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Ya Allah, Gantikan Tempat ku dengan Tempat dia, Aku Lebih Rela.

tell me he'll be alright.
tell me that he's doing fine.
tell me that he got my messages and he's on his way to see me.
tell me that he's not hurt.
tell me that he's still breathing.
tell me that i'm just overreacting!

cause i know i am.

Ya Allah...
i have done the most terrible thing.

i felt like i was in a movie.
one second i was talking to him on the phone.
and then suddenly phone was off.

i couldn't even think straight cause i was fighting with him that time.
so i just ignore the signs.

i called. the phone was off.
thought that he was mad, so he shut his phone off.
i calm myself saying that he's being silly and immature.
called him again. still off.
i cursed him for turning his phone off.
third time called, i just couldn't be bother anymore.
i sent messages. eventhough i know he will not read it until he on his phone back.

and then..


you have no idea how i felt.

to be fighting with the one that you dearly love and cause him in pain that cause his life.

maybe this is just another way of Allah to show me that everything could be taken away from me just like that.
i'm so weak..
i will not sleep.

not until i hear his voice.

*i'll cry my eyes out until there's no more tears anymore.
*i'm listening to his favourite song, to the song that he always sing to me,
to the song he always want me to sing, he said it was OUR song. a MUST song for him.
*i'm wearing his shirt and his perfume.
*i'm viewing his pictures and his messages all over again.
*i've texted his sis and my friend, to become my third persons.
*i'm praying for his safety and for him to be away from any harm or any injuries.
*i'm begging... on my knees... for him to be able to smile back at me..
*i'm dying here... crying...and hoping... wishing..

call me crazy, call me stupid, but i love that man more than my life.

heh, funny.
he would be laughing at me by now.
if he was here he'd prolly say, "oh really ? aww how sweet. for a minute, we were fighting just now. and now you're saying you love me ? now thats weird."

it is..
but thats how weird it is.
and i can't even answer to it..

oppa, i'm miserable at best..

you promise not to leave me..

oh god, what have i done..
i'm so stupid !

if you were here right now, you'd prolly bite me and cursed me for saying i'm stupid.
i can't believe i actually miss being bite by you.

oppa, i'm listening to miserable at best.

"you're a thousand miles away.."

"don't cry.."

"and the hardest part of living is taking breath to stay.."

you know how words can make me cry ?
oh god, i can't sleep.
you're right..

"i can't sleep. not until i hear your voice."

i agree oppa, i know how you felt that time.
i can't sleep... and i will not sleep...

oppa.. be safe..

ps; i love you.
i love you.
like hell i do.
please, don't leave me.


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 4:11 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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