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Hoedown Throwdown; lets dance!

i did promised didn't i :)

well i was kinda embrassed to do it all alone. so i asked my bffl to dance with me.
she's a better dancer than i am, i swear -__-"

i'm kinda thinking of making a FULL video.
so, anybody who is free and in the mood of making a video dance?

i already have the idea for the video and the choreography, so anybody?

the video will be like plenty of people of dancing to this song and funny acts will be include.
it will be so much fun!

seriously, i'm in the mood for director, singing, dancing, strumming and editing right now!

my mind feels like its gonna blow up because of too many ideas explosion in so many way -__-"

oh yeah, anything different about my blog? wee :D


-sushi kings always makes me smile :D

while in the car.
daddy: " asal masam ni? "

dlm hati marah sebab semua nk mkn kenny rogers :(

after finishing salmon steak at sushi king.
daddy: " nape alang senyum2 ni? oh baru skrg nk senyum"
semua gelak :D

-you are SOOOO BAD IN BEING A GOOD FRIEND, my 'friend'

- haha lawak ' bestfriend' LIVES till this very day. haha
just like old time, or shud i say last year -_-"

- so i love miley cyrus's songs, you have a problem? :)

- trust me, the bad guy will never be ME :)

- you'll regret. thats all i've got to say you.

- i hate you, eventhough you are my brother. i swear to god, i DO.

ps; " SHUT UP, you talk too much. "

FARAH SYAFIQAH is bringing sexyback babeh ;)


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Sunday, June 28, 2009 11:34 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Cinta Gila - Juliana Banos cover

i realised that i don't usually sing malay songs.
i was strumming the michelle branch - everywhere song.

suddenly . .

i had an inspiration to find the chord for juliana banos song since the chord almost sound the same as the song * not really -__-", only the strummings that are the same *. but i

couldn't find the chords, so i strummed it on my own. never tot i was that brilliant :P

enjoy :)

Ku ke kiri kau ke kanan
Ku di belakang kau dihadapan
Bila ku marah engkau ketawa
Dengan selamba engkau berkata
Kita berdua jauh berbeza
Langit dan bumi tapi serasi
Ku cintaimu kau cintaiku
Itu saja yang perlu kau ku tahu

Kuharap bicara cinta
Kau cerita tentang bola
Ku ingin bersiar-siar
Dikau baca surat khabar
Bila ku terus keluar
Kau tertidur tidak sedar
Ku pulang rumah jam tiga
Kau pula cemburu buta

Ku ke kiri kau ke kanan
Ku di belakang kau di hadapan
Bila ku marah engkau ketawa
Dengan selamba engkau berkata
Kita berdua jauh berbeza
Langit dan bumi tapi serasi
Kucintamu kau cintaiku
Itu saja yang perlu kau ku tahu

Sepelik-pelik manusia
Oh! Dikau mengatasinya
Dan mungkin ku juga gila
Kerana masih bersama
Tapi mungkin kerna itu
Ku tertarik kepadamu
Biarlah orang mengata
Cinta kita cinta gila


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10:47 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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Hari Koperasi; smk ssaas style ;)

this is for you zaki. that is if you're still reading my blog. budak MATRIK kan sibuk?
yes i'm referring to you JOJOT

oh oh! my baby jojo has grown up :')
she has met up with zaki! ;3

told cha he was tall -__-" well not that tall :P

hope to see pics of you together, you bet i wanna see it X<

jealous? i'll only get mad if you curang dgn i je la jojot :P
* pandai nye kau cover -_-" *

haha just kidding!

