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Currrently; ANNOYED

by my tiredness.
i damn wish i could regain all my energy back in a blink of an eye so that i could turn this frown upside down.

annoyed, by my aching body.
my butt hurts. i bet it's because of the jawa dance we done on last thursday.
yes, the effects came late. thats just me.
my backbone is aching, probably because of last friday. tsk
more info on that soon.

annoyed by the fact on sketch competition day,
my camera was used abusively by other people, whom that does not respect the owner of the camera.
they have taken massives of pictures of themselves posing and not one of them have pictures of me.
and not only that, pictures that was taken when the sketch was going on, most of it was BLURRRRR.....
i am very pissed off.

i've learned a lesson.
never will i ever leave my camera in other's hand.
they were lucky that i was in the sketch.
cause if i was not, don't you even dare to touch my baby with your filthy hands ! LOL :P

FWB only have two days of holidays.
and apparently he is spending his sunday and monday at his hometown.
he studies in perak, and his hometown is at perak.
going back and forth.
if i am stress with this fact, i bet he is even more stress than i am -__-'
i just hope i get to meet him.
i really miss him.

i don't like a crush game.
i'm not a doll.
i play games, but i don't play hearts.
he's annoying.
sometimes i just wish he would just be honest.
cause i can never take him seriously.
his words are as empty as my soul.
sorry, i just can't take your words seriously.
thats why i need FWB to be around :)
he always keep me grounded :)

i'm hungry.
and i'm still uploading pictures of the sketch.
yes, theres ALOT.
like bunch !
ughhh !
i hate it !!
i don't like too many pictures -___-'

plus i can't sit here all night uploading all of this.
oh wait, i just did.
it's 5.38 am right now.
sheesh -___-'

picasa has helped me alot :D
now i can upload multiple pictures in one picture.
more job can be done X)

well, off to get the uploading job done.
and maybe after i'm done with that, i'll update this blog with tons of stories that happened in Lendu.

ok ok. tooodles ;)

ps; i don't know why i hate it when he always comment me.
err ok. i'm getting a headache.

this is the life - hannah montana

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Sunday, February 14, 2010 4:43 AM
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