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Love Story 1#

here's the thing.

if i were to tell you that i like you, would you feel the same way too ?
and would it be fair for me if you didn't ?

or you would only felt the same way after knowing how i feel towards you ?
again, is it fair for me ?

humongo NO.

but honestly ?

i have no feelings towards you to begin with anyway :)
so when i see you trying to get me jealous, i yawn and hoping you don't embarrass yourself TOOOO much.

get that 'sayang' ? :)

trying to make up a controversial scene.
it did worked but it only last for few days.

i just went along with it.
funny, i had no emotions towards it at all.

usually i would think twice.
but i didn't.
cause honestly i had no feelings towards him at all.

what i see in him and all other guys,
i see fake, plastic, LIES.

so why should i even try ?
trusting is way beyond my imagination.

i hope people didn't get wrong impressions about me.
i ain't the type of girl that easily hook up.
and i ain't that hard to get hook up too.
you just got to have the key to my heart.

once you have that, the process would be easy from there. [process ? LOL]

but seriously,
you ain't gonna find that key.
why ?

cause i throw it away :)

well enough said.
i just want to release alil bit of something that i've been keeping to myself.
and honestly, nobody knows this except you oekaki :)

i just hope FWB still understands me :)

ok end LOVE STORY UNO :)

oh em gee, i'm coming home !
it has been almost 3 weeks :D
and i'm still strong enough to live here.
cool man :D

let's dance - miley cyrus

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Thursday, February 11, 2010 4:06 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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