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tagged by nuhasayang :) ; 5 facts/5 hobbies

tagging ; fazra robtasticly hot
atok gendut :P
cha cha
nik boyot
and the rest blogger

Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 5 fakta/5 hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya. [ops saya dh pilih penerima nya haha]

edited: you don't need to upload pics. i je yang terlalu rajin nk upload ni :)


music. enough said.
i mean, anything relating with music; singing, playing instruments and even dancing.
i can never go a day without singing or listening to songs.
and dancing. oh GOD. nobody knows how much i LOVE dancing. except for CERTAIN ppl.
they who understand me :)
and my piano is my second boyfie :)
my first boyfie? heh still unoccupied. haha XD

proves EVRYTHING :)


playing games.
fuh, this is A MUST. call me childish or uneducated etc but i LOVE PLAYING GAMES.
ofcourse i'm not as rich as some people who has xbox,wifi,ps3 and so so on.
but ps1 and ps2 has been by my side ever since i was kid.
well i forget another one, which is a freaking old video game.
it uses tape. whoa oldies giler :) but i used to love play that game :)
pakai analog yg tinggi tu biler main independence day. haha XD


haha, obviously. onlining.
not everyday but still its a must. at leats once a week.
seriously, while i ws on vacation, IT WAS TOUGH 0_0
youtube is a must. i always want to watch new awesome dance video or any new video from gabe bondoc [whom i've missed SO MUCH :(] , david choi and etc.

beraninya kau upload gmbr ni :)
tgh fukus sgt, eh eh ada sudoku?

additional hobby fact; I LOVE SUDOKU!
yes, i always buy sudoku. i would like to blame ABG CEPOI for this, but i can't cause i am addicted to it more than i hate the fact i am addicted to it. get it? haha
abaikan *bak pepatah LOO :)


Taking pictures. YUP :)
eventhough my camera is not that very advanced but pictures are not graded from the camera, its in whos hand the camera is :)
so yeah, i always bring my camera [ish, buat harta sendiri kamera DADDY ek?] everywhere. if i dont bring, that means something is wrong with me haha
so, do not walk in front of me while i am holding a camera haha, kan kan semua? :)

oh videocam pun sama :)

oh oh, and i love being in the pictures. but not more than taking picture :)


ofcourse sleeping is a must [ and i can't deny i love sleeping more that anything] but i love shopping. i do, eventhough i don't really do shopping [windowshopping je la] but i love just walking around see whats new, and catch the new look.
i dont buy, but i improvise at house with the clothes i have.
i know, i should have just check at webs and stuffs, but shopping is related to HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS.
so that leads to my 5# hobby. hanging out with friends.
always make up excuse wants to buy something just to hang out with friends. when in reality i always end up empty handed coming home -_-" [except food, i always buy foods for my family :) ]
haha :D

so basically this hobby will relate to my facts. yes just scroll down babeh cause i'm gonna do the facts as well [menjadi copycat sekejap ya nuha! haha]


Emotional. heh
ni siapa yang tak tahu ni, jangan berangan nak cakap dengan sesiapa pun yang KAU TAHU FASYA TU SIAPA. sebab kau tak tahu :)
don't hurt me. i repeat, DON'T HURT ME.
i have certain sensitive site. meaning i'm not VERY sensitive, but i am sensitive.
of course i take criticism but i don't take lies, rudeness and practically BITCHES and ASSHOLES.
there i say it, enough for YOU to swallow. FAHAM? :)


i've come across with tons of ppl saying i'm weird, so childish, immature and so so on.
but thats just who i am :)
i love making fun of myself, i love laughing OUT LOUD, i love dancing like a crazy cimpanzee. and i love being ME :)
thats just me. okay, maybe with certain people, i have limit to my craziness.
but with them, who i love and feel comfortable with, THEY JUST KNOW ME :)
so there, FASYA IS CRAZY. so what? i'm still a rockstar, AND YOU'RE NOT! HA-HA :)


I'm talkative. i'm not shy. i'm a people person. i'm easily socialized.
so, don't go asking " why do you smile with that guy/girl? do you know her/ is he one of your friend? " cause honestly, i would smile to anyone, even if i don't know them :)
senyum itu sedekah kan? :)
oh and don't ask why i greet them as well like giving salam or shake their hands. thats just what i do :)


i love cute things.
babies, kiddies, kitties, bunnies, teddy bears, cute boys [OPS!], anything that is CUTE.


