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what? i have to wear the sep again?
are you kidding me! not only i can't eat with that, it pains like hell!
ok maybe not like hell but seriously! i can't sleep for a whole week because of that.

geez, next time, jgn bwk anak gi klinik kerajaan.

bukan nak merendahkan sesiapa2 tapi, not only the instructions were blurry but the customer service. i mean cmon!

you post there 'amalkan senyum' la and so so on, but heck! not a very friendly customer service my friend!

ok, maybe i'm abit tense because of the fact i'm gonna wear braces within two months which give me only 60 more days[ and minus the fact this month is fasting month, so that means only about 40 days something] to enjoy my life without pain and sacrificing few foods that I CANNOT EAT.

ergh! food is a source of life! how could you do this to me!

ok ok exaggerating -_-"

ok, maybe i'm abit scared as well.
ofcourse because of the bloody food. why would i care about other bloody thing [fuh cursing in british nampak gayanya]

ok ok no. i'm abit scared how would i look like?

i'm scared... if... it adds up my ugliness -_-"

ah, i need a mask. H1N1 is a perfect cover -_-"

oh while you're at it, why don't you give me a BIG SPECTACLES SO I CAN GO WITH THE LOOK.

UGLY BETTY! here i come!

hey wait! you're not ugly betty!
and how come you look fascinatingly beautiful in that?

huhu envy T_T

the girl who is going to wear braces for at least 2 years or less [I HOPE]


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Thursday, August 27, 2009 3:19 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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