23 june 2009
Hari Koperasi dan Keusahawanan

myclass sells floats ( normal and special ) and watermelon.

the special floats * i know you guys must wonder :P * has ice-cream with whippedcream and sprinkles on it. emm :9
we sold out TWICE.

we bought 20 bottles at first, and then i asked my brothers to buy 5 more.
haha XD

we sold out at 10.30 ish sumfing. ofcourse we had to buy more! the sales suppose to end at 12

this shows that we did well on that day :)

unfortunately we were too busy, that we didn't took the pic of the floats.

moving on.. :P

preparing the stall

yes ex smks 9, thats william, karthiy and natasha
they're in my class.

loo is also taking stpm but he's gonna leave for pilot next year :'(
its fun seeing friends again :)

new friends! kids, don't try this at home -_-"
from left; neereindar, sarab, JAYA, ruban ( back ) and farhaan

farhaan has left for uitm :(
ps; NO TINI, he's not my HUBBY, WTH -_-"

pn nourul sarah, our class teacher :D

" beli float ni! nnti insya'Allah kamu dpt A dlm physics "

syuiada and tini

i know! her name is the same with my TINI! haha XD

except her name doesn't have izreen :P

yes thats the kartiniizreen i'm talking about.
ada yang lain ke dlm dunia ni?


they said we look the same -__-"
do we? 0_0

ps; tini, kita dua org je melayu dlm kelas skrg! XD

bahaha! this guy rocks my world :)

he's name is ashley, aka bapak ayam. BAHAHA
just kidding ash!

oh wait, its that how to spell your name? -_-"

i always laugh at this pic :D

moley, i pun boleh goreng kentang la -_-"

:P haha

budak yang mata tutup biler senyum

haha, not really, her eye are just so sepet when she smiles -_-"

razanah gui aka nana :)
i love her so much

drift drift! it was awesome man!

yes, at hari kantin, drifting show was there as well.

it cost like 5 ringgit for the ride, and the ride is only about few minutes -_-"

but i didn't care, i WENT FOR IT ANYWAY :D

you might not feel the adrenaline that i had during that ride,
but nisa suruh i ltk jugak video ni :P

haha! nisaaaaa! i miss you :(
* wanna noe whos nisa? scroll down babeh :) *

tada! thats loo! :D

jaya aka kaki buli -__-"
i swear to god, one day dia x buli aku, mmg x sah :P

i'm still amazed lo :)

tada! this is nisa :D

cute kan? :P

i love her so much :)
she always made my day

but now she left for stinking uitm :<

ok xde niat pun nk kutuk uitm -_-"


face painting!

this girl all of a sudden became close to me ( the one who is painting )

she had this badge with big bang's T.O.P pic
but i didn't quite sure of it, so i asked her.

she said " what? you know T.O.P ?

who doesn't :D haha

she gave me a free face painting after the long talk we had about kpop :)

sweet girl :)

thats the boys of my class :D
haha jaya! i cover muka u! tak sangka u pendek rupanya haha XD

don't ask, budak2 laki kelas i mmg semua senget2 kepala diorg. haha

tini 1 and tini 2 haha

dua2 sama je gediknya -_-"

haha just kidding! oh i am so dead when tinis reads this -_-"
haha tinis XD

haha :)

empunya kereta myvi biru :P haha

you know ily aite? :D

she said one day not hearing me talking is the most weirdest day X)

budak baru balik dri uk :P

they rock my world, and they always will :)

adam, ash and fasya :)

ps; i know! muka ash klakar kan? :D
argh! i miss you man, hope you get well soon from that fever :P

haha both of us kene buli and being accused of having h1n1 sebab i dgn dia x sihat -_-"

natasha jahat :P

conclusion: i had a wonderful time that day :)

these are the pictures i took from jaya,
he kinda edited it.

which was kinda cool, but i pretty much prefer original pics than edits.

but he's good with it.

ps; JAYA! i still want the original pics! -_-"

he made the poster for the class.

jadi promoter sekejap :P

oh sebelah teacher, thats chris! he's our class monitor :)

jaya loves him , bahaha XD

tini, and thats devika, she's a new friend as well :)

and thats CHRIS, haha flu guy -_-"

natasha!! :D
did i mention that she is our assistant class monitor ?

