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Spending Weekends at Lendu

last night, i have decided to make myself alil less lazy :P
because i was damn bored in my room, i brought along my laptop out from the room and went down to the lobby floor of my block.
since thats the only place the UiTM free wifi can be detected -_-'
yeah yeah, uitm Lendu ain't like uitm shah alam Along.
so ?

what you see is what you get :|

i ain't complaining, though i agreed that this should be brought to the authorities :P

so tonight, again, here i am. though tonight was not as crowded as last night.

ps; the view that i am seeing right now.
oh and thats huda playing with her hair X)
muahaha huda has been asking me why i am taking picture just now X)

to be honest with you, when i'm here,
i feel like as though... i'm floating ?
falling ?
all i know, i ain't grounded.
i feel as though the earth is non existent.

i feel like my body is swinging back and forth.
and i know i've said this tons of time before,
but i feel as though i'm not HERE.

"bagaikan berada di awangan"

damn, i wish i was in love.
and that sentence would have hit the right spot :P

but i'm not.
so its funny why i'm not feeling myself lately.

maybe i really need to go home ?
i've been away for far too long, you know ?

oh and please help me !!
i can't do a damn assignment because of my microsoft office is locked !
what am i going to do ?
i have tons of diaries for my LIB 102 to do -__-'

its a trial version.
pfft, i wish i was home with along -__-'

i know i got alot to post up and tell up.
so here goes.
here comes the post marathon !!!

ps; FWB will always be the one.
it's not that complicated, no ? :D

the fall (turn it up) - pixie lott

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Saturday, February 6, 2010 10:42 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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