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taggy by fazra :D

Rules and Regulations :
1. copy and paste the picture in your blog .
2. write on whoever suits the character . whether they got blog or not .
3. tag 5 or more people . (:

the good friend : good? irham :)
the slow one : umm... i think is sarah, she's kinda slow haha
the pimp : pimp?? hem.. haha along angah cause they keep talking about it XD
the good little church girl : -
the shy one : haha gjot :D
the one that always swears : adiela -_-"
the grumpy one : oh nuraini haha XD she's kinda grumpy sometimes but she's funny :)
the one that always gets hurt : shahril, haih :(
the one thats up to no good : syafiq 0_0 mane ntah dia skrg.. -_-"
the jock : wuu.. mr macho, hem.. i think its amir tough :D
the one with the bad memory : ah... mak long :( but she's really tough :) salute! :D
the geek : a'ha! haha fattah :) god i miss him :)
the innocent one : ah.. i think its syafiza, she's so humble :D
the goodie two shoes : MIYO :) sungguh baik ya ampun!!
the drama queen : haha zaki :D
the lazy one : me! :D
the gangster : jojot! haha XD she's MY gangster :)
the stylish one : farhah haha
the flirt : ah..
if boy; faiz or abg syahmi, their extremely cute+sweet talker combo 0,0
if girl; reyna haha or tini dgn gaya dier tersendiri yg sggh menggoda, aww i miss that :(
the tiny dangerous one : oh oh, amalina, jgn buat dier marah, nnti dier cubit! haha
the tower : GJOT :D and abg CEPOI :)
the one with all the gossip : haha, lala :)
the ladies man : ah, ofcourse who else? zaki bahaha
the one you can depend on : myself :)
the annoying one : ezir haha X)
the cutie pie : tini :)
the princess : honestly? i don't like to lie, so yeah, its queen, i ave always said that from the first time i met her. its prolly because of the name. but its not princess, its queen.
the funny guy : atok :D haha
the one thats always hungry : kak iqa haha XD, she can't stop eating XD

this is like from the positive side
at least from my positive point of view, xde niat nk kutuk or ape2
its like a compliment to u guys, gratitude to be exact.
so be honoured if u guys are in :D haha


i've got this before by nuha
but i'm gonna do it again for fazra
see how ur very important to me fazra :D haha
sila2 kan terharu haha XD

but klu spe yg dh kene tag by the second tag, xyah buat agi ok.

Whoever gets the tag,they have to write 10things about the person who tagged him/her. And, the person who got tagged has to write 10things about herself/himself.

fazrararara :D woot woot!

  • got to know her by blog and she added me at myspace :), thx hun
  • shes very pretty when i first saw her pic :)
  • adore edward cullen or shud i say robert pattinson haha more than anyone i know XD
  • very talkative, and creative, love her blog!
  • very open minded
  • love to read books
  • i think she's still single haha XD or maybe taken by me bahaha XD
  • i remember her babble-ing about chicken chop haha XD
  • she's one of the awesomest dreamers :D
  • and she wants to get marry to ROBERT PATTINSON haha XD

moving on to me

  1. craze maniac for dancing,singing and music instruments
  2. love to play games such as ps2,ddr,desktop games,ps1 and so so on
  3. love anything that has cheese :9
  4. love japanese food, SO MUCH
  5. love to travel and adventure
  6. sleeping is like the most greatest gift! haha
  7. love to watch meaningful movie with meaningful quotes
  8. loves chocolates,sweets and ice-creams especially pralines :9
  9. eventhou i talk straight, i kinda keep my sad feelings to myself, so kinda secretive haha
  10. and i like to lecture or advice ppl alot, LOVE COUNCELING :) i blame mickey for this and shahril XD oh oh and farhah! haha

I'm tagging for the first tag ;

-everyone! cpt cpt! jgn x buat haha XD i will check :P


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Friday, February 27, 2009 12:01 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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