past teaches me to talk straight. so i might be VERY VERY straightforward.
if i hurt you, i'm sorry. but thats just who i am. so lets try not to hurt me or make me have many speculations on you that might hurt you OR me :)

and to me, LOVED ONES are just everything.

without them, i'm NOTHING. enough said :)

ps; there's so many things i want to write here. tibe2 je byk bende nk luah. haha :D
all of these are abit common and some might know and might not.

thnkyou nuha for tagging, cause you have fulfilled my wish to write a post about me.

i've always want to do this :)
thankyou again honey

she who enjoys blogging


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Monday, August 31, 2009 3:50 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Form 6 Poco-Poco Training Session

“No life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it.”
~Ellen Glasgow

i got like one more tag i owe nuha.

but i'm gonna keep that on hold, cause its abit kinda describing about myself.
so i wanted it to be abit from the bottom of my soul to blog :)

like i said, from my last post [ which i'm not sure which one -_-" sorry. my amnesia is getting worst]
last week was the bomb.

i had an amazing week.
everyday is just a great day. well ALMOST haha

ok ok, no complaining ;)

inilah budak yang jakun x pernah tgk sanitizer dipsg di sekolah -_-"
credits pic to natasha.

and natasha, goyang skit xpe. asalkan muka i ADA.
[fuh capitalized lagi tu]
haha :D

saya suka conteng gambar. haha :D

no seriously, you have to see ashli's face. I DO NOT KNOW WHY but he looks FREAKY HAPPY -_-"

freaaaaky -_-"

xpe xpe, emo gotta cool down sometimes :P
and i do not know why i label tini's and nana as well hehe


i didn't even explain what is happening in this pic -_-"

ok. so yeah. poco2 is already in the title. so you can guess.

teachers are training all the form 6's to do the poco-poco and we 'MIGHT' [note that i capitalized that] have to dance poco-poco at a certain event at school which i do not know of :)

lari fasya lari! nanti ada orang akan serang kau! :O
abaikan *bak pepatah LOO si gangster :D

this was the boys sessions. ASHLI IS OUR POCO-POCO TEACHER :D

he's goooood :P

ofcourse, mesti la i record :P

tendang ashli, jangan tak tendang :D

ps; CHRIS IS ACTUALLY a good poco-poco dancer you know. i just realised that :D
but no doubt he's great dancer, biasa la. PEMINAT MJ haha :)

ashli! don't look at the camera. watch your steps!
haiyah.. -_-"

ps; william is counting. william william! poco-poco tak perlukan addmaths formula. haha :D

i tell ya, in every pic i snap, if william is in there,
he will definitely pose like that -_-"

i'll show you one day.
i WILL. oooooh i will :) i will haha :D

oh my, did i say freaky? i meant SCAREEEEY -_-"
haha just kidding ashli, you know i love ya aite ;)

susah nk tgkp gmbr budak ni -_-"
even candid pun x dpt menangkap gmbr muka dia 0_0

pn devasara :)
tin, razzaq, darshini and ling :D

natasha caught in scene! :D
god, i miss bullying natasha on my blog :P

or maybe i miss being bullied by natasha? hem.
OH NO! :D haha

kan dh kata susah nk tngkp gmbr budak ni -_-"

ok flash is BAD -_-"
especially when loo is wearing only singlet 8

devika posing! haha :D

i love this two people :)
tinihoney and nanabanana haha
madu dan pisang :P

i have found your new names girls :D

she loves poco-poco just as much as i do. haha XD

this video crack me up all the time.

1; ashli was really really swagging his butt meaning he's dancing awesomely :P
2; the funny part was when ling ran away.

yes ling. YOU RAN AWAY from dancing. haha XD

i hate taking pics with guys that are very taller than me.
i mean look at me in this pic! -_-" pfft

never mind, i still love guys anyway. sigh :)

um.. ok... right! intro. um..
oh ok, this is adam.
um yeah.. ok move along! LOL [pose terlalu mesmerizing -_-"] bahah!

adam oh adam.. -_-"
oh well :)

and thats that. FOR POCO-POCO TRAINING SESSIONS! applause! haha


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Friday, August 28, 2009 12:01 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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what? i have to wear the sep again?
are you kidding me! not only i can't eat with that, it pains like hell!
ok maybe not like hell but seriously! i can't sleep for a whole week because of that.

geez, next time, jgn bwk anak gi klinik kerajaan.

