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lion dance

i'm gonna make like a blog marathon
no, i'm just wanna clean up all the drafts and lot

so pls, bare with me here
oh i just got a new quote

Must I pretend that I'm
Someone else for all time
Why must we all conceal
What we think, how we feel?
Must there be a secret me
I'm forced to hide?

this is like a hit-me-baby-one-more-time haha

new fact aboutfasya; she LOVES her new hair regardless of what ppl sy

there's one thing my daddy used to tell me
JUST stand on the GROUND :)

you know, i miss family
no no, i'm still living with them
we just don't spent alot of time together
and we hadn't had like talk to talk
everyday, every second,
i don't even remember the last time we ever talk
i can't even count the times they've fought...

haih asl nk emo ni -_-"
ok moving on..

remember i told you that
mr chris would probably ask a group of lion dancers to Nyonya Kitchen
well, the BIGO BOSSO doesn't wanna waste any money so, the lion dance was CANCELLED


oh well, thank god that i did take few pics of lion dance at famous thai

new fact; did you know that lion dance wasn't originated from CHINA? :)

reason why lion dance are formed
that it brings luck or as what mr chris said
"supaya bagi ONG sama kedai"
oh and cast away bad,evil spirits :)
budak ni OBVIOUSLY cute
from the minute he was walking around outside the restourant, i notice him loads of time
i'm stuck seyh :)
u know what?
when i saw this boy
he reminded me of a person
he almost look the same
serious!! look at him! he's so cute, like miyo
has that japanese eyes, like miyo
and he's CHUBBY, like miyo :D
i just can't get enough of this boy X)
oh oh oh!
fact aboutfasya; i LOVE KIDS
i'll squeal at the top of my lungs just by adoring them from a far :)
we offer the lion tangerines and watermelon
and also packets of peanuts
trust me, the drums and all was like right in front of me
u can feel the beat moving through ur body
and u know what?
i LOVE everysecond of it
it makes u feel that ur alive :)
music to ears :) ah...
um, moving on
x tau nk ckp ape :D
cute x?
budak yg gelak tu la -_-"
well he's just some random friend
and no, he's not my new bf
or i'm crushing
no such thing ppl
he's name is wing
well thats what he claims 0_0

oh and wanna noe where was lion dance was originated from?

it started by PERSIANS
i SWEAR, try searching it out
i knew it from KAK TATI, my cousin
she told me she read the real history text

oh new fact; did you know, our HISTORY text book is not all that RIGHT
senang cite, we're living in LIES
loads of facts has been changed
pfft, wtv
i ain't that into politics
because like i always said
politics are BULLSHIT
berani kerana BENAR :)

btw, lion dance was some sort of a gift by persians when they came to CHINA
they presented to Chinese emperors
and THEY took it and take it as a tradition
funny how they made it a popular ritual
oh well :)

ps: "with just a lil smile up on their faces, how can one hesitate to stop and smile?
KIDS are miracle :) "


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 12:22 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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