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Today I Saw A Firefly in TPH 1303

i'm like a monkey who just hit a jackpot of bananas.

well unfortunately in my situation,
i don't get to see fireflies in everyday life.
i've never seen one live in front of my own eyes before.
thats why i wrote this on my blog :3

kidot predict that i would write.
well she predicted right :)

oh kidot is my roomie :)

oh come to think of it, i never told you about my roomies.
well aira already went away.
so all thats left is only 2 roomies.
so in 1303,
only 3 students staying in.

bahaha, i hope i will stay in the same room :)
why ? cause i just love the number 1303 :)

oh wait i'm off the topic -__-'

meet amy (left) and kidot (right)
i love them :)
i hope that i will stay roommates with them.
there's no other people i would want to share room other than them :)
we click yo ;)

i don't mind walking all the way up to the third floor, eventhough it is tiring.
but 1303 will always be in my heart :)
uitm di hati ku ?
maaaaaybe XD

oh well, off to study more bbm :)
wish me luck peeps ;)

ps; i just realised how miserable i am without you oppa.
how am i going to stand the 2 months ? :|
oh God, help me -__-'
i do not need a reason to hate myself now :(

pss; i love u AZLAN SULAIMAN :)

nothing on you - B.o.B ft bruno mars

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 12:30 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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My Love Advice To You, ACAI

does love has to really shown like FULLY?
i mean,

i'm sorry.
it's probably because this room is quite hot right now and i'm full with stress n surrounded with assignments and the rush of final exams.


yes, i'm talking to you ACAI.
wanna know who's acai ?
oh of course those who has my facebook knows.

is it STIIIIIIIILL not good enough for you to understand ?

please, jump off a building if you have a slight problem with that.
cause as far as i know, i have no problem with you at all :)

see ?
i did warned you if i get abit crappy and harsh right ?

i just need to let it out.
i know this is not healthy.
i mean, i should just say it in his face.

but i just don't think it's enough.
he needs proof.

please read carefully ok.
first thing first, I LOVE YOU.
ok done.

i love this picture :)
so badly :)

ok. read up oppa.

first, i'm sorry.
i'm sorry for endlessly making mistakes and doing things that hurt you alot.
it was involuntarily.
do you even understand what it means ?
it means it is unintendedly.
i never thought of those horrible things would happen.
i must have been too blind to see it coming.
but just know that, i never have any intention to hurt you.
i would never do anything that could hurt you.
it's crazy.

if i ever did, then that just means i'm crazy that time, and i wasn't thinking straight.
but it would totally weird, when i totally care about how you feel.
shit, even all those words can't describe how i feel.
so you see ? i totally care about your feelings.

do i really need to show how i feel ?
do i really need to post it on facebook and shove it to everyone's face how much i love you ?
is that how you understand how i feel ?
if it is, then it's crappy.

cause to me, love does not need to be so commercial and to be publicity to the world.
as long as we know that we love each other, isn't that enough ?
cause if love has to be so commercial, doesn't that love look so...
no offence.
just writing how i feel.

thats all.
i love you.
please, i do.
thank you.

i don't mind you being all jealous..
but cmon !
don't interpret everything i do wrongly !
gosh -__-'

don't be so sarcasticly mean when you ask something that you don't know please ?

oh wait, i just remembered, i should have just do a video like i always do right ?
maybe i will.
but i'm going to post this as well.

why ?

cause fifth,
JUST BECAUSE I DON'T USUALLY WRITE YOU NAME IN MY BLOG, doesnt mean i never write things specificly for you.

you think all that "i miss you, i need you" yada yada is someone else ?

gosh ! -____-'

yes, i'm tired !
tired of convincing something that is already convinced !
maybe i should do statistic with all facts. haha

okay not funny -__-'



don't know what to say anymore 0__0

i love you.

enough said.
off to do my assignments.

you see ???

i am sparing few of my hours just to do this post.
for you !

please, do you believe me now ? :)

ps; why the hell my room feel so hot tonight -__-'

i love you for no reason, AZLAN SULAIMAN

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010 10:29 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Qoute 2#

"i can't stay still, i don't trust easily.
so MAKE me believe in you, keep me close to you.
then there's nothing to worry.
i'm all yours, as long as you want me to"

i know i know.

"it's hard. not only because you don't know. cause you don't feel what i feel."


"for you, i can do anything. everything.
but there's one thing that i couldn't do, even if you ask me to.
and that is, not to love you."


bahaha XD

and yes moose.
i am full of cheesy meesy words.
not because i'm in the moment.

just felt like expressing it out.

i always have inspiration for quotes :P

just never want to show it :P
haha XD

"i love you,
thats why i miss you,
meaning that i care about you,
and i'll never leave you,
because i NEED YOU."

bahahaha XD
i'm so good :)
hahah :'D

"pain may heal but the scars remain."


"fixing a broken heart is like reassembling the pieces of a broken mirror and you cut yourself in the process."

is it just me or its getting emoish ? 0_o


oh well.
off to upload more pictures :)

ps; please. i need you.
like i always do :)

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Saturday, April 3, 2010 5:17 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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