bukan nak merendahkan sesiapa2 tapi, not only the instructions were blurry but the customer service. i mean cmon!

you post there 'amalkan senyum' la and so so on, but heck! not a very friendly customer service my friend!

ok, maybe i'm abit tense because of the fact i'm gonna wear braces within two months which give me only 60 more days[ and minus the fact this month is fasting month, so that means only about 40 days something] to enjoy my life without pain and sacrificing few foods that I CANNOT EAT.

ergh! food is a source of life! how could you do this to me!

ok ok exaggerating -_-"

ok, maybe i'm abit scared as well.
ofcourse because of the bloody food. why would i care about other bloody thing [fuh cursing in british nampak gayanya]

ok ok no. i'm abit scared how would i look like?

i'm scared... if... it adds up my ugliness -_-"

ah, i need a mask. H1N1 is a perfect cover -_-"

oh while you're at it, why don't you give me a BIG SPECTACLES SO I CAN GO WITH THE LOOK.

UGLY BETTY! here i come!

hey wait! you're not ugly betty!
and how come you look fascinatingly beautiful in that?

huhu envy T_T

the girl who is going to wear braces for at least 2 years or less [I HOPE]


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Thursday, August 27, 2009 3:19 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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taggie by nuha :D; who's your tops ;)

1. Upload the pictures of your top friends in any account (Myspace/Friendster/Tagged/Hi5 or any others) at least five and describe them.

describe? pics?
um klu buruk gmbr2 ni jgn marah ek haha

sorry, kinda in a hurry right now :)

i'm gonna upload my myspace top 5 cause solat lima waktu. haha XD

cmon, do i really need to describe who this dude is?

ok, he's MY MOOSE.
no, that does not mean he's my possesion or like i OWNED him.

what i mean is, he's the only person that could ever be moose in my life.
haha :D
omg, not that moose as in that animal -_-"

gi tgk step up 2 :)


haha :)

oh wait, she will anyway :)
haha :D

; we've been friends for more than 7 years.
; we got separated for almost 4 years because she moved to UK. [bukan ulu kelang ok -_-]
; she's like a mirror of myself. or short term, she's my twin :). we have like this telepathy that really clicks us together :)
; farhah+fasya= hell of craziness :)
; and and she likes mc flurry :)

ps; god i miss you and love you honey :)

jojot :)

; she's my cousin. she is the same age as me. so no need to tell how long we have been friends or foes. haha :D
; she loves britney spears,agnes monica,anne hathaway,emma watson and etc just as much as i do :)
; she's at matrix gopeng. [haha nk ckp jugak tu! XD]
; i used to hate her cause she was a bully, and she used to hate me because i was a crybaby. haha :)
; lately, she's not as lively as she used to be. [sorry that i am being honest here jojot] i don't blame her. she has many things to take care.

ps; please take care honey :( ilyxoxo

hah budak ni. ish susah susah -_-"
nurul mahfuzah

; budak ni tgh spm. haha, she's my cuzin. saje je panggil budak :P
; she used to go crazy about daniel radcliffe, not sure if she still is -_-"
; she loves JIHOO and superjunior -_-"
; i've never seen anyone more addicted to korean in my family more than she does -_-"
; she's VERY shy. but once you gave her a topic that she really knows, she'll talk. oh SHE'LL TALK. -_-"

ps; asal top top aku semua jauh dari aku -_-", x psl2 aku kene ckp i miss you berulang2 kali. yes NURUL, i miss you sooo much! this year raya kt selayang, harap2 dpt jumpa :(
good luck with SPM

and last but not least..

haha how did you get into my top 5 my dear :)
ashli :)

; i asked her him to pose like that :) [haha sorry ash! XD]
; he's a mix of sugar and various spices. meaning mix of british,scottish,irish and jawa. or am i missing one more -_-" LOL
; he IS VERY VERY EMO. i mean like VERY -_-"
; he's an awesome dancer :) and he teaches ballroom dancing! how awesome is that! :D
; too bad girls, he is taken. haha XD omg kenapa i kene ckp bende tu jugak? :P ashli jgn marah :D
; he is the one of the guy who rock my world and THE ONLY GUY who would sms me in the middle of the night asking or telling weird things -_-"
budak ni boleh dibawa jadi teman kalau study malam2 haha :D
seriously, ape yg dier ckp akan buat kau terjaga and tertanya satu mlm LOL

