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Gossip Girl

"abg tgk movie full hd layan. tgk cite iron man. kat youtube ada. best. screen besar. best. HAHA"

agreed *nod :)

thankyou to nuha and hellen :)
i'm touched that you guys care about me. wee~ haha :D

but i just realised that it was a false alarm -_-"
so much for staying up all night and cried my eyes out 0_0
so wasted -_-"

but Alhamdulillah, everything work themselves out this time :)

so it is CONFIRMED.
on 27/12,

i'll be on my way to MELAKA :)

masscom is my destination :)

i pretty much waste up my one year but i can't quite say i wasted it because i learn alot of stuff through the year.
i dont mind.
its ok i started like one sem late than other people.

my situation is quite the same as tini.
cause she'll be going to egypt next year.

its quite annoying when people kept telling me "Oh second intake ek?"
i don't know why, but it bugs me real bad :/

sabar je la fasya -_-'
it IS your choice :)

btw, i have been sleeping over at farhah's house so thats why i haven't been onlining and updating my blog :)

but more
details on that later.

oh oh while i was at farhah's place,
she opened up Gossip Girl at her laptop.

Gossip Girl First Season

up until last tuesday, i kept wondering what SOOOO special about gossip girl.
and after the first episode.


like seriously. i don't like it one bit.
no matter how the drama was like really showing the real world.
and i mean, seriously, I'VE SEEN THOSE BITCHES.
oh wait no, I'VE 'FRIENDS' with those kind of bitches before.

oh yeah, i already told farhah this but i still want to say this,
i have found * new nickname.

from now on, i'm gonna call * blair.
because *'s attitude is soooo the same like BLAIR.
and fyi, its a bad thing. haha
ef you :)

ok ok, dah dah -_-"
oh my headache is gone.

i couldn't sleep because i was having a major headache just now.
so i onlined and watched like tons of videos :)
haha, you see how music really affect my life.

and God, can Taeyang's Wedding Dress song be any sad-er?
pfft, you know what? IT CAN :|

if you guys haven't heard the song, i am ordering you guys to listen to it.
seriously, its awesome!
the moves, the songs, the lyrics.
perfect. just perfect :'(

taeyang post

ok my butt hurts.

farhah, tomorrow i'm gonna kacau you again.
so, don't unlock your front doors, cause i nk pecah masuk. ahah XD

please remember december


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Thursday, November 19, 2009 4:27 AM
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