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What Happens in Sleepover, Stays in Sleepover 2#

TUESDAY 17/11;

woke up. felt hungry. realised farhah already woke up.

"i dah masak dah kat bawah. spaghetti cabonara"

aww :) betul2 isteri aku yang berjaya haha XD
no wonder kita bila main masak2 dulu u jadi isteri, i jadi suami -_-"

eh jap, kita pernah ke main masak2 sama2 dulu? :O hahaha!

since i slept over her house, i expect her to treat me with her food :P
and as you can see up there, thats spaghetti cabonara.

fyi, i've been eating spaghetti cabonara for straight 4 days including this one[referring to tuesday]

flashbacks; omma masak spaghetti cabonara 3 days before that, so thats why i've been eating cabonara. i ate it all until its finish XD
if its not finish, i saved it for tomorrow. thats why for 4 days, spaghetti cabonara was my meal XD

and i enjoyed it very much! :D

i love spaghettis, what can i say? :D

guess what they are doing?
meet aliah, her youngest sister.
and muhammad her younger brother.

syafiq is soooo not gonna be in my blog.
HELL NO. bahaha :D
[ syafiq is her eldest brother. KAMBING is what we call him :P ]
laugh farhah. just laugh :D

this is gemok.
we don't really keep him.
but he lives next door.
so farhah kinda likes to take care of it.
she can't stop patting gemok once he's in the house -_-"

he isn't allowed to goes upstair, but since i was there that day, we kinda give him exceptional :P

and guess he went TOO cozy with that.

gemok : "hoi, suka hati tgkp gmbr time aku tgh tido? you ruin my beauty sleep 0_0"

well at least thats what i think he's saying :P

at 4 something, we went out to Ole-Ole cause farhah hasn't walked around 18 for quite some time.

so something that is in our A-MUST-List is KARAOKE :D

aliah and her friends.

i sang 5 songs!
and farhah BELANJA! wee :D

kurang asam, aku tgh nyanyi, diorg camwhoring -_-"

its funny. because there weren't any people at the karaoke place.
oh right, it was still school -_-"

fasya oh fasya :D
budak university mana pergi ole-ole. sume dh high class.
sume bajet nk pergi sunway, midval [thats what they call it these days, pfft], OU and THE CURVE.

Ole-Ole ada apa kan?

sorry ar, kitorg takde lesen and takde kereta. LOL

takpe farhah, next week, asian avenue. and ain't nobody gonna stop us :D

after karaoke, we went home and bought burgers for dinner.

we had to wait like one hour -_-"
but it was worth it :D

aliah doesn't like vegetables, but farhah wants loads of vegetables.
and muhammad loves daging instead of ayam.

jap, thats your dad's name kan farhah? betul kan betul kan? ahha
takut salah -_-"

they call aliah datin, so thats why on her burger, the burger man [ burgerman? haha] writes datin. LOL
and i asked the guy to put gemok for farhah burger.
so thats why you see theres FG there. stands for FARHAH GEMUK bahaha XD

mine was AF.
abg tu randomly wrote that.
i don't understand why though :)
i mean, i don't watch Akademi Fantasia.

oh right, his name starts from A right? haha :D

A* Fasya.

haha :D
oh lookie kat background page i ni pun ada AF haha :D
how meant to be :)

aliah posing with her burger.
its really tasty.

but its been awhile since i ate that kind of burger.
i guess my tummy is faithful to burger king haha XD

read at your own risk :)

i asked farhah to straighten my hair, cause its been awhile since my hair was COMPLETELY STRAIGHT.

i still don't understand why farhah has to do that kind of face -_-'

but it was done! lookie! my hair is straighty! :D

and then as a sleepover always have, MAKE OVER!

farhah did my eyes lovely, if i must say so? :D

i like what she did with my hair, and i totally like her magic hands on my eyes ;)

and did i mention i LOVE her?
yeah, i do :)

yes farhah, SILA TERHARU :D

cute is understatement ;)

farhah is soo gonna hate me once she sees this :D

my twin! :D

farhah eyes are too big that we can't even see her eye shadows -_-"

i was watching gossip girl at the same time.
i know, boys and girls their age shouldn't be watching Gossip Girl la -_-"
teruk betul family Muhd Kamil ni :P

cute :P not? haha XD

kesian aliah tak nampak :D

i'm dark chocolate, she's white, but we're both sweet ;)
get it?

and we ended the night by watching 5 episode of Gossip Girl back to back.
which was kinda made me fall into a love/hate relationship with that drama -_-"

heh, drama
it gets uglier more and more -_-"


okidoki, i had to skipped tons of pictures.
because it was too many -_-"
but still, you get to see what we were up to.


what happens in sleepover, stays in sleepover 1#

i miss zaki

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