fuh, byk nyer i describe about you ash. ish ish. xleh jadi ni :P

oh oh, she's not in my myspace top or anything, but she's in my tops of life :)

haha! jgn marah fazra, i cilok gmbr ni :)

mmg ada byk lagi gmbr yg u lawa.
but this pic pretty much describe who you are :)

especially TO ME :D

and not forgetting, the person who tagged me :)

sah i terlalu rajin malam ni :)

sampai org yg memberi tag ni kpd i pun, i nk upload haha :D

sorry nuha, i grab gmbr ni :P

i saje nk wat u nampak mysterious di blog i :D
saja nk menambahkan ke-hot-ness and ke-sexy-an you haha XD

betul ar! you sexy ;)
jujur saya kata :)

2 ) Tag 5 people :)

; fazra, obviously :) [sebab dia suka tag yag upload2 gmbr ni haha :D]
; atok gedik :P
; nik yg sombong
; nisa gedik
; and anybody who wants to do this :)



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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 3:45 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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I Miss You song

Malam 4 - Memperolehi pahala ia sebagaimana pahala orang-orang yang membaca kitab-kitab Taurat, Zabur, Injil dan Al-Quran.

Malam 5 - Allah kurniakan baginya pahala seumpama orang sembahyang di Masjidilharam, Masjid Madinah(Masjid Nabawi) dan Masjidil Aqsa.

alhamdulillah. i am VERY HAPPY. [aku bukan berlagak atau gah] tapi YA ALLAH, TERIMA KASIH.

[whoi, nama Allah xleh bawa main2 la ngok!]

kan dh kene ngok oleh ku :)

sembahyang tarawikh tak pernah terasa terlebih atau terkurang tenangnya :)
yang paling daku gembira adalah sembahyang maghrib satu keluarga.

whuish, seingat otak daku ni lah, rasanya, RASANYA, tak pernah kot sembahyang jemaah dengan mama,daddy,along,angah and izzat.

ok, mungkin pernah dengan atok,nenek masa kat kampung dulu. tpi itu pun time cuti sekolah, and mama,daddy xde.

tpi, honestly speaking, tak pernah sekali bersembahyang jemaah sebagai SATU FAMILY.

mmg dah lama ku menunggu saat2 yg begitu. i mean, always. but i was too scared to ask.
or should i say, too scared to be sad when they turned me down.

they did once. no, twice.
thats all this girl can take. but this girl never gives up la :)

hanya menunggu masa yang tepat je :)

i don't know why, but everytime i pray with them, i keep remembering last year.

sudah2 la fasya. lupakan kenangan silam. tak ke menyeksa diri namanya tu -_-"

xpe, yang penting. dapat juga bersembahyang jemaah sebagai satu family.
sempat jugak. Terima kasih wahai Allah, kerana memanjangkan umur ku sehingga ku dapat melihat HARI INI :)

mcm dalam mimpi, ayah ku berada di hadapan, menjadi imam :)
tpi ia bukan mimpi lagi dah. ia benar sudah berlaku.

haih, kesian kau blog. tibe2 je menjadi tempat meluah perasaan aku.
eh jap, mmg dah lama pun kau berkecundang dalam bidang tu kan? -_-"


jap jap, apa motif post ni sebenarnya?

dah la, disebabkan post ni hanya ala kadar, saya post video lama saya.

its not really an old video -_-"
ah! you talk too much fasya :)

enjoy :)

ps; i know, bulan puasa pun nak tayang orang nyanyi. ish ish -_-"

soalan saya senang je, tadi kamu sembahyang khusyuk x?
cukup lima waktu?
tadi buat 8 ke 20? :)

muhasabah la diri sendiri.

jangan tengok orang lain, diri sendiri pun tak terjaga :)

plus saje menggatal menengok balik video.
plus this video kinda shows reflects what i am feeling right.[banyak kau plus, minus mana plak? -_-']

i miss... i miss...

i really miss LAST YEAR. enough said.

salam sayang

[whoish, terus kuar nama mat saleh kau -_-"]

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1:35 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Award tag by nuha honey :)

fazra i know you're having trial right now, but i hope you get this award.

sebab sengaja nak buat diri ni rajin dan sibuk.
saya akn multiply keje saya. haha :D

as in, doing all the tags nuha gave [even if she didn't gave all] LOL
and post as well my current life or whatever events that has been happening last :)

last week was the bomb.

