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of course, everybody knows this.
i've been posting all those emoish post about how i'm miserable knowing how acai was in an accident.

well guess what ?


*creek creek(sounds of cricket)*


i swear to god if it wasn't for CASEY, i wouldn't even believe acai was in an accident.
i mean, wtf ?
surgery ?? platinum ?? brain damage ??? broken legs and arm ???

dush dush !

only God knows how i feel right now :)

relieved, happy, shocked, surprise, mad, angry, giggling, and SOOO IN LOVE WITH ACAI :)

i love you ok puppy !
like hell i do.
and u can actually see it from these two days.

crap ! i got punked ! XD

here's the analogy of how it started ok.
since it was a fake accident, i'm ready to tell the truth.
haha XD i hate telling sad stories :)

on monday night, about midnight, i was having a serious arguments with ACAI (the most greatest actor in the world to add more precisions. pfft),
and all of sudden he said he was driving and i said ok fine, just text me when you've arrived at your home.

but just when i was about to finish my sentence,

acai: oh shit.

TUP. the line went dead.

i didn't care much, cause i was mad at him.
so i called him again.
the phone was dead.
then i was just saying to myself that he was being all immature again.
i called him again.
i couldn't even bother anymore.
so i texted him few messages.
and let him be.

about few minutes later, i tried calling him again, but still OFF.

and then i was bored facebook-ing and playing games, i went and view acai's page.
well, i already post this on my last post.

so anyway here goes the analogy after knowing acai had an accident.
i'll cut it short :P

~~~ call ieta, acai's sis for confirmation. she said yes, she said it wasn't serious that i shouldn't be worry. but HOW CAN I NOT BE WORRY IF I DO NOT KNOW A THING THAT IS HAPPENING TO ACAI ? am i right or what ? right ? lol
but then she said she'll update with any news. I DEMAND GOOD NEWS. i did, well in my heart. lol
god, when i heard that he was in a coma, i was running around my house like having a knife stuck at my heart. pfft

~~~ talked to casey, she said she will visit him at the hospital. at that time i was unsure, if acai really is in accident.
maybe its because i wanted it sooooo BAD to be a joke instead of a real accident.
so i keep denying and denying. God knows how much i had to put up with it.

~~~called casey the other day to asked if she went to visit acai.
i was pacing back and forth, every minute i count. after one hour of texting her i keep picking up my phone wondering if i should call her and ask if she's at the hospital or not, cause i REALLLY WANT TO HEAR ACAI's voice. like damn hell.

~~~i let my facebook and my laptop on for two days straight cause i want good news, i want new news about acai. and then casey post at my wall.

this made me believe that acai IS in an accident

i was speechless. i straight away called her. and she told me he was still unconscious when she went to visit him.
i'd cursed myself, i did. because i didn't get the chance to fly to sabah just to see if he's ok.
if i could, i would.

i cried. i cried and cried and cried.
i prayed, i kept singing his favorite song to keep me company. i wear his favourite shirt and his perfume to feel his presence around me :)

~~~ ieta text me through his phone saying that i should call him cause he's already conscious from coma.
yeah, i was so grateful he was awake i didn't even think how weird it was.
because i don't want him to be in a coma. i cried when i heard his voice.
i felt thankful, relieved. i missed him so badly.
he told me he has to do a surgery tomorrow.
and then he told me he was sorry that he couldn't be at shah alam on the 10th of june.
i cried.. i cried cried and cried.

~~~ i waited for good news, i waited and waited, bt there was nothing.
i ended up even more stress up. everyone has been texting me, commenting me, giving me support.
i felt grateful that i have bunch of great, awesomest friends.
and i wanted acai to know that so badly.
and then, when i heard acai had to undergo a surgery, i was sad that i couldnt be there.

~~~ at 3 am, he texted me asking what was i doing? i wanted to hear his voice so badly. i missed him. we called for more than an hour. i felt mad and strange.
he said he posted me something. his brother will send it to my house.
and he said its something to say sorry for not being here as he promised.
i told him i don't need anything, i just wanted to see him.

me: instead of posting me, why don't u post urself here ? i would much prefer you standing right in front of me.

i silently wish it was real. i really wish that he would come instead.

~~~ at 10.14am, he texted.

acai: i da tak sggp tipu u. akceli, dr 20 surgery so far, cuma 4 owg je yg selamat. jgn kowl i. i tak sggp dgr suara u 4 da laz time.

i cursed him and replied.

acai: i am sori. pray 4 me syg. if u believe, i will b there 4 u, in any form. believe!

i cursed him even more. cause it was cliche and fishy.

suddenly he texted saying his brother is right in front of my house.
i wished SO HARD THAT MY HANDS WAS SHAKING FROM IT that i want acai to be there instead of his brother.


yeah, he was there :)

i ran to his arms :)
it was totally like in a movie :)
honestly i never had been surprised by anyone before :)

oh yeah, of course i smacked him for making me worried like hell and crying like a maniac.
i smacked, i bite, i pinch, i punch and i hugged :)

it was like a dream. looking at him, touching and knowing that he's there.
honestly, i'm happy :)
i can't stop smiling this whole day.

you know, he already given me many signs.

acai: bila you kene ikut ur mum gi ofis? sebab i takut my brother takleh hantar brg tu.
acai: i'm near sayang. i'm so near to you sayang.

everyone can't stop saying how sweet it was, well i'm just glad that he's healthy :)

i wanted to say a big thanks to everybody has been supporting me.
seriously, i'm so grateful right now to have guys in my life :)
i appreciate every lil things you guys did :)

and sorry for making you guys worry too much about me X)
hey, if you guys were ever in my situation, i'll do the same for you guys k :)

kaklong, syafa, tintin, ann, geeja, atok :P, mommy nisa :), atilia, mya, nafis, arep, izzati, amy, nai, raa, ekin, god there're so many people. i'll tag you guys ok :)

and to CASEY, the one made it all happened,
sigh :)
you bitch ! :)

are u taking drama next sem for koku ? are you ? cause i think you'll ace it hands down -___-'

and to ieta, haish. ketuk ketuk jugak budak -___-'
lol :)

thanks again. well can't wait to see you oppa ! ^_^

ps; i've learned my lesson sir ! :D


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