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Third Day of Raya

everything is pushing me.
since this would be the last time i'm using this laptop, i have to move all pictures and datas into some cold hard cds. [heh exaggerating]

sorry for still postponing the openhouse post.
i know, some of my friends already ask the pics and all.

but i'll get back to you on that.
who knows, maybe tonight would be your lucky night? lol


i've told you. kajang has so many spot to take pics that it looks like some kind of video clip or something -_-"

this is makcu lin :)
daddy said, my face takes upon her.

and and flashbacks;
when i became a flowergirl [don't laugh -_-", b'cause its true] during Makcu's wedding,
one of her friends said i look alot like her.

i guess we are alike :)

except i don't wear glasses and white LOL

angah's effort trying to make ilham laugh is A FAILURE. LOL XD

oh this is aiman :)
he's form 4 this year.
but much more taller than me, heh so obvious -_-"

and and he's not like this last 2 years ago.
he used to be sooo chubby :D

but now, he's skinny -_-"
and handsome :D

ps; see how chubby i've become after puasa and raya -_-"

kaklong, lihatlah betapa sepahnya bilik ini. haha XD

oh oh, i forgot to mention.

this is kaklong's new house :)
so she was having a small eating for us family :D
oh man, thinking about it again makes me hungry -_-"

kaklong, ini bermaksud, makanan yang kaklong and maklong masak SEDAP! :9

iman main cak cak dgn pintu -_-"

ops, kaklong jangan marah :D
tgh hyper haha

LOL thats pakcu.
and ofcourse you know my brother angah.
they are just covering.

you don't want to know the real truth what really happen when they're TOTALLY full -_-"

well, its not my fault i had to edit and paint this pic -_-"

kaklong and makcu wasn't wearing scarf that time, so kaklong suggested that i do something to cover the hair up.

and you guys know that i'm not that artistic. especially in painting -_-"

um, kaklong, makcu.. jgn marah eh? XD

oh and thats hariz :)
but he's not looking at the camera -_-"
he spent his first 3 years of life at England, so he speaks ENGLISH :P

my new masterpiece! :D
angah, jgn marah tau -_-'

gmbr ni lawa kot :)
heh, one of these days i'm gonna get too addicted in taking pictures i think i won't have time to talk anymore.
but that wouldn't be fasya right?

fasya+not talking = MATH ERROR


well i had to get back early on that day, cause ana had an openhouse, and she invited me to come. ofcourse I DID :D

i went to irham's raya-ing first.
and ate this weird Bangladesh food -_-"

but it taste good when you add the topping, what was it called again? LOL
anyway, thx irham for accompanying me :)
if not i would totally feel awkward and isolated -_-"

on our way to ana's, we [me and irham] bumped into meno! aka fasnor. lol
i miss his sarcastic blurness LOL :D

and at ana's openhouse, met iqhwan,kae and some other people i forgot their names. LOL

and and God ana's mum's mee TASTE AWESOMELY GOOD :9

i hate irham for tempting me to try taste all the food that was there -_-"
just kidding irham, I LOVE YAS!

and then at 9 ish, zaki came as well :D
god!! i miss him! like more than i've missed anyone before. haha XD

and then syikin came...

and we played ddr :D

so as you can see i had loads of fun on that day.
eventhough it was tiring. but it was worth it.

spending time with your family and friends are the most important and precious time.
don't you think so?

even if you don't really have a biological family, the whole world is your family.
we, humans, are just the same.

just different in how we see things and what we gain by our own action.
and thats just.. LIFE :)

ps; this post is last tuesday's.
i didn't had time to post it right away.
was too busy burning all the datas and pics into cd.
in the end i have to bluetooth all of it, to this NEW LAPTOP.

damn i can't wait to use it XD

ish fasya, its your mum's la -_-"

well actually i do care :/

-i'm hungry, and this room is TOO dark -_-"
i need light! help me!

-my cds isnt working, what did i do wrong?
did i burned it wrongly?
why omma's cd can be read easily -_-'

oh oh, done! already move all the pics into the new lappieto.

took like FOREVA.
but whateva -_-"

hey it rhymes! :D

akan ku tunggu

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 12:10 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

My Template works best
on Mozilla Firefox and
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Second Day Of Raya


heh, a raya without raya-ing with mama [aka maklong] and her rendang wouldn't be a raya :)

so what, atuk omar doesn't allow them to raya with us at selayang, they're still our family, MY FAMILY.
no matter what he said, we're still a family :)

daddy's third grandchild.

daddy tak dapat cucu dari kitorg lagi , timang orang lain punya dulu xpe kan? haha

yup, this is what we did when we were there XD

god, i had loads of fun with them :D
for years i've been searching for ps2 microphone.
and suddenly abg cepoi bought ps3 and with it as well came along with these microphones.

and he gave it to me! OMG :D
i love abg cepoi! thankyou thankyou

and even kitty was in the video! haha :D
i guess singing isn't for humans only, cats want to sing too haha XD

ps; if its too loud for you, then please, GET OUT OF THE OVEN :)

angah ni problem ar -_-"
tibe2 je bukak seluar time starting video -_-"

SingStar is a video game where you have to sing with the right pitching,tone and bla bla bla.

it teaches us how to sing RIGHT LOL

i'm sorry that i didn't record when angah and abg duan was singing+dancing weirdly and funnily haha XD

kakya :)

kaktati :)

hah kau! gelek, jgn tak gelek!
jerit jgn tak jerit! haha :D

yusuff :)

kebetulan, omma,daddy and me same theme colour on that day XD
seriously, can't you see how M&S junior is cute? :D

btw M&S stands for MUNIRAH AND SAID.
LOL -_-'

we as a family with yusuff :)

hehe yusuff pakai baju raya yang omma and i beli :P

haha nk cakap jugak tu -_-"

they always wear the same colour of clothes -_-"
is it a coincidence? haha :D

after few hours at rumah mama, we went raya-ing to neklong's and nekwa's

since daddy was driving camry while along drives the perdana, so we FORCED jojot and kaktati to tagged along.
and they did :D

haha, thats why as you can see there are alot of jojot's pic :)

i love her sooo much, she cracks me up all the time :)

honey, good luck for your finals k? :)
few more months and you're out of that matrix.
whoa, time flies too fast. TOO FAST.

ps; - it has been two days i haven't gone to school.
wondering if they miss me. LOL
i miss them. I AM.
sorry guys.

-omma is taking away this laptop!
waaa! i'm gonna miss this laptop.
so many memories and so many datas i've saved

omma beli la alang laptop baru

pretty please with cherry on top???

huh, it'll be months before omma decided to give me a new lapito -_-"

-dokapon kingdom rocks! :D

-haih, dua round je kau dah kecut? apa ni, need to step up your jogging honey ;)

gonna miss this laptop

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 3:32 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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