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3 hours with gjie :)

i'll just talk straight to the point
since its 3 am already
ok since my movie plans got cancelled today *26/2/2009*
gjot aka gjie, my sayang gave a msg the nite before *referring to 25/2/2009 9:30 pm*
yes ppl i insert dgn time skali, haha XD

while we were so laughing our heads off during texting each other
i gave her an idea,

flashback 25/2/2009

fasya: eh, kelas u kul bape abeh? nnti nk VISIT u la! haha

so yeah
basically u guys can guess
the movie was off
and so i told myself why don't i at least go out
i mean thats the whole point rite
janji TETAP janji
dh janji dgn diri sendiri nk kuar
so ape agi
i gave msg to my mum
i'm going out to see gjie, *my mum are friends with gjie's mum, so it kinda make it easy if i told her i'm going to see gjie :D*
and woot woot! ding! GREEN LIGHT

long story short
tada! this is gjie :D
say hi to miss tinggi+hot+skinny+veggie
oh wait, x veggie sgt dh kan? haha :D
nmpk tu?
ape tu?
itu makanan la
yey! impian saya tercapai thx to gjie
i have always wanted to go to the BIG APPLE at sacc

i swear from the moment my bro said,
"BIG APPLE akn bukak kt sacc", i was the one who was so GIDDY about it
and tgk2 time opening, mama kurung kt dlm umah, wuaaaaa! :(

and scoop ppl!!
well ok its not a big thing but
listen to this
haha giler dramatic daku ni XD

kan dulu dier diet giler2 kan?
kan kan?
skrg ni dier mkn sweets, mkn TWISTIES 2 packet sehari
yes gjie
i'm writing everything what you have said to me
well ok ok
not everything XD

haha sorry ppl
i'm still mesmerize to the fact she's gonna eat at big apple and eat donut haha
tu yg tgkp dua kali
oh btw
ni time dier dh abeh kelas kt CAMBRIDGE
so dier tgh lapa haha
oh notes: arshad and fazran are working at BIG APPLE
which two ppl i'm not close to haha XD

masih dgn MULUT MUNCUNG DIER haha
but lawa kan pic ni? haha :D
take note: beg tu sama dgn beg QUEENY dulu haha
how small the world is
gjot, sha, syaza
while we were chatting and gossiping at BIG APPLE
we saw sha and syaza walking towards sacc
so gjie ask me to call them out
* hey gjie, i shout out girl u plak eh skrg? haha*
and yes, thats what i did
regardless of what ppl thinking
well screw u PPL haha

so we chat and chat
first its about gjie's scandal bahaha XD
and then psl spm
and then course
bla la la XD
and the sha and syaza left us cause they got sumfing to do
so we, as in me and gjie decided to walk around sacc to waste our 2 hours left hanging out together
yeah, we were crazy XD
gjie was on the phone
she tried to pose but then we were too shaking on the elevator
so ampunkan keburukan kami dlm GMBR NI haha XD
i blame the photographer XD
i just found out today that ezir works at DIGI store
so apa lagi!
say hi ppl to mr TEASER haha
i remember someone telling me his hot 0_0
NOT haha
btw, time ni dier tgh byk ckp and byk tanyer psl my social life and love life
so i took a pic of it since i was bored 0_0

oh did i tell u dat we bumped to FISCH as well
well aka MUHAFIZ
budak sek 9 or 8 wud know
but i didn't took his pic, sebab dier lari

gjie said that this pic is good if u put a good funny dialog as caption for it
gjie wud be the wife
and ezir wud the husband
gjie: u kene dgr ckp i! ezir: ye syg..
ok, i xde idea nk wat bende klaka skrg sebab ngantuk
but tgk gmbr ni pon dh klaka XD
sebenarnyer time ni kitorg tgh ckp dgn dier yg
dier sesuai pki kasut sukan adidas ni
comel kan?
*pointing at the pink shoes*
and then ezir wat muke touching dier
haha XD
god i miss u PPL :)
since that time ezir only got 30 minutes of break
and its his choice to menyibuk hangout dgn kitorg haha
so this was the last pic we took before he went off to work
which was sad but we promise each other to contact and hangout more often after this :D
haha at first i wanna took gjie and ezir pics together
but then gjie kate EEE
haha so yeah, pic nmpk buruk and
dgn tanpa segan silu
i ask the ppl that work at information center
to take pic of us
diorg tu security guard kt sacc kan? haha
hantam ar
tak pandai tgkp gmbr lngsung haha :P
giler kejam i ni

