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you know what?
on second thought

i end up not sleeping last nite cause i keep thinking of what i wrote
and i realise
why am i being sOOOO stupid?
i mean
its fine! if they wanna use most of their time just to hate me or hurt me
why don't i just let them be?
i mean, i shud be GLAD RITE?
i actually shud be grateful because they actually used most of their time for ME :D

seriously, i'm honoured,
so arigato! :D
for what i am wasting my time just like them?
i don't wanna be ordinary
like my dad always said, be EXTRA ordinary
be different! :D
so i'm saying thank you, and i'm sorry for my harsh words.

mari lah sama2 kita gelak :D

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drake bell icon Pictures, Images and Photos

lost evi icon by freya Pictures, Images and Photos

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wah! ramai nyer yang gelak dgn i :D

but let me get this off my chest ok

  • i love you, i miss you, and i'll never stop doing that no matter how much you guys despised me and what you have put me through
  • i'm just a human, i'm not GOD, and i cud say the same thing about you
  • the best thing about mistakes? i learn from it, and i start to build myself from that, so i thank you for making me stronger THAN EVER
  • get this fact straight, i THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME
well there's more but i'm getting bored talking about me and all haha :D

ah blur blur blur!
sorry, tgh chatting dgn mickey smpi dier ambik segala idea dari kepala daku XD

oh well toodles! :D

ps:" don't tell God you have a big problem, tell problem that you have a BIG GOD!"

haha :D


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Saturday, February 28, 2009 2:28 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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