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Form 6 Poco-Poco Training Session

“No life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it.”
~Ellen Glasgow

i got like one more tag i owe nuha.

but i'm gonna keep that on hold, cause its abit kinda describing about myself.
so i wanted it to be abit from the bottom of my soul to blog :)

like i said, from my last post [ which i'm not sure which one -_-" sorry. my amnesia is getting worst]
last week was the bomb.

i had an amazing week.
everyday is just a great day. well ALMOST haha

ok ok, no complaining ;)

inilah budak yang jakun x pernah tgk sanitizer dipsg di sekolah -_-"
credits pic to natasha.

and natasha, goyang skit xpe. asalkan muka i ADA.
[fuh capitalized lagi tu]
haha :D

saya suka conteng gambar. haha :D

no seriously, you have to see ashli's face. I DO NOT KNOW WHY but he looks FREAKY HAPPY -_-"

freaaaaky -_-"

xpe xpe, emo gotta cool down sometimes :P
and i do not know why i label tini's and nana as well hehe


i didn't even explain what is happening in this pic -_-"

ok. so yeah. poco2 is already in the title. so you can guess.

teachers are training all the form 6's to do the poco-poco and we 'MIGHT' [note that i capitalized that] have to dance poco-poco at a certain event at school which i do not know of :)

lari fasya lari! nanti ada orang akan serang kau! :O
abaikan *bak pepatah LOO si gangster :D

this was the boys sessions. ASHLI IS OUR POCO-POCO TEACHER :D

he's goooood :P

ofcourse, mesti la i record :P

tendang ashli, jangan tak tendang :D

ps; CHRIS IS ACTUALLY a good poco-poco dancer you know. i just realised that :D
but no doubt he's great dancer, biasa la. PEMINAT MJ haha :)

ashli! don't look at the camera. watch your steps!
haiyah.. -_-"

ps; william is counting. william william! poco-poco tak perlukan addmaths formula. haha :D

i tell ya, in every pic i snap, if william is in there,
he will definitely pose like that -_-"

i'll show you one day.
i WILL. oooooh i will :) i will haha :D

oh my, did i say freaky? i meant SCAREEEEY -_-"
haha just kidding ashli, you know i love ya aite ;)

susah nk tgkp gmbr budak ni -_-"
even candid pun x dpt menangkap gmbr muka dia 0_0

pn devasara :)
tin, razzaq, darshini and ling :D

natasha caught in scene! :D
god, i miss bullying natasha on my blog :P

or maybe i miss being bullied by natasha? hem.
OH NO! :D haha

kan dh kata susah nk tngkp gmbr budak ni -_-"

ok flash is BAD -_-"
especially when loo is wearing only singlet 8

devika posing! haha :D

i love this two people :)
tinihoney and nanabanana haha
madu dan pisang :P

i have found your new names girls :D

she loves poco-poco just as much as i do. haha XD

this video crack me up all the time.

1; ashli was really really swagging his butt meaning he's dancing awesomely :P
2; the funny part was when ling ran away.

yes ling. YOU RAN AWAY from dancing. haha XD

i hate taking pics with guys that are very taller than me.
i mean look at me in this pic! -_-" pfft

never mind, i still love guys anyway. sigh :)

um.. ok... right! intro. um..
oh ok, this is adam.
um yeah.. ok move along! LOL [pose terlalu mesmerizing -_-"] bahah!

adam oh adam.. -_-"
oh well :)

and thats that. FOR POCO-POCO TRAINING SESSIONS! applause! haha


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