she's awesomely hardworking :)

haha, i don't know why i grab this pic, but i kinda love looking at this pic.

jaya is a great photographer.


oh thats me! showing my butt! haha

promote tropicana life sweater! haha

what the hay? i didn't even notice him taking this pic, i don't even remember when i did that FACE! -_-"

why most of my guy friends always take pic of me when i look ugly -_-"

yes, i'm talking about you too BEAR BEAR -_-"

haha XD

neereindar looks gay-ish affectionate to chris -_-"

there's me again! :D

my boys :)

bahaha, i can hear jaya swearing and cursing when reading this from a far -_-"

he's leaving! :( lol

formal :)

free style! :D

i love my class :) eventhough sikit je org -_-"

haha, if i have to be stuck for 1 and a half year doing freaking stpm, i'm glad i'm stuck with you guys :)

jaya! thankyou! you're a great photographer and editor :)

he asked me to act like crazy, i tried, but in the end i laugh -_-"

but i think i do like crazy in this pic 0,0

haha thats me :)
crazy fasya :D

so i guess thats about it for the hari kantin.

i kinda need to step it up because i haven't been updating for a long time.

ps; " Life is a ride in a bus. You make friends and they stay in the bus for awhile. Once they reached their destination, its time to say goodbye. and then new passengers come aboard and you make more new friends. "

MUTE fasya XD

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Friday, June 26, 2009 1:19 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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i'm not having h1n1 la and i'm not crying, NOT YET. aiyoo

an old saying " jangan gelak banyak sangat, nanti nangis. "

i once asked the first person who told me that * kakya, i miss you :( *

" nangis? nangis in a bad way or good way? kan kdg2 kita gelak smpi ternangis? its that what the old ppl mean? "

she said it was in a bad way.

till this very day, i believe in that saying *i always say this saying at every end of my laugh moments* yet i am trying to prove that the saying is wrong.

weird? i know. but thats me.

everyday, every time i laugh. i always say to myself, don't laugh too much, cause you're gonna cry in the end.

and eventually i did.
but i did try to fight it.
i guess emotions are really dangerous.

thats why " don't take it personally. " saying comes along.

why am i babble-ing this at my blog?

because i had too much laughs today. not that i haven't in these past few weeks.
if you know me well, i laugh everyday. even when there is nothing to laugh about, i laugh because there isn't.

so apparently i'm waiting for the moment that i'll eventually breakdown to tears now.

but that doesn't mean i WANT to cry.

i DON'T want to.

i've cried too much. and i think, ... em.. i think...

i just think i'm tired of crying.

i mean, i really want to prove that the saying is wrong.

i want to be able to laugh everyday, alot, no matter how much or TOO much regardless of what
ppl might say of me, * yes i might look crazy but as long as i'm having fun, I DON'T care of what you think. *

and not cry at the end of that day.

yes, there will always be rainy days. but... i don't want my life to be.. no, my life OF HAPPINESS to be limited because of some silly old saying.

we would cry soon, i WOULD.

i would cry now. but that doesn't mean i can't laugh all i want.

there are reasonable times to be serious and there times to enjoy and.. to feel ALIVE.. right?
i want to LIVE my life. not... go with life...


em.. what's really funny right now, my eyes are like burning now, and in any minutes if one slight mistake, i might cry.

and my nose are already runny and my throat are soring like hell and i can't even sing properly which really stress me out the most.

and NO people, i'm not getting the VIRUS. pfft
seksyen 2 is CLEAN. i think lol -_-"

and no, i'm not crying YET.

huh, i don't know what to say anymore.
not that i don't have any idea, there so many, i'm just thinking everything is not related that this post will not make sense at the end of it -__-"


i need, something to pull me up. to pinch or punch or slap in my face, at least SOMETHING, to wake me up and tell me STOP LIVING IN MY COMFY DREAMLAND!

and no, saying this doesn't help at all.

