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Award tag by nuha honey :)

fazra i know you're having trial right now, but i hope you get this award.

sebab sengaja nak buat diri ni rajin dan sibuk.
saya akn multiply keje saya. haha :D

as in, doing all the tags nuha gave [even if she didn't gave all] LOL
and post as well my current life or whatever events that has been happening last :)

last week was the bomb.

i really wish i could re-live it again :)

but for this post, i'm going to give out awards to my superb followers.

ofcourse i wish i could give it back to nuha, cause she is like one of the superb followers that i had, but that means i am making nuha doing this twice -_-"

urgh i talk too much :)

1 . Ambil award ini :

; done! :D it is from nuha, ofcourse i already stated that above -_-"

2 . Nyatakan tentang diri pemberi award ni :

; nuha muneerah is the name ;)
; born on 25th july
; is going to egypt :o [that is SO obvious -_-"]
; she has her mind on doctor and her heart on writing/expressing.
not sure, maybe its the other way around -_-" LOL

3 . Perasaan bila dapat award ni :

; happy and grateful that i have been given an award by her. dier letak nama tu! terpampang lagi nama ku di blog dia. sungguh BANGGA AND TERHARU haha XD

4 . Tag sekurangkurangnya 5 orang :

; Fazra! she is the bomb! ps; i miss you :(
; atok kerepot haha XD i miss you too man :(
; ghazree [ where have you been -_- ]
; bear bear [ ni sorg lagi, ntah mana hilang]
; and like nuha, all of the people who has been kind enough to follow me :)


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 6:25 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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