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smoke your lungs out

for the first time
i'm kinda blur
maybe because i got no story for you today

well at least you guys are free from the grip of fasya's YAPPINg wahahah :P

and i wanna say thx to;

fazra, for those sweet comment
seriously, i'm touched :)
and hey, we are friends :D

and firdaus,
my old BUDDY
god, I MISS you man! :D
hey, kite kan dulu motivator skola
so biase la
i'm still sticking to that role what :D
while you are achieving the tittle LAWYER :D
can't wait for that! :D

stats for today:

did you know
the numbers for cigarettes smoked today are

damn you crazy ppl

i mean, can't you ppl REALISE that you are KILLING yourself??!
if you are meaning to do that from the beginning you started smoke
then by all means,
no one bothers to stop you.
but remember just one thing,
hey, don't get this the wrong way
cause killing yourself is not AN OPTION
i swear to you its true
i've done it before
and yeah, don't act all surprised
i know, its sound horrible
i mean you'd probably effing criticizing me now

" who this girl think she is??! talking like this when she did the same thing before, effing she has no rite to talk low about ppl who smoke! damn BITCH"

ok, welllll u get the point

but the thing is
you ppl are blindly enough to missing out something call LIFE
problems? stress?
duuuuuude! there 6, 761, 605,689 ppl in this world!
and guess what?
they, we, are going through the SAME DAMN THING

i didn't see it before
i swear to you
i was so NAIVE

but now
you got to face the FACT
you make MISTAKE
but you gotta LEARN from it
dats LIFE
its ain't there for nothing yo!

and another fact

there's a survey stated that
" in EVERY individual life
there at least 7 ppl that cares and think about this one individual
if its not parents, then siblings, if not, cusins, if not, friends, if not acquintances, if not, school, if not, better yet, GOD love you always"

one word ppl
don't be SELFISH

i'll just give you guys ONE example
you guys heard about Gaza rite?
get this fact
they're trying to LIVE, surviving

so ask yourself,
what are you doing?
sitting around, reading newspaper blanklessly, watching tv emotionlessly, and what?
KILLING yourself
funny how this two things contrast in the same freaking way

but then again, God created this situation for a reason
probably to balance the population? 0_0
weird, how i can be negative yet positive
haha :D

i must have confused u alot :)

but one thing for sure,
i just hated that instead of the smoker
the ppl who are exposed to the smoke
innocent ppl
'secondary smoker' they called
suffering from the effects
and DIED
probably Allah love them so much :(

ps; "Life works in various way, you can't predict, you can't say you know it all, cause there's always more up ahead, you just got to be ready and fight with all your might, just to win and SURVIVE"

:) smile smile and laugh for once ppl
it doesn't kill you :)

~i remember you always

death caused by smoking for this year
919, 924
and increasing by one every 3 seconds



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Friday, February 20, 2009 1:41 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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