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Ninja Assassin

you know i'm so tired right now i feel like i'm going to hit my head onto this laptop -_-"
my butt hurts, both of my feet are aching. my body is soring.
but the worst part is that my mind is like a working machine.
i'm not SLEEPY O_O

sigh. why is the youtube so slow ?
is it just me ?

i'm happy. to get the chance to hangout with my brothers.
too bad izzat is sick. we couldn't bring him along.

i would really like to upload today's picture.
but i'm still waiting for the youtube.
heh, you know what ?

youtube is VERY SLOW.

upload then.

oh oh i didn't planned this :D
thx along angah!

Rain - Ninja Assassin Pictures, Images and Photos

while waiting for the pics to be uploaded [and youtube to load, pfft] i'm gonna post the review.

let me just say, i didn't even know that this story exist until today.
angah was driving to The Curve, and saw the poster.

angah : "hah along, jom tgk ninja assassin. awesome kot. rain berlakon. workout giler2"

well, i'm REALLLLLY not a big fan of Rain.
but boy did this movie changes everything to me 8D

Rain training for Ninja Assassin Pictures, Images and Photos

looking at his body gives me the chill :D
i mean he is really different :D

ok ok reviews ;

the graphic effects were awesome. i mean cmon, from the creators of 'The Matrix' kot?
mesti la hebat kan? but seriously, even the beginning spook me off.
like there were so much blood to take in -_-"

my blood is fine, but other's, NO NO NO O_O
there were body parts flying, can't say that the movie was exaggerating because, that really happen when you slice a person with a katana -_-'

oh yeah, there were alot of Japanese influences.
which kinda made me more into the movie :D

the first half of the movie i keep covering my eyes -_-"
but when it was coming to the last fight, i was already used to it?
but still, it SPOOK ME off up until now.
and there were alot of funny scene.
which kinda makes me laugh up until now :D

and seriously, RAIN really work out for this movie.
we've watched the making of the movie.
it was really TOUGH O_O

oh the story plot was soo exciting that i couldn't even take my eyes off it.
so yeah :D
um long story short, i'm really satisfied i've watched it.
especially with my brothers.

haha, i mean, i'm sure my friends would prefer to watch new moon instead of ninja assassin.
but i don't mind to watch ninja assassin again! haha XD
but i need something to cover my eyes, TOO MUCH BLOOD >,<

Rain Ninja training Pictures, Images and Photos

"oh mika, i like you more and more"
haha :D

ps; next time, each one buy their own personal popcorn -_-"
like i bought my own popcorn, but it ended up finished in angah's hands -___-
tu la, nak share sgt dgn along.
right... SHARE :|

oh well :D

betrayal leads to blood

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