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confident people

first of all,
thx zaki
you save me a HELL lot of time from searching for those songs and WAITING to get bumped to you just to get that songs from your phone
not that i don't like to get bump to you, i just don't like spending time thinking when WILL THE NEXT BUMP COMING UP -_-" get it?

ps; dude! opera! me LOVEY! :D

to the user name called 'orang' at my tagboard
thanks for visiting my blog
though, i don't really know who you are -_-"
and your question, um
i don't quite really understand..
are you asking my opinion?

what do you think that you can identify a person as a confident person, a person thats comfortable under their own skin?

my first perspective
- probably this 'orang' is asking me what makes me think i can identify a confident person? its like kinda harsh haha, apa yang buat aku ni sedap2 je boleh tahu orang ni sape, org ni sape? haha X)

my second perspective
- maybe its an opinion question. meaning, he wants me to answer how do i see in a person.

so dats why i'm kinda confused XD sorry, byk sgt kebarangkalian maksud soalan tu :)

but i'll answer it anyway

what do i think that makes me can identify a person which is comfortable under their own skin?
well one word ofcourse.

isn't that rite ppl? who's down with me? :)
i mean, first thing first, to feel comfortable, you got to accept who you are.
second, love who you are.
last but not least, be grateful :)

PROUD is not as in showing off TOO much and bragging about it
that is SO not proud ppl
proud meaning you are not afraid to show who you are, never be ashame, and just take what life has offered you and go with the flow :)

the few personalities that a proud person has

-live their life to the fullest yet be cautious
-walk with confident, well i got that one from my dad actually. he used to say "to be confident, you got to walk like one. jgn BONGKOK, jgn LEMAH SEMANGAT, don't walk TOO fast. just walk FINE" :) and no, bukan MCM MODEL -_-"
-same as above, grateful
-talk with no fear yet with mind open wide, get it? meaning THINK before you TALK :)
-are not afraid to face up to challenges

well there's alot actually but i don't like to take alot of your ppl time :)

but if you have like any questions, pls. do ask :)

and to 'orang'
if its okay, can you like, introduce yourself?
i would like to know who you are.
if its okay with you anyway.
if its not, then its fine :)
thx again for visiting this blog :)

i don't have much to say
probably because all my ideas has blurt out last nite
yeah i didn't post anything last nite,
tired -_-"

i don't wanna start yapping
cause i'll be emoish
i'm totally emo sentimental lately
but i can't quite seem to have any tears :/

this is official
new fact aboutfasya;she can't CRY for the moment! 0,0

i mean CMON!
i'm freaking listening to all this SENTIMENTAL songs
and so emoish songs
i'm freaking sad and stress
and i'm weeping like hell
but guess what?

no tears
wait a min
why am i making a big deal out of it?
isn't it like a good thing?
its not normal yet
its a good thing rite?
i mean, hey at least i don't have to be like REALLY REALLY miserable

oh and i just realise
that i've used my blog mostly for information spot
which is funny yet AWESOME :D

did you know from ALL around the world approximately 66126 blog are posted today and still counting :D

rite, i've always wanted stats about the world :D
i mean, its so... so i don't know
i just feel excited knowing all these
keep me close to world?
maaaybe haha
oh and btw, me *pointing to me* not socializing?
so not me! :D

so forget all the crap stuff i said before :D
*referring to last 8 post called 'a place in this world' *

bukan ape
i just don't like being another victim
i mean kaktati said that just by making somebody uncomfortable is already consider SEXUAL HARASSMENT

whoa whoa, slow your horses down
i didn't say i'm being sexually harassed :P

i'm just saying
being nice is enough
being friendly is okay
but being TOO friendly
whoa, hello MISTER *slap!* welcome back to reality
i'm FASYA, no no, not farah that so lovey dovey happy go with the flow girl
i ain't no SLUT
i ain't no easy target

so you can forget about getting my number or my email :P

seriously! who these ppl think they are?
and i definitely don't wanna be like those girls in the news paper

ps; nama tmpt rekaan saje :D

oh i guess u guys got the new fact
well in this year, 2009
4 cases has occured

thats why, most my family members
ESPECIALLY my cuzins :)
ps; i miss you guys :(
warned me to be VERY careful which is an addition to becareful bahaha :D

nk tersangkut dgn mamat2 indon tu?
say what????
ok jgn ckp pandang sebelah mata
ok kejam sgt la :P

well u get the point rite?
and i'm not just saying for mamat indon only
i'm saying this for ALL MALE species :D
oh oh!
except for lil kiddies
THAT, i can NOT resist X)

i swear to you! there's this cute baby! uggh! damn!
i've said this before
"its not who i will be with, its who i will raise"
well maybe dats kinda abit like a lie
cause sejak kebelakangan ni
ramai bincang psl CALON2 pfffft!!! -_-"
suami and all
but hey, there's A LONG WAY to go

just enjoy :)
trust me
22? 23? 24? 25? 26?! man..
its a long way to get there

unless ur already 24 and still can't even find a date for yourself and plus you're a GIRL
oh boy..
girrrrl, you got some problems there :D
well not a big one
but hey, sometimes ada yg kahwin time 26 kan?
so ape slhnyer?
x mati pon

but whats the one most important thing la kan

its that the MARRIAGE

it last till eternity :)

"rumahtangga adalah tiang masjid
jikalau roboh rumahtangga itu,
robohlah rumah Allah

btw this is just some random topic
i never intend to write this at all
hey, sumfing got to be blurt out sooner or later
but anyways, that doesn't mean i'm ready to get things set and going now
like, dude!
i'm not even 18 yet! 0,0

i know i'll be a good mother but yo
i need to have a career too you know
stable life
MONEY, thats important :D
tak kan nk bergantung dgn suami je kot?
haih, tak adil tu :P
i want MY MONEY :D

no, no notes today
i've said enough :)

just a lil ps;
" if you can REALLY see me in the future, take this as a note,
i'm not going anywhere.
i'll stick with you no matter what, as long as i'm in the picture"

smile ppl :)

~i love you forever

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 11:59 PM
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