HONESTLY, i miss the people who would scream and yell at me " HOI! mkn ubat skrg. " " HOI! jgn mkn bende pedas. " HOI! jgn minum air sejuk. "

i swear to God, i hate nosy people but these people LOVE ME SO MUCH. thats why their being bosy and nosy in every single slight thing of me.

and God, do i miss them hell now.

i just want to hear them say those words. thats all. haha

argh! i can't even think straight right now.

-unfair. so unfair. why am i always in the same situation?

- jaya, why you have to edit ALL the pics -_-"

when i meant i want all the pics, i meant IN THE ORIGINALS LA
ofcourse you edited it nicely and all but..
i mean, i love pics in its originality la.
its much more preeeetier that way.
DUDE theres two T la dlm pretty 0_0

- gjie is going, but i'm not crying. weird -_-"
gjie, that means we're so gonna see each other again.


-i have infected christopher with my flu! muahaha
wait thats.. a bad thing right? -_-"

- i love him. and i'll always will. SO?
tak faham2 lagi ke?

ps; " There's no such thing as fairy tale, princess. "


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 12:13 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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pull myself together and play yiruma- river flows in you

just a quick update.

and ofcourse, i miss you too fazra ;)

so technically my life is getting more suckish -er than ever.
but lately there has been massive signs everywhere.

i mean, like today, suddenly meet the robbinsons was on disney tonight.
and i swear to god, that story even though it has TONS of fantasies and illogical stuffs,
it actually builds up ur confidence.

i mean, it has so many good moral values in it.
and who doesn't like a good moral value story, kan kan? :P

one of the quote i took from the scripts;

" You messed it up yourself. You just focus on the bad stuffs, when all you had to do is ..
let go of the past and keep. moving. forward. "

i admit. i haven't been strong enough to let go of the past.
no, actually, i'm not strong at all to let go of the past.
yeah, i know. eventhough you're not gonna read this since you're probably caught up with your life right now, but still ... i'm sorry ..

i'm just tired feeling all blue and down and like i have no reason to live.
i mean, life is already suckish as it is, i think i don't need to make it more worst with all these feelings. lol

sure, i'm stress. yes i am. but that just mean i deserve to be happy. kan kan? :P

so, for once, dgn kepala penuh dgn stress skrg ni, i'm trying to be happy.
i'm sorry farhah, i should have enjoy my time with you just now.

i mean, crap. i still think about my problems when i'm cracking my head off with you XD

ADUUUUUHHH kenapa aku menyimpang ni!

sebenarnyer nk post bende ni!

reminder! its just a preview, not a full song. LOL

liyana is like my piano mate at yamaha music academy.
and we kinda lost contact for 3 years and all of a sudden, like,
one day i was playing this song while waiting for my teacher in my classroom, she heard it and bust into the room screaming " omg! its twilight right??! "

and i turn around, and hell we did alot of scream -__-"

so yeah, i'm kinda like teaching her how to play this song.

omg! i actually promise to tell you guys about gabe bondoc -_-"

hehe, for those who are like addict to youtube and loves to listen to people doing covers songs,
ofcourse mesti korg kenal siapa gabe bondoc.

this guy might not be a phenomenal to the world, but to me

but cnt talk now, too busy -_-"
but hope you guys love the preview.

oh and fazra! already did the throwdown! haha

um agak malu ar -_-"

dun worry, i'll probably post it by end of this week, so keep glue-ing to my blog ;)


- tu la! tangguh2 lagi keje, kan skrg mcm tgh giler -_-"
ape yg ko nk jwb dgn pn devasara hah? -_-"

-argh!! pening pening pening!!
dh pukul 3 pagi! mati aku! -__-"

-zaki, i lied.
i need you, pronto :(
and pn devasara is dissapointed in you -_-"
we all are LOL
jk, we just missed you, thats all.

ps; " It is so hard to find someone that could actually commit to you,
but it is so easy for us to throw our life just to commit TO THEM.
kan? "

