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Ai Shi Teru

i know how it feels to be confused.
it hurts. cause you wish you knew everything.
but you could do nothing, when no one is filling the empty spaces.
in the end, you end up knowing NOTHING.

i am in no intentions to make you confuse.
i am in no intention to make you feel insecure as what i had gone through all these years.

i just want you to know that you're stuck on my mind.
my friends said i think TOO MUCH about you.
too much has never make sense to me, cause all i wanna do is just to be with you.

and by letting you runnning around my head, at least i can feel your presence standing by me.

i don't want to be selfish, yet i don't want to be called heartless.
so let me just say this with all my heart.

and the only thing i want is, to see you happy.

love isn't suppose to be a war.

oh and when i said the quote and all, let me rephrase and explain.

when a girl and boy swore their undying love to one another, it is enough to understand that they belong with each other.

and a third person shouldn't be involve to make that undying love become a triangle love.

how can you expect others to respect you, when you don't even respect someone's heart?

but then again, i am a good person. I AM.
so i want to be in the middle.

i might not be the lucky girl, i might not be the juliet, the heroin of this undying love.
so if i'm not all those thing, wouldn't that mean I'M THE THIRD PERSON?

cause if i am, then i prefer to back off.
the last thing i want to do, is to destroy a wonderful love relationship.
i want a love that is meant for me.

i don't want to fight my way to get love.
i don't want to sacrifice my soul to win love but in the end gain nothing but pain.

all i'm saying,
i am not jealous :)
thats all :)

ps; too tired to even think straight.
wishing to hear his voice singing.
sweet dream apple

your guardian angel


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Friday, February 26, 2010 3:32 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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