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Something You Need To Know About Me and My Fat

fact ! i am currently weighing 49kg.
yes i'm as shock as you.

just few weeks ago, i told jojot that i weighed 60kg.
and i am not boasting.

let's get down to business.

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so don't start to get on my nerve by saying i EAT ALOT.

i just love to eat.
that's just what i do.

along said that you got only ONE LIFE TIME, so why don't we just enjoy it?
and what he enjoy the most is EAT.

same as me, i enjoy eating too.
i don't diet.
i HATE diet.
i've tried once. it didn't worked.

first try, i ended up having gastric.
second try, i ended up eating more than i usually have.
so i quit.

you have to understand, before i started diet-ing, i was never use to this kind of criticism.

"Ish, fasya, dah ada boyfriend ek? bahagia nya tgk. sihat ! "

i got that when i first started form 2.
and it goes on until i was form 3.
i was getting worried if i did gain ALOT of weight.
that's how diet went into the History of my life.

after i stopped diet-ing, things gotten even worse.
people can't stop talking how chubby i became, how flabby my stomach is and how big my thigh is.
i can take if it was one or two or even 10.
but everybody kept talking as if they know me.

its like i went from a mouse to a big fat elephant.
and it hurts.
resulting to stress.

FACT ! when i'm stress, I EAT ALOT THAN I NORMALLY DO.

so before you go commenting how fat i became,
you better think the consequences you're gonna give me.
cause telling someone they've gained weight does NOT show that you keep track of them and it does not give any good effects to you OR them.

i mean, does it feels good when you bring someone down?
how mean can you get?

i mean it. omma used to criticise how flabby i was.
i went all bazooka on her.
it doesn't give me any good if you say that i've become chubby.
it just makes me want to eat more.

so stop it.
stop telling me how chubby i am.
or how big i've become.

maybe to other people they might say,

"giving these kinds of criticism might build their spirit to lose weight."

well not for me.

do you really like it if someone die just because of what you said?


a huge number of people are dying, suffering and even HAD DIED because of starvation.

we on the other hand, has food served everyday in a clean plate.
so what if we eat alot?
so what if we don't waste?

14 million died of starvation.


so what if we don't get to be like them supermodels.
so what if you bestfriends are much more prettier than you.

at least you're living.

at least, I AM LIVING.

so who are you to tell me if i eat alot that i gained alot of weight?
even my parents doesn't tell me off anymore.

of course, the right proportion of food must be taken.
but i know myself better than you.
cause IT IS ME.

btw, the reason that i lost few kgs is not because i diet.
you see, i''ve been wearing this braces, so its abit hard to eat.
for the past 5 days of me first wearing it, i couldn't chew at all.
it hurts like HELL.
so i had to eat soup for straight 5 days.
miserable. especially for me who loves to eat.

lately, i've been getting alot of comments about me getting skinny.
and i kinda appreciate that.
cause its been awhile since i have that you know.
thanks again for those who actually realised that.

i didn't even know that i lost until i went on that scale again.

but right now, i've been cutting down some food, since braces are hard to eat with.

well, i guess that's it.
i just want to let off some steam.
abit stress today.
its been tough.
and i've been wanting to tell everybody about this.


i eat alot when i'm stress

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