so after that i and gjie off to jln2 again and babble2
and fortunately
gjie's a big fan of the movie KAMI
*sape yg x pernah dgr lagi movie ni, keluar la dri tempurung kamu*
so, she with her xray eyes, saw one of the actors from KAMI
abu aka abg NAS T :)
af first i didn't saw him
but i insisted that we go upstair since gjie said she saw him
so we DID
but then gjie was TOO shy to take pic with him
i on the other hand, are carefree and gutfull :D
just when i wanted to go to the dude
gjie ran away and went down stair

so we waste our time more just one stair down from the dude at the choc store
and u cud say a MIRACLE HAPPEN
the dude went downstair
and gjot saw him again before i did
i swear to u
i was SO BRAVE
i think u guys can guess
because i called him like tons of time but he cudn't hear it
maybe because i was shouting too SOFT XD
so ape LAGI
i went up to the guy

fasya: hey! you yang from movie KAMI tu kan?
abu/abg nas t: yeah!
fasya: um abg nas t is it?
abg nas t: yup thats me :)
fasya: well would u mind if i take a pic u with my friend, she's like a big fan of the movie :)
abg nas t: sure! why not?

lihatlah muka gjie yang gembira+masih malu+ketakutan
haha :D

xkn i x dpt chance gjie?
i pon nk gak! :D
wee :D
hehe ok
x nmpk mcm pelik ke gmbr ni? ;)
so anyway sorry for the blurry pic
because time tu pun gjie was still trembling
tgn dier masih shakey
ye la, dpt berslm dgn abg nas t kan?
haha XD

but my conclusion about NAS T
he's buff, he's tall and stylo :D and yet, he's not the photogenic type he's much more awesome in person :D

so PPL
do u hear me?

after taken the pic, we said thx and i said to him, he's awesome
which is TRUE :D
and then lps kitorg tgkp gmbr tu
BARU org nk acknowledge him and mintak autograph dier

giler bangga kan kite gjie?
sebab time tu xde org pon dtg kt dier
dier jln2, org pndg je
but WE DID :D
we are so AWESOME :)

haha but gjie regrets that she didn't get to talk long with abg nas t
eventhou she was the first who ran off after taking his pic
aww, x dpt nombor dia kan gjie? haha :P

gjie went home at 4 sumfing
just when i sent her off
she sent a msg saying that dude aka abg NAS T
was sitting at uncle k kopitiam rite next to where i was standing
when i was saying good bye to gjie
DAMN u bg msg lambat la gjie!
i dh bla time tu! :D

NEW fact aboutfasya: dlm satu hari, saya x prasan byk ORANG yang saya kenal lalu sebelah saya atau pun saya terlanggar

i think i have a problem
i mean, i can only focus ahead
but i can't seem to see whats rite next to me
which doesn't make anysense
ape ingat i ni mcm mata pemangsa ke?
boleh tgk semicircle je
klu yg mangsa, boleh tgk smpi blakang 0_0

so here's the last pics we took

perfecto :)
bye gjie! see u soon! thx for day :)

  • thank you gjie, u really made my day. lets promise ourselves if we ever bumped to that dude again, we'll ask for his number. bahaha, but i doubt he'll give :P
  • thank you ezir for wasting your 30 mins break with us and making us laugh :D, yey i dpt gelaran BUDAK TENGAH haha and btw, i'm happy and i dun mind with all those controversi questions, and believe me ezir, i AM SINGLE haha
  • thankyou sha and syaza for chatting with us and being apart of my happy day :D
  • thank you fisch, lol
  • thanx BIG APPLE :D
  • I'M REALLY sorry mirul afiq, i swear, I DID'NT realise u were there and u HAVE CHANGED alot, but thx for saying hai to me, and i miss you too :)
  • and THANK YOU SO MUCH abg nas T kerana sggp melayan karenah kami :D kamu hebat :D
*i'm sorry but its been awhile since i update this blog and this is probably one of the longest post eva
but i hope u guys enjoyed reading it :D

*i want to tell Z, that i'm not pissed off at all. and i think that u shudn't be too, why? because i'm fine, just because i was mistaken about the msg, doesn't mean it was ur fault.
but what i'm hoping for a replacement for today, since it didn't workout :D

like i said, a PROMISE is a PROMISE :D

*i noe there's alot more post i need to do but pls bare with me here, i have too many things in my hand now eventhou i'm not working anymore

*the thoughts of me not working anymore makes me sad alil by lil :(

ps: " LOVE is a rose bursting into flower: and kisses are its petals "

~everything happens for a reason

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