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When Boredom Strikes On Raya

sigh. i shouldn't be here.
i should be surrounded by my cousins, laughing about, gossiping around, cooking.
but here i am.
waiting for the youtube load this DAMN video,
and eating sushi+big apple on my bed.

dad's gonna kill me for this -_-'

along and angah bought like 2 big plastics of sushis for dinner.
yup, this is my dinner. enjoyed and still eating it :P

the big apple was from last night.
still good to eat.
at least to me :9

oh don't worry, i'd finished it already before writing this post.
so my hands are cleaned.
i'll caught dead if omma finds any food on her lappieto 0_0

oh, farhah just commented me. JAP


OK done.

oh wait someone commented.
oh GOD, not her :|

"where shouldn't you be babe?"

urghh annoying.
DELETE comment? DELETE *nod.

its not my fault that i'm ignoring her.
i don't hate her, i don't! really 0_0
i just dislike her attitude.
i don't want another party pooper in my life.

my life is fine this way.
i don't need another person giving me a rough time and throw me off the course.

urrghh youtube! load load load!
oh, sushi finish? i need to top it up.
there's more in the refrigerator :D

ps; YA ALLAH, biarlah izzat sihat esok -_-"
i want to go to my hometown, like seriously.

oh i heard that maklang won't be there tomorrow, like what the?
then when is the bowling?

i'm losing my patience.
no not really, i'm feeling so numb right now :|

zaki gedik

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Friday, November 27, 2009 10:55 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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