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tagged by nuhasayang :) ; 5 facts/5 hobbies

tagging ; fazra robtasticly hot
atok gendut :P
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Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 5 fakta/5 hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya. [ops saya dh pilih penerima nya haha]

edited: you don't need to upload pics. i je yang terlalu rajin nk upload ni :)


music. enough said.
i mean, anything relating with music; singing, playing instruments and even dancing.
i can never go a day without singing or listening to songs.
and dancing. oh GOD. nobody knows how much i LOVE dancing. except for CERTAIN ppl.
they who understand me :)
and my piano is my second boyfie :)
my first boyfie? heh still unoccupied. haha XD

proves EVRYTHING :)


playing games.
fuh, this is A MUST. call me childish or uneducated etc but i LOVE PLAYING GAMES.
ofcourse i'm not as rich as some people who has xbox,wifi,ps3 and so so on.
but ps1 and ps2 has been by my side ever since i was kid.
well i forget another one, which is a freaking old video game.
it uses tape. whoa oldies giler :) but i used to love play that game :)
pakai analog yg tinggi tu biler main independence day. haha XD


haha, obviously. onlining.
not everyday but still its a must. at leats once a week.
seriously, while i ws on vacation, IT WAS TOUGH 0_0
youtube is a must. i always want to watch new awesome dance video or any new video from gabe bondoc [whom i've missed SO MUCH :(] , david choi and etc.

beraninya kau upload gmbr ni :)
tgh fukus sgt, eh eh ada sudoku?

additional hobby fact; I LOVE SUDOKU!
yes, i always buy sudoku. i would like to blame ABG CEPOI for this, but i can't cause i am addicted to it more than i hate the fact i am addicted to it. get it? haha
abaikan *bak pepatah LOO :)


Taking pictures. YUP :)
eventhough my camera is not that very advanced but pictures are not graded from the camera, its in whos hand the camera is :)
so yeah, i always bring my camera [ish, buat harta sendiri kamera DADDY ek?] everywhere. if i dont bring, that means something is wrong with me haha
so, do not walk in front of me while i am holding a camera haha, kan kan semua? :)

oh videocam pun sama :)

oh oh, and i love being in the pictures. but not more than taking picture :)


ofcourse sleeping is a must [ and i can't deny i love sleeping more that anything] but i love shopping. i do, eventhough i don't really do shopping [windowshopping je la] but i love just walking around see whats new, and catch the new look.
i dont buy, but i improvise at house with the clothes i have.
i know, i should have just check at webs and stuffs, but shopping is related to HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS.
so that leads to my 5# hobby. hanging out with friends.
always make up excuse wants to buy something just to hang out with friends. when in reality i always end up empty handed coming home -_-" [except food, i always buy foods for my family :) ]
haha :D

so basically this hobby will relate to my facts. yes just scroll down babeh cause i'm gonna do the facts as well [menjadi copycat sekejap ya nuha! haha]


Emotional. heh
ni siapa yang tak tahu ni, jangan berangan nak cakap dengan sesiapa pun yang KAU TAHU FASYA TU SIAPA. sebab kau tak tahu :)
don't hurt me. i repeat, DON'T HURT ME.
i have certain sensitive site. meaning i'm not VERY sensitive, but i am sensitive.
of course i take criticism but i don't take lies, rudeness and practically BITCHES and ASSHOLES.
there i say it, enough for YOU to swallow. FAHAM? :)


i've come across with tons of ppl saying i'm weird, so childish, immature and so so on.
but thats just who i am :)
i love making fun of myself, i love laughing OUT LOUD, i love dancing like a crazy cimpanzee. and i love being ME :)
thats just me. okay, maybe with certain people, i have limit to my craziness.
but with them, who i love and feel comfortable with, THEY JUST KNOW ME :)
so there, FASYA IS CRAZY. so what? i'm still a rockstar, AND YOU'RE NOT! HA-HA :)


I'm talkative. i'm not shy. i'm a people person. i'm easily socialized.
so, don't go asking " why do you smile with that guy/girl? do you know her/ is he one of your friend? " cause honestly, i would smile to anyone, even if i don't know them :)
senyum itu sedekah kan? :)
oh and don't ask why i greet them as well like giving salam or shake their hands. thats just what i do :)


i love cute things.
babies, kiddies, kitties, bunnies, teddy bears, cute boys [OPS!], anything that is CUTE.


past teaches me to talk straight. so i might be VERY VERY straightforward.
if i hurt you, i'm sorry. but thats just who i am. so lets try not to hurt me or make me have many speculations on you that might hurt you OR me :)

and to me, LOVED ONES are just everything.

without them, i'm NOTHING. enough said :)

ps; there's so many things i want to write here. tibe2 je byk bende nk luah. haha :D
all of these are abit common and some might know and might not.

thnkyou nuha for tagging, cause you have fulfilled my wish to write a post about me.

i've always want to do this :)
thankyou again honey

she who enjoys blogging


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