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Numb and Lazy are My Bestfriends :)


and proud of it ! miahaha >:)

my dear oekaki,
if you were a human, i bet you will make faces by now.
the whole one month of staying at home.
i haven't even touch my blog.
the only thing i ever do is wasting my time sleeping, eating or watching tv.
other than facebooking, which is getting bored by the minute.

but facebook is lucky enough to get me addicted in playing sorority life -___-'

i remember onlining myspace just to play that game.
sigh, good times :')

i barely open my myspace -____-'

will that also happen to my facebook ?
i mean, grow out from it -___-'

ok, i'm just randomly babble-ing since i have so many things to say but too lazy to write it down.

of course there are ups and downs of staying at home and quarantine from getting a job.
pfft parents.

but anyways, i've passed my computer test for Driving License :)


gosh, i'm terrified thinking about my results.
shit, that just means i need to sleep.

toodle-loo ! ;)

ps; i have come to a point where i am numb to breakups :)
and pain, and lies, and mistakes and anything else that could cause me in much miserable state :)
its a good/bad thing.
i can't be too comfort with this, cause if i do,
i'll end up being heartless for sho!
and you wouldn't want that, don't chu ? :)

i mean, what is love without a heart ? :D
you should be scared.
cause you almost lost me.
but next time won't be that easy for you anymore.
respect, relax and response :)

pss; eh eh mcm 3R plak -___-'



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Sunday, June 6, 2010 2:37 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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