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Friend Request on Facebook

50 friend requests awaiting.

the thing is..
it's not that i'm trying to be mean or unfriendly.
heck, it would be totally weird if I, FASYA, become totally not friendly to others.
you can ask huda.
She knows me better than anyone has ever had :D

no seriously, she does :)

back to my point,
i'm not trying to be very snobbish as well either.
heck i love to make friends :D

but the thing is -__-'


why the heck do you want to add me for,
if it's only to fill up your stupid empty friends list.

who do you think you are ?
adding me just to get to my besties ?
like what the FUDGE ?
if i know where you live, i could have just bomb you straight away 0_o
and I MEAN IT.
no kidding *holding back giggles*
crap :)
i can't be that evil.
but you'll be scared to death if i ever turn evil. hmph ! :|

you added me.
you said hello to me once or twice.
and then you just move on with your life.
whats the point ? i tot adding was supposed to mean like, i want to get to know you.
like, HELLO ?? doesn't anyone knows how to myspace/facebook/whatever else anymore ?

you dont even have the courtesy to thnk me for approving you.
these types of people, only last one week in my friends list.
three strikes and you're OUT !

and with those above stated,
exist my number 5 reason which has become my MAIN reason why i do NOT approve friend request blindly.

i seriously don't know you :|
i even have problems remembering people who i know, why do i need to mess up my mind with strangers -__-'

but seriously, it's not that i don't want to get to know you.
i just think,
there's no point of having too many friends, when there's non who could help when you are in pain.
this coming from experiences, okay ? :)

but don't jump to conclusion saying i don't have friends who i could count on.
cause i do ! :D

you know what, i don't want to forget those happy moments.
i want to still keep remember all the laughs that i had, even when i have a bad day.
oh God, why do i have to be so forgetful -__-'
but thankgod i have friends who understands me :D
i'm sorry Huda, i burden u alot :)
but u always stood by me :)

ann who always has to bare with my blurness most of the time XD

and gee, who has to bare with my painful sarcasm XD
i always bully her >:D

and geeja :D
my bibik XD
bahaha XD

i so damn miss them :)

err wait, this post has went to another topic -__-'

never mind ! :D
well, it's already 7 am!

good morning world !
it's time for me to sleep !
bahah XD

ergh, when will i ever change -__-'

ps; hubby dah tido ?
are u dreaming of me ? :P
bahaha loco me -__-'

oh pss; i almost forgot.
there are friends that i know sent me the friend requests.
but i'm not even close to them.
and they have added me on myspace.
but they never commented me or even send a msg on myspace.
so what is the point of me approving in facebook?
the same situation is going to happen anyway.
solution? left it in the request box.
i don't want to be rude to just click ignore :)

notetoself: if you think you're not close to me, don't try to act as if you're my bestest bud in the whole world.
it's pathetic :|

lullaby - chase coy

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Thursday, February 18, 2010 6:37 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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