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i spilled two icelemontea at two ppl on mylastdayofwork

the title has cover right about everything :D haha

yes ppl
today, 20/2/2009 was my LAST DAY OF WORK at NYONYA KITCHEN


no. its not because i feel sexually harrassed lol :P
no. the work was as simple as ABC
no. it wasn't tiring. i work for only 4 HOURS in a day
no. the manager wasn't mean or likes to torture ppl, heck he HELP ME ALOT which made me alil bit hard to let go of the job :(

it was because.... ting ting ting! PARENTS

it started out because i PLEADED so much to get permission to work
well, they did allowed but hey, everything got to be equal rite?
when u want sumfing, u got to sacrifice sumfing equal
so, i have sacrifice myself for a vow

" fine, if you want to work yourself out and feeling all tired, go ahead. we're not gonna nag to that stubborn head of yours. we HAVE too many things to be worried about, we don't need YOU to make our head worry about other things. but we can only give you not more than ONE MONTH. no NEGOTIATION. its final. MY DECISION." -daddy

hey, biler FINAL dah keluar dari mulut dia
jangan harap la nk pujuk lebih
itu maksudnyer kamu nk mintak kena pelempang free saja

reasons why i even wanna work actually?
haha, wait for the next post ;)

this post is reserved for telling you what happen on my last day haha
which u have read it on my title

ok, you can say that if you had a camera and snap that moment, you'd laugh ur head off knowing what had really happen
but too bad, it happen to me which i still haven't figure it out yet how to laugh about it -_-"

it was 3.15 pm
i've actually finish my work that time
it was actually our break
but to me, its the end of my work shift :D

since i have to wait for my brother for another 3 hours
so i spent most of my time at nyonya kitchen helping them out or just walking around the mall
so there's this big family consist of 7 ppl
2 guys in their twenties, 1 in thirty and another guy is in 50 sumfing
and there was 3 adults women

so they ordered drinks, still normal
and the bartender made the drinks and all and put it on the tray, still normal
and i was near the tray, so as usual, i put straws into the drinks and all, still normal
( there was two icelemontea, one cold water and one hot chinese tea )
so i decided to send the drinks off
so i did what i always do, lift it carefully and all
so here's the drama comes

sekan ( bartender) : boleh ka fasya? jatuh kang *excuse him, he's an indonesian :)
fasya: abg, dh banyak kali abg ckp camtu. kang jadi betul2, fasya xleh nk gerenti ok. fasya dh cube sedaya upaya ni!
jamil (my kapten) : kami risau je*with grin on his face. pfffffttt

so off i go, regardless hearing them giggling behind me
yeah, they love to tease me :) haha
gonna miss that

as always
i would put down hot chinese tea first, for its very important to start with the dangerous one haha

their table were unorganised
7 PEOPLE shud seat at the round table
it was SUPPOSE to be that way, to make it easy
but they want it the two square table combined together
which mr chris said, its not rite but "CUSTOMERS are always RIGHT"
pfft yeah, RITE

so while i was trying to put the cold water, it was freaking HARD
i tried to reach the table without tumbling the drinks onto the customer
( which was funny cause it still happened eventhou i tried to avoid it, pfft )
i cudn't reach it
so the customer 'THOUGHT' he cud help me out by moving his chair alil bit far behind so that i cud move in
which was nice but HELLO
so if u move backwards, that means u'll be pushing me back as well!!
so, long storyshort,

the two icelemontea fell onto the two customers that were sitting in front of me

haih -_-"
mr chris tried to cheer me up

"its ok fasya, its just icelemontea, its a good thing it wasn't hot tea"
"haha, funny, for the whole month, never did u made a mistake, and here u are on ur last day which has ended already, and u SPILLED, what a great closing ceremony fasya haha "


actually there's more
but i dun wanna talk too much
i mean
god, on my LAST DAY
i made alot of mistakes and not only dat,

hey, everything happens for a reason rite?
i think -_-"

oh oh and i just find out that acacia mardiana is going to start work there tomorrow
which was abit unfortunate that i stop working early :D
oh well :D

did u realise that my co-workers has already said about me will spill drinks
and it actually happen?
itu ar
kerana mulut, badan BINASA

so moral of the story
never ever wish for the worst :)
cause KARMA exist
and ALLAH always LISTEN :)

oh well
guess this is another challenge i have to face -_-"
but its okay
the customers actually were kind
they didn't get all crappy and discriminating or anything
but still
i feel so ashamed seyh -_-"

while i was cleaning, well cause i pon kene siram dgn icelemontea tu time jatuh tu haha, well kt bdn je la -_-"
mr chris said have a seat
and he was trying to calm me down and all
he suddenly put down on the table rite in front of me
i've always wondered how it wud taste there

" here you go, a treat. regardless of what had happen just now. take this as my farewell present to you :) "

god, i swear to you, if i was normal that time, i wud CRY
but i didn't, which was ok haha

well i dont wanna yap anymore longer cause
u'll be tired listening to me yapping and all
so i'll upload pics of my last day now

two of my kapten
abg jamil and abg herry
muka2 yg malu di tangkp gmbr, GEDIK :P
nyonya kitchen's staff minus abg johan aka JOHN aka my co-kapten/husband :D
hectic as always :)
oh and the customer on the right
thats my favourite customer
cause they're so NICE and KIND to me :)
orang berbudi, kita berbahasa
oh wait, terbalik ek? -_-"
blame abg JAMIL
kuang asam nyer kapten :P
i still blame abg JAMIL
mr chris tgh ckp la -_-"
oh btw mr chris is my MANAGER :)
don't worry sha
i swear :)

ps; " life is like an ice chendol, its sweet but cold yet warms the heart in some spot :)"

~you miss something to appreciate it


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