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New JapaneseDrama / Cartoons / Romantic Comedy CDs ! 16/2/2010

OH EM GEE 8O [like seriously, with my eyes wide open]
what has happened to me over this holiday ?? 0,o

i sleep, go out, go home, eat, online till 4 am and then went off to bed.
and then it repeat its cycle till today.

i need to break the habit -__-'
it's thursday.
i'm going back on saturday :(

you know how broken down i am now ?
of course u dont.
i'm the one who's going through it right now.
tsk tsk tsk :)

it feels as if i have no future to hold on to -_-'
dude ! wake up !
you have like tons of work to do X(
get up from ur sleep and smell the coffee already.
move that lazy butt of urs and get a move on.

bahaha, u know what, i can't really take myself seriously :D
i will start writing in a serious mood and then i end up smilling and giggling my ass off.
it's like, HELLO !! somebody went coco loco at 4 am in the morning X)

err. ok back to serious mood. *cough*
krik krik~ ._.

what was i talking again ?

it's my decision to go back to Lendu on saturday.
i just tot i want to have a fresh start.
at least i'm prepared for lectures to begin again.

oh let me just say, even though i only get to meet you for a few hours only. [2 hours to be precise]
i am happy that i get to meet you !
i did tell ya that i'm happy enough if i get to meet you aite ? :D

and you're right ! you always lift up my mood X)
that's why i need you to stick around [cause you're body is like a stick XD. well not anymore :)].
it's better to lose love, than to lose a friend :)

and who says, exes can't be best friend ? :D
thats pish pash talks :P

oh and zaki ! lookie lookie ! :D

yes, i bought Ponyo ! :D
don't asked why i didn't bought when i was cd shopping with you.
it took me more than an hour to figure out whether i should buy it or not. [i know you would said i SHOULD :D]
i ended up withdrawing my money and bought it anyway :D

and i bought Caroline,
well, it's because Izzat has been dyingly wants to watch it.
and coincidentally it was on sale.
so me as a good sister, well yeah. thats about it :)

and i bought Concerto Love cause while i was hesitating to buy Ponyo,
i saw the cd,
straightaway i took it !
like, pffssh. pfssh !
dude !
oh yeah, in Japanese, the drama called Nodame Cantabile.
i don't understand why they have to translate the title of the drama -_-'
it's not even close to the real meaning of the title 0_0
but still, they turned down the price ! :D

oh and and i bought 'A Lot Like Love'
well not because ashton kutcher.
most girls go gaga over him, i dont :|
but anyway, i bought it because it only cost rm9.90 !
like hello !
it cost the same as pirate cds, except it's not a pirate cd. it's an original cd !
awesome !
i bought it like in its most cheapest state ! XD

in one day i spent rm100 just because cds XD
oh well, i never get to spent money on me.
so why not, right ? :D

oh my gosh its almost 6 am -_-'
err should i sleep ?
oh well 0_0

and i told u so,
i am a SEGARA-ians ok.
queeny and ana can even be my witness for this.
stop calling me buana !
cause i'm not !
not that i have any problems with buanas.
but seriously ! stop mixing up my sport team !
even gjie was a segara, though she didn't go to training that much -_-'

see, even this shirt still has spots lol.
memories from sports day :)

i damn missed school !

orait. i'm going to end this post here -_-'
toodles ;)

ps; my hubby is craaaaazy XD

pieces - allison iraheta

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