i really wish i could re-live it again :)

but for this post, i'm going to give out awards to my superb followers.

ofcourse i wish i could give it back to nuha, cause she is like one of the superb followers that i had, but that means i am making nuha doing this twice -_-"

urgh i talk too much :)

1 . Ambil award ini :

; done! :D it is from nuha, ofcourse i already stated that above -_-"

2 . Nyatakan tentang diri pemberi award ni :

; nuha muneerah is the name ;)
; born on 25th july
; is going to egypt :o [that is SO obvious -_-"]
; she has her mind on doctor and her heart on writing/expressing.
not sure, maybe its the other way around -_-" LOL

3 . Perasaan bila dapat award ni :

; happy and grateful that i have been given an award by her. dier letak nama tu! terpampang lagi nama ku di blog dia. sungguh BANGGA AND TERHARU haha XD

4 . Tag sekurangkurangnya 5 orang :

; Fazra! she is the bomb! ps; i miss you :(
; atok kerepot haha XD i miss you too man :(
; ghazree [ where have you been -_- ]
; bear bear [ ni sorg lagi, ntah mana hilang]
; and like nuha, all of the people who has been kind enough to follow me :)


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 6:25 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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harapan ramadhan

FIRST ASHRA (first ten days [1-10]):

The first ten days of the Blessed Month of Ramadan are the days of Mercy. We should seek Allah's Mercy in these days.

Rab-bigh-fir war-ham wa Anta Khair-ur-Raahimeen. (Surah Al Muminun:118)

Ya Rabb, Allahumma arhamni Ya Arham-mar-Rahimeen.

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu Birahmatika asta-ghee-thu

daddy takkan sah kalau tak tanya bende ni setiap tahun.

daddy: "10 hari pertama bulan ramadhan adalah hari apa? 10 hari yang kedua? 10 hari yang ketiga? "

sampai sekarang, tak mungkin aku lupakan.
wah, kita berpuasa di bulan kemerdekaan. or is it the other way around? merdeka di bulan puasa?

ntah la, yg penting dua2 event sedang berjalan secara sekaligus.

Malam 1 - Keluar dosa-dosa orang mukmin pada malam pertama sepertimana ia baru dilahirkan, mendapat keampunan dari Allah.

Malam 2 - Diampunkan dosa-dosa orang mukmin yang sembahyang terawih serta kedua ibubapanya (sekiranya mereka orang beriman).

Malam 3 - Berseru Malaikat di bawah ‘Arasy supaya kami meneruskan sembahyang terawih terus menerus semoga Allah mengampunkan dosa engkau.

betapa banyaknya ku rugi. sedih hati ini kerana melepas hari pertama dan kedua.
lebih2 lagi solat tarawikh. cukup ku gembira setiap kali melangkah ke masjid untuk bersembahyang.

wah teringat zaman budak2 bersama kakya,kaktati,abgdwan dan jojot :)

semakin lama ku membesar, semakin kurang semangat beraya ku.
ofcourse saya mahu duit raya haha XD

tpi saya semakin matang [kononnya].
dan sedar raya tidak akn meriah jika kesemua ahli keluarga ku tidak berkumpul bersama-sama.

benar, kita tidak patut mengenang orang sudah tiada lagi.
sungguhnya tak mungkin mereka akan bangun dari tidur mereka yang lama.

tapi alangkah indah kalau dapat mengucup, menggenggam tangan yg tua itu.

haih, rinduku pada kuih koci.

sehari sebelum raya, semua berkumpul membuat kuih koci.
kalau salah, kena bebel dengan nenek. haha

haih fasya, dah masuk ke flashback stage?

sudah2 lah tu.


selamat datang wahai bulan ramadhan.
selamat berpuasa.



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Friday, August 21, 2009 9:47 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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100809 An addition to Omar's family

A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
Eda J. Le Shan

ala devika, kene rehat2 la jugak cerita2 panas psl form 6 smkssaas kdg2.

i pun nk cerita psl hidup i :)
haha just kidding. xde kene mengene psl devika pon.

wah, devika, sedar atau x? yang dh byk kali i sebut nama u dlm post i.
dh berapa post dh ni, secara tidak langsung awak menjadi famous ;)

haha :D

pada 09082008 berlangsungnya perkahwinan Noor Munira bersama Said.

pada 09082009, genap satu tahun perkahwinan mereka. dengan kuasa Allah, pada 10082009,
pasangan ini di kurniakan dgn anugerah cahaya mata yang pertama.