Fasya Funny

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Thursday, June 18, 2009 11:57 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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The Climb - Miley Cyrus piano and guitar covers

finally finally! its here people! its here! * singing finally from fergie *
i have succeed on uploading the important videos!

this is it! fazra fazra! cheers for you babeh! and hope this'll help you to sleep tonight -__-" haha

and najwa, i know you love this song kan? :) where are you anyway, dh lama x tgk u update blog -_-"

this is the piano version.

while this one * pointing the below *, is the GUITAR version. * heaven's humming *

* trumpet of victory! *

edited: please vote for which one you think is much better, guitar or piano version.

amboi, ada ada je dgn sound effects dia -_-"
hehe aduh, sah aku mmg rindu giler dgn kakya skrg :(

jojot! this is my dedication to you for still being at matrix -_-"
haha i miss u honey comel :)

and ofcourse, i wouldn't even start this video without you fazra :D
so comment comment! jgn x comment! haha XD


- next post; gabebondocgabebondocgabebondocgabebondoc
stay tune for the next post, you'll find out who is this gabe bondoc, mesti korg dh pening kan? haha

-congrats zaki for getting matrix.
hope you'll do well there.
i wish you all the best.

-got another offer, had to turn it down. pfft -_-"

-don't ask what i want to be, cause all i want to be, is to be ME.
and only me. so WHAT IS ME?
can you answer that for me? pfft

-this is a secret, but i baru je mandi -_-"
haha hah! ade org pikir bukan2 hahah XD
saje je test korg :P

-mama masak spaghetti!!! weee XD

- i had another dream.
it was sweet, but bitter. and again, si DIA dalam tu.
argh!!! why am i always being suck by these big black holes!
can't i for once! have a decent happy ending ? :(

-i wish i have an amnesia -_-"
no no, not that kind that forgots one minute and remember all again.
the PERMANENT one, when you get into and accident kinda thingy?
yeah thats the one -_-"

i know, its weird, but thats how i feel right now.
just want to feel reborn again :D haha
mesti susah kan -_-"
but what the heck? :)

ps; " I'm still alive but i'm barely BREATHING "


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Sunday, June 14, 2009 12:23 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.

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two big surprises for farhah

i need to redeem myself, as in topup-ing my blog.
trust me, i have TONS of things to do, and not to mention my homeworks -_-"
urgh ok ok, apakah reason writing this blog anyway? to release stress kan?
so release release! pfft flashbacks ~

farhah: release it babeh! release your tears and anger! go go girl! grr!
fasya: release? * aku terus x jadi nk nangis -_-" *
farhah: RELEASE! * with anxiety yg cukup hebat and mata bulat terbeliak*
fasya: you know, for a second i tot when you said release especially with your expression of face, you were releasing gas -__-"
*LOL-ing all over the floor*
11 JUNE 2009
ok, honestly farhah,
bear bear and i have been planning this surprised for a quite LONG time.
i didn't lie. i just... didn't tell :)
so anyway, after struts and frets of finding so many ways trying to met up,
i finally get to meet up face to face with another friend whom i just met online.
and bear bear, WELCOME to 18 :)

meet bear bear, or real name ARIFF
oh and bear bear, i just realise nama you ada kt blogspot sebenarnyer.
so actually i dh patut tahu nama you ariff, cuma i ni PELUPA -__-"
tgk lah, budak baru lari dari rumah, smpi bawak beg2 skali :P
pastu tgh check results through handphone.
ish3, dh la x abeh2 cursing masa tgk result uitm dier tsk tsk tsk X)
since farhah couldn't come out of her house because she's busy layan-ing her cousins and all,
we took the decision to GO TO HER instead :)
fyi, at that moment when bearbear arrived at seksyen 18,
farhah doesn't even noe bear bear was at 18.
thats the surprise you see :)
and BOY did we surprised her :)
i called her and asked to check at the back side of her house through her room window,
and boy did she screamed * you, eardrum i still rosak kot -_-" *

yeah thats farhah, dgn singlet pink dier haha
oh ps; BEAR BEAR, i nk video "saranghae" and "tell me" yg i buat gile2 time kt blakang umah farhah tu haha

yeah, i did alil bit romeo and juilet scene that time X)

what? well, i just think it kinda suits the moment that ime X)
bear bear says i'm crazy X)

yeah! haha

but she's crazier than me! haha
budak dlm penjara!

