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I Shouldn't Feel This Way

it's the time of the month.
but i'm still surprise.
SHOCKED to be precise.

its not me to give in to this kind of state.
i always kick the fact that i'm 'ON' and just go with the flow like i'm NOT 'ON'.

its not hard for me to admit it, but its quite embarrassing for me to say it.
does it make any sense ? i don't really care :|

at time like this, i miss rhyming out with jojot :)

i'm ignoring alot of people.
well ignoring is kind of a strong word.
let just say i'm not TOO friendly with them like i used to.
i can't lie to farhah.
she actually got me all figure it out.
but still i lied anyway just now.
heh, she'll kill me if she reads this.

i know its wrong.
i mean i shouldn't treat friends that way.

maybe the survey was right.
maybe i do like to be alone most of the time.
wait thats just wrong.
i hate being alone.
but i'm always alone.
so its not my fault that i'm used to being alone.

wait i'm arguing with myself here -_-"

1. him
the reason why i'm ignoring him, i just get annoyed when he text or ym me.
i hate the fact that he's being friends with me because of my friends.
and i still think he's not over her.
he's annoying. i don't like him at all.
and the feeling will not die that easily.
give me one year.
or at least 6 month.
maybe i'll try to be nice. MAYBE. heh
so for now, don't talk to me. like seriously.
even if its not the time of the month, don't talk to me.

2. her
she used to be my best friend.
well at least thats what i thought.
and i think i don't want to destroy the memories of 'thinking' she was my bestfriend.
after what happen, i think i'm really gonna need more than just memories to heal my insecurities.
i guess people just change as time goes by.
i didn't know she would change towards THAT way.
i know its bad to ignore or throw away a friend.
but she wasn't a friend to begin with, was she?
one thing i dislike about her is that she always brings my mood down.
dude, i'm already emoish. and when i'm happy, don't even try to make me be all emoish.
its not everyday i became all googly woogly happy.
so save your negativity to yourself -_-'

i just don't get it.
i just... ergh! i don't understand why everyone always have to give me all this negativity ?

i mean dude!

time aku ambik stpm, korang ckp susah giler nk mam*
so skrg aku ambik masscom, korang kata masscom susah jugak?

eh tak boleh ke bagi support?
rasanya memang typical malaysina kan?
oh boleh jugak aku buat post typical malaysian lepas ni.

oh right, all of sudden, my malay came out.
this pretty much show how 'stress' i am.

if i have to be friend with these type of people, i rather have no friend at all.
i have better replies from a cow than a person.
well ok maybe cats.
or hamster.
shah alam rarely has cows, except when it is raya haji. heh

you know what ?
i really want to see a person that replies with honesty instead of trying to bring me down.

"oh seriously? good luck ok. as long as you do your best it'll be ok."

hah! kan elok tu?
i mean, isn't that music to your ears?

"oh seriously? i heard its tough. well good luck. hope you'll survive and success in it. "

whoa, tough? survive? thats not a joke to me at all boy!
stop making effing stressing joke that does not build my faith up.

argh. i shouldn't feel this way.
i hate the time of the month.

and you know what i hate the most?
i didn't get to spend much time with him.

there's something in the water

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