am.
and THAAAANK god huda is right next to me accompanying me.
i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her -__-'

oh and the wifi was on and off,
thats why this post took along time to write it up -__-'
oh oh and i went upstair to get gee's microsoft office.
cause i'm tired of not having my own microsoft word to write -__-'


now i can do my journal in peace.
err, assignments and assignments -__-'

i guess i have to postpone the post marathon for now.
oh well :(

ps; i'm sooooo sorry for not updating what and how am i doing here.
this just show how i am working hard here :)
and how committed i am to my work.

it's the activities that helding me up from onlining.
oh and the broadband.
i don't know why, but it has been acting up for quite some time.
oh well, thankgod there's a free wifi :D

pss; i feel all jumpy everytime i get the chance to talk to FWB,
and i felt so happy when he buzzes me on myspace IM X)
my friends thought i was going mad for dancing and jumping for no reason. LOL

oh well :)

poker face - Lady Gaga

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Saturday, February 6, 2010 11:46 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Spending Weekends at Lendu

last night, i have decided to make myself alil less lazy :P
because i was damn bored in my room, i brought along my laptop out from the room and went down to the lobby floor of my block.
since thats the only place the UiTM free wifi can be detected -_-'
yeah yeah, uitm Lendu ain't like uitm shah alam Along.
so ?

what you see is what you get :|

i ain't complaining, though i agreed that this should be brought to the authorities :P

so tonight, again, here i am. though tonight was not as crowded as last night.

ps; the view that i am seeing right now.
oh and thats huda playing with her hair X)
muahaha huda has been asking me why i am taking picture just now X)

to be honest with you, when i'm here,
i feel like as though... i'm floating ?
falling ?
all i know, i ain't grounded.
i feel as though the earth is non existent.

i feel like my body is swinging back and forth.
and i know i've said this tons of time before,
but i feel as though i'm not HERE.

"bagaikan berada di awangan"

damn, i wish i was in love.
and that sentence would have hit the right spot :P

but i'm not.
so its funny why i'm not feeling myself lately.

maybe i really need to go home ?
i've been away for far too long, you know ?

oh and please help me !!
i can't do a damn assignment because of my microsoft office is locked !
what am i going to do ?
i have tons of diaries for my LIB 102 to do -__-'

its a trial version.
pfft, i wish i was home with along -__-'

i know i got alot to post up and tell up.
so here goes.
here comes the post marathon !!!

ps; FWB will always be the one.
it's not that complicated, no ? :D

the fall (turn it up) - pixie lott

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10:42 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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CSC 134

again, i am here in CSC 134.
in two whole classes which is in BEL 120 from 8.30am till 10.20am and now CSC 134 from 10.30 am and this class will end at 12.30 am [I THINK],

i don't really memorize the time. i only memorize when[which is morning or afternoon or night], where and what.
i don't like to mess my brain with too much details.

masscom students have to learn how to keep track with everything and not to focus too much on one thing only.

being in U taught me how to keep track with too MANY friends, too MANY assignments, too MANY seniors, too MANY ACTIVITIES. emphasizing on activities.

my brain can go loco.
but i'm keeping myself ground and looking forward to chinese new year.

YES. i need to relax -___-'
i've been running,walking,moving from one place to another.

even my room mate said i don't spend much time in my room.
wait, correction.
my whole BLOCK said i don't spend much time there at all :

it's like a hotel.
i go out in the morning, i come back late in the midnight.

oh and don't bother firing me from my job.
yeah, you heard me.

I am quitting from being biro kerohanian.
i wasn't worthy of that position anyway -__-'

are you crazy ?
a SENCETRA being the biro kerohanian of the level ?

what is sencetra ?
you still don't know yet ? LOL

more infos on that.
wait, i've said that too many times and yet i haven't tell anything at all.
dush ! -__-'

i'm sorry :(

this pretty much like a slap back to reality.
meaning i need more training to keep track with everything.
cause i'm losing grip of almost everything.

oh gosh, i was babble-ing that i forgot the real main point that i was going to write here.

throughout my two classes, i have been onlining -__-'
well, listening -__-'

lets just say 50% class, 50% here ? LOL

ok ok. finish class already.
don't know where to go after this.

all i know i need to rest for awhile.

maybe i'll online at tun putih. since my BBM111 class has been cancelled :D

wow, for the first time.
a class has been cancelled -_-'

oh wait.
on the first week of lectures, lib 101 didn't had any class.
well that was because the lecturer was not back from umrah yet.

wait why am i questioning and answering it at the same time ?



ps; i'm sorry.
i wish i could open facebook -__-'


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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 11:04 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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