please ppl! tekan gmbr ni utk tgk dgn clear ape yg actually dier tgh buat!
lawak! i swear XD

12 JUNE 2009
so i ask farhah to jog with me in the morning.
yes farhah, it was another surprised i had for you.
and yes, it involved bear bear :D
farhah: is bear bear going to be there as well when we jog?
fasya: dia kan ada debate.
farhah: are you sure about dat? cause there's no way i'm gonna fall for your dirty tricks again! :P fasya: dia ada debate la. dh jgn kacau i! i tgh men game gaia online ni! :P

but i never said he wouldn't come :)
again, I DIDN'T lie, i just... didn't tell :P

but seriously bearbear, TERKEJUT GILER KOT, biler tgk belakang, tibe2 u ada kt atas motor
following kitorg, dh ar time tu tgh ckp psl u -_-"
sah u akn pjg umur haha, badan dh ar tinggi :P

well xde ar tinggi sgt haha
ape? ingat i takut dgn u ke bear bear :P haha

you tu dh ar STALKER haha! ok ok moving on :P

farhah says this look ugly.
GOOD :D haha

x tau nape, i just feel like it.
yes, maybe because i was the one who took it -_-" haha

lihat lah betapa jakunnyer farhah biler jumpa taman -_-"
aduh, why am i stuck with you honey :)
hehe ily

haha farhah merajuk sebab kitorg kenekan dier x abeh2,
seriously bear bear, we could be a team! haha
except you need to be alil bit shorter, boleh? haha

ahh, a good jogging always ends with a mamak milo ais,
awesome i tell you :9

eleh tutup tutup pon, semua tau tu kau farhah :P

too late! i already take! :D
eh wait, bear bear, you dh kawen ek ? :D haha

how many times do i have to tell you, THIS PIC is SOO FUNNY,
always makes me laugh :D

again, BUTT
i told you a million times.
never walk in front of me when i'm holding a camera, i'll definitely take your BUTT pic la.
well even if you're not walking in front of me, i'll still take pic of it anyway.
kan kan? mana ada byk ppl ada gmbr yg i tgkp blakang dier je :)
so be honored my dear :)

x COMEL NYER -__-"
my lollipop!! haha :D
well, it was tiring, but i guess it was worth it.
dude, finally! one video dpt di upload.
skrg ni tgh tunggu 4 lagi video.
argh!! boleh mati klu camni! -_-"

argh!!! stay still you laptop.
and stay still you font!

if i langkah satu dua tiga line, biar kan!
jgn la gedik sgt nk rapat2 kan balik huruf2 tu!
ingat ape, community huruf2 ape -_-"

kenapa mereka memboikoting daku, sedangkan aku ni yg tgh type korg -__-"
and why am i saying like i'm insane!
oh wait, i am. lol :)

agak ar, dh pukul 4 pagi. no wonder.
over dose sugar -__-"

HONESTLY, i'm actually effing sad right now. but does it really show?
naah it doesn't kan?
haih, rindu mempunyai seseorg utk bercerita dn dipeluk :(

- i am determined to publish a post where two videos of me singing the climb song in guitar version and a piano version.
i WANT TO, i need to.

- gabebondocgabebondocgabebondocgabebondoc :)

-i actually felt loved and cute when a guy pat my head -_-"

- saya sayang awak, senantiasa
* WHOA -_-" *
ps; " life can show NO mercy honey "
~just the girl you're looking for

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2:52 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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