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What Happens in Sleepover, Stays in Sleepover 1#

farhah is in the building! :O

haha no not really, i'm just excited that she's back from melaka, thats all :)
actually she got back from melaka last saturday.
this post was supposed to be done like last wednesday, but i was too tired -_-"

yes FARHAH, i was exhausted hanging around with you for straight 3 whole days :O

its a good thing we live like 1 meter from each other :D
i mean, it doesn't even take one minute to walk from my house to yours :D
how cool is that!

i counted actually.
it took me like 60 steps or more just to get to your house.
but i have a habit of walking fast.
so, yeah :)

lets talk about the sleepover! haha how long has it been since i slept at your house ek farhah? :D
actually how long has it been since WE SLEPT TOGETHER?
bahahhaah! yes boys, i've slept with her. tons of times.
too bad she has tiny boobs -_-"

OH MY PRADA, i talked too much >:)
habis saya di geletek oleh farhah nanti XD
ps; i wish aini lived at shah alam too -_-"
i wish she could sleep over too :(

i'll explain what happen:

i went to her house and we spend the night watching 2 movies on her laptop.

Aliens In The Attic Pictures, Images and Photos

i agreed to watch this because there's ashley tisdale in it.
and you know i love ashley tisdale :)

and seriously, this guy is cute X)

Ashley with Carter Jenkins and Austin Butler

ish ish, apa ni korang.
i setia ok.
i still setia dgn korean artists.
tsk tsk tsk :P
*drooling at the picture*

oh oh and robert hoffman also plays in this movie! :D

Robert Hoffman

farhah says, he's not handsome at all.
i beg to differ :D

i fell in LUFF with him because of STEP UP 2.
cmon, who doesn't falls in love with a hot muscle-y sexy guy X)
and bonus for which he has that innocent cute face.

aww :)
*merapu-ing -_-"

and the second movie was
um.. um *trying to remember*
oh yeah! [ geez, it took like 50 seconds just to recall back ! ]

i always wanted to watch it!
and because of farhah, one of my dreams came true :D

Dance Flick (2009)
its sooooo funny that its indescribable! haha :D

i love it so much! thankyou farhah :)
that reminds me, i need to sms zaki about it -_-"
i wonder if he has watched it :D

if he hasn't, i'm gonna buy him the cd and force him to watch it! :D
*off the topic again!*

obviously, i've talked too much in this post.
and i'm pretty tired right now.
can it be like a post continuation?

ps; why do you follow me if you don't read my blog?
your such a mess in my follower :|

check out 2#

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Monday, November 23, 2009 12:02 AM
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