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i became the DMC1A class rep.
that was what happened on the first day of lectures week.

tsk. after one month, only now i want to elaborate everything here ?

yes, my first class begun on 4th of January 2010.
boy was i excited that time :)
i woke up early to not miss the class X)

it starts at 8.30am.
unfortunately my roomies and me are not in the same group.
i'm in DMC1A, while aimi is in DMC1F, kiddot is in DMC1D and zati is DMC1B.
so we have different timetable.
i have morning classes on monday.
while they, well..they sleep -_-'

and when the lecturer explain that we had to write diary everyday as our semester assignment,
my heart was blooming with flowers, candies and everything connected to sweets X)

LIB 102 : MR Anwar.
fundamental of thinking and writing strategies.

i will never forget this lecturer for his lecturing skills is superb.
if there's a quote that describe him, then it has to be "think outside of the box"


my second class was BEL 120.
i knew that it would be an english class :)
and boy was i even more excited ! X)

it started on 2.30 pm.
at least there's a gap of 3 hours break between the first and second.
i have time to eat brunch [ breakfast+lunch X)] and do my prayers X)

BEL 120 : Miss Afifah
Consolidating Language Skills.

bel has tons of homeworks.
it's like going back to school except more deep ?

but english is something i love, so i don't feel pressured.
oh wait, i love every single classes in masscom.
so i'm not pressured at all :D

and i have night class on monday as well.
but i'm lucky that it's only on monday :D

and i have no class on friday ! :D

so i can go home for 3 whole day X)
sigh.. home -__-'

ok back to post :)

my third class on monday starts at 8.00 pm.
i had to rush, cause the maghrib Prayers are at 7.30 pm.
and the class are quite far too.
and and it's quite scary walking alone from tun putih through tun fatimah's tasik to class -_-'

well yeah, i walked alone :|

aaaaaanywaaaay :|

CSC 134 : MR Alias
Computer Information Processing

it's like being in a computer club X)
but it's fun. seriously !
cause i looooove I.T :D

though sometimes i don't really understand what Mr Alias wants us to do for the assignments -_-'
maybe it's because i usually sit at the back of the class so it's kinda hard to understand what he saying -_-'

no offence, but he has a broken english -__-'
but it's ok, it's up to me to fix that ! :D haha

well, for the first day or should i say the first whole week of lectures, the only thing we did was introducing ourselves in every single classes.
oh except for bel and csc.
in one week, i have three classes of bel and 2 csc classes.

so of course on the first week, i already have loads and loads of assignments and homeworks -_-'


this kitty was too cute for me not to realized.

and when i stop playing with it, it will sleep at my feet.
which is when he is at his most cutest state evaaah :D

and when i try to move my feet away from it slowly,

it will instantly be awake and try to find my feet again.

so that...

it could sleep back on my feet :)

i haven't seen this kitty for almost 2 weeks.
to all UiTM Lendu citizens, please do inform me if you ever see this kitty.
cause i dearly miss it very much :'(

ps; these are all pictures from the 4th of january.
yes i'm uploading all pictures that i have taken on that DAY.

i took this picture when i arrived 20 minutes early at bel class.
i was bored and the projector was on.
plus i was all alone.

i was playing the shadow game thingy and all of a sudden i have an inspiration of taking pictures of my shadow -_-'
this is one of the reason why i shouldn't be left alone :P

who can guess what was i doing ? ;)

the faculty of art and design.
you know, we asked the same thing.
why did they put one of our classes at Art and Design's faculty ?
isn't masscomers supposed to have classes near the masscom building ?

not that i'm complaining the long walk and the stairs to go to my class at A&D building, but it's just weird.
even a lecturer asked us why were we there -_-'

still i love all the cool paintings and creations there :)

you can never separate me from loving taking pictures of beautiful view such as the sun and etc :)

currently it's 2.47 am.
and THAAAANK god huda is right next to me accompanying me.
i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her -__-'

oh and the wifi was on and off,
thats why this post took along time to write it up -__-'
oh oh and i went upstair to get gee's microsoft office.
cause i'm tired of not having my own microsoft word to write -__-'


now i can do my journal in peace.
err, assignments and assignments -__-'

i guess i have to postpone the post marathon for now.
oh well :(

ps; i'm sooooo sorry for not updating what and how am i doing here.
this just show how i am working hard here :)
and how committed i am to my work.

it's the activities that helding me up from onlining.
oh and the broadband.
i don't know why, but it has been acting up for quite some time.
oh well, thankgod there's a free wifi :D

pss; i feel all jumpy everytime i get the chance to talk to FWB,
and i felt so happy when he buzzes me on myspace IM X)
my friends thought i was going mad for dancing and jumping for no reason. LOL

oh well :)

poker face - Lady Gaga

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