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taggie by nuha :D; who's your tops ;)

1. Upload the pictures of your top friends in any account (Myspace/Friendster/Tagged/Hi5 or any others) at least five and describe them.

describe? pics?
um klu buruk gmbr2 ni jgn marah ek haha

sorry, kinda in a hurry right now :)

i'm gonna upload my myspace top 5 cause solat lima waktu. haha XD

cmon, do i really need to describe who this dude is?

ok, he's MY MOOSE.
no, that does not mean he's my possesion or like i OWNED him.

what i mean is, he's the only person that could ever be moose in my life.
haha :D
omg, not that moose as in that animal -_-"

gi tgk step up 2 :)


haha :)

oh wait, she will anyway :)
haha :D

; we've been friends for more than 7 years.
; we got separated for almost 4 years because she moved to UK. [bukan ulu kelang ok -_-]
; she's like a mirror of myself. or short term, she's my twin :). we have like this telepathy that really clicks us together :)
; farhah+fasya= hell of craziness :)
; and and she likes mc flurry :)

ps; god i miss you and love you honey :)

jojot :)

; she's my cousin. she is the same age as me. so no need to tell how long we have been friends or foes. haha :D
; she loves britney spears,agnes monica,anne hathaway,emma watson and etc just as much as i do :)
; she's at matrix gopeng. [haha nk ckp jugak tu! XD]
; i used to hate her cause she was a bully, and she used to hate me because i was a crybaby. haha :)
; lately, she's not as lively as she used to be. [sorry that i am being honest here jojot] i don't blame her. she has many things to take care.

ps; please take care honey :( ilyxoxo

hah budak ni. ish susah susah -_-"
nurul mahfuzah

; budak ni tgh spm. haha, she's my cuzin. saje je panggil budak :P
; she used to go crazy about daniel radcliffe, not sure if she still is -_-"
; she loves JIHOO and superjunior -_-"
; i've never seen anyone more addicted to korean in my family more than she does -_-"
; she's VERY shy. but once you gave her a topic that she really knows, she'll talk. oh SHE'LL TALK. -_-"

ps; asal top top aku semua jauh dari aku -_-", x psl2 aku kene ckp i miss you berulang2 kali. yes NURUL, i miss you sooo much! this year raya kt selayang, harap2 dpt jumpa :(
good luck with SPM

and last but not least..

haha how did you get into my top 5 my dear :)
ashli :)

; i asked her him to pose like that :) [haha sorry ash! XD]
; he's a mix of sugar and various spices. meaning mix of british,scottish,irish and jawa. or am i missing one more -_-" LOL
; he IS VERY VERY EMO. i mean like VERY -_-"
; he's an awesome dancer :) and he teaches ballroom dancing! how awesome is that! :D
; too bad girls, he is taken. haha XD omg kenapa i kene ckp bende tu jugak? :P ashli jgn marah :D
; he is the one of the guy who rock my world and THE ONLY GUY who would sms me in the middle of the night asking or telling weird things -_-"
budak ni boleh dibawa jadