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Penyakit Sakit Mata

aw man.
daddy said we probably won't go to selayang :(
and we probably won't go to kajang as well -_-'

here's the thing, you guys have heard or have gotten 'penyakit sakit mata' ?

well i haven't had it before. like seriously, I HAVEN'T :|
omma said not to say that, cause its like as if i'm wishing it to happen to me -_-'

but watching my brother izzat having it, its tough :|

i mean, he can't even open his eyes -_-'

if he was a ninja, eye sight problems won't do him much harm :D
haha ! [ disebabkan terlalu taksub melihat ninja assassin tadi X) ]

but seriously, its contagious.

if i was in a ninja world right now, i'd be.. um ok i'm over board -_-'

oh yeah, how funny! it all started out from my cousin who GOT IT FROM HIS FRIENDS.
and then it moves on to his siblings; tirah, aliah and then bebeh and maklang.
izzat stayed at kajang for a couple of nights.
and POOF ! [ok fairly oddparents -_-']

we got news that he got the disease -_-"

so we picked him up from kajang yesterday.
and today we just found out that ATOK and NENEK at kajang are also having the same disease -_-"

DUDE! its contagious!

and right now, daddy is scare if one of us at home going to get it to from izzat -_-'

dude!! i want to meet up with my cousins. aww :(
and i promise jojot i will meet her.
waaa i think i'm going to cry -_-'

err, i don't know why but my eyes are hurt right now.
its soooo itchy X( ergh!
wait wait? is that a sign? OH MY OH MY -_-"

haih, tak balik kampung la ni -_-"

saya nk pergi bowling dgn cousin2 laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa X(

kak caid! jojot! nuruuuullll!
help me!

ps; a-a-aching, my heart :(

selamat hari raya aidiladha

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Friday, November 27, 2009 1:38 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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