sempena ulangtahun perkahwinan mereka, mereka telah disambut dengan tangan2 kecil.

alhamdulillah, Muhammad Yusuff dilahirkan.

bayi yang menghidapi demam kuning harus didedahkan dengan cahaya, bla bla, senget. x jadi nk menerangkan dengan gah -_-"

ok ok, ayat kat atas dh cukup berkobar2 sudah. xkn nk meleret smpi habeh post? ish3.

sorry, saya x se-kreative nuha atau pun fazra :P

tahu x terharu?
anyway, congratulation kakya oh sayangku :)
i was very happy when i heard the news that i force my parents to take me to sungai buloh at once. well ofcourse we didn't went on the spot like i wanted to -_-"

but 3 days after the birth, we went to visit kakya, abg said and their new born child :)

kakya: " ya tunggulah mak andak semua, bila la nk datang lawat ya. alhamdulillah, gembira ya mak andak datang jugak. "

tau x saya nk menangis mendengar ayat ni keluar dari sepupu ku ni?
she was waiting for us to come all along. huh.. ok fasya, jangan nk nangis lak -_-"

mata bayi itu di tutup, disebabkan cahaya yang didedahkan nanti akn merosakkan pandangan matanya.
ish ish, mmg x lyk jadi doktor, nk terangkan bende yg x tau pun susah haha :P

eh, i pun nk masuk jugak gmbr :P

thx angah.

mama, itu anak kakya la.
mana leh bwk lari -_-"

kakya is like one of our family and mama always said, "mama ada 3 anak perempuan. bukan satu."

ye la mama

so lepas ni, xleh ckp i sorang je anak perempuan haha XD

ps; just because i am the only girl in this family, doesnt mean i'm spoiled. PFFT you ppl, haiyah -_-"

unfortunately, the babies room, was small, and limited ppl only get to go in.
so the father, wasn't in the pics that i took.
so i had to STEAL from his phone.

so yeah, thats the father of the beautiful handsome baby :)

wahai yusuff,

ahjumah [its aunty in korean. god i sound so old -_-"] is not really good with words.
sometimes when ahjumah try to say something good, it kinda get mix up and it turn out all bad. eh asal aku ckp dlm bi. oh mengajar dier -_-"
*haih, ko yang tny, ko jugalah yg menjawab -_-" *

yusuff anak ku sayang, makcik ni umur baru nak masuk 18 tahun.
x layak lagi dipanggil makcik -_-"

tpi klu dari segi mulut and percakapan, haish. X PAYAH DI HURAIKAN LANGSUNG. lol

sebenarnya, apa yang makcik nk ckp kt sini, walaupun kau baru sahaja 11 hari umur dan mungkin berkurun lama baru kau akn tahu makcik membuat post khas untuk kamu,

tapi, makcik tetap nak menyampaikan ucapan.

makcik berharap, sebagai ANAK LELAKI SULUNG, ye makcik menegaskan di situ, ENGKAU adalah anak lelaki sulung.

sesungguhnya anak lelaki sungguh banyak tanggungjawabnya, lebih2 lagi bila engkau sulung. jadi janganlah kau dukakan hati ibu bapa mu.

benar, ku bukanlah contoh yang sebaiknya, tetapi lihatlah ibu mu, lihatlah bapamu. dan lihatlah nenek mu.

ye, NENEK mu terlalu banyak jasa kepada keluarga OMAR. sesungguhnya pengorbanan nya tidak dpt dibandingkan dengan harta2 di dunia ni.

jadilah manusia yang berguna. itu sahaja. ku doakan setiap langkah dan setiap detik kau bertumbuh lebih besar, ianya di iringi dengan kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan dan bebas dari bala bencana. [WHOA]

haih, inilah makcik kau. bila dh bagi chan nk ckp, mmg ckp smpi lupa dunia -_-"

ok, sekali lagi, tahniah alang ucapkan kepada kakya dan abg said, juga kepada mama[maklong] yg sudah menjadi nenek secara officially, dan juga kepada kaktati, abg cepoi, abg dwan dan jojot, TAHNIAH. kamu dianugerahkan dengan anak saudara lelaki.

ye alang tau, alang pun dikirakan ada anak saudara gak. tetapi tak official :P

ok ok, kpd YUSUFF, selamat menjalani hidup mu. ku sentiasa mendoakan dirimu.

salam sayang dari


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