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omg omg omg !
i stayed at home for almost 2 whole months, didn't get a job, didn't go out since i was grounded.
onlined facebook 24 hours a day and i have yet to TOUCH A SINGLE THING ON MY BLOG 0_0

bloggie, i mean oekaki [omg i even called it wrongly, shame on you fasya :(]
forgive me for putting you off :(
i have forgot what is like to stay up all night posting anything, everything on you.

curse my laziness and.. err
and laziness :(
forgive me.

and not only that, i'm going back to my busy life at campus next week on friday :(
that means, i only have few days left to bond again with my blog :'(

oh poor oekaki :(
you've been there for me through thick and thin.
i shouldn't have forgotten about you.
if you were a friend, you wouldn't even be talking to me by now.

i even promise to redeem myself when the holidays started, but i didn't even redeem all those mising post :(

*i know, why the hell am i being over dramatic tonight ? oh it's 4 am. no wonder -__-'*

oh god, i need to sleep.
i need to balance back my sleeping schedule.

may ACAI spare me :P
omg i'm so dead if he finds out that i'm still awake at this time -___-'

ok ok, i'm off.
but dear oekaki,
i promise i'll wake up in the morning and strut and fret through your post page :)

ok, err i can't promise, cause i already promised and i broke it -___-'

alarm, DON'T dissapoint me.
i wish acai could wake me up, his voice usually stabilize my mind from the drowsy of sleeping disorder -___-'

oh oh, stop talking fasya, go to sleep.
but i can't sleep cause i'm not sleepy :(

errghhh !!

sleep sleep sleep !

toodle loo ! <3

ps; hyakuji. damn its hard when everything is kept inside.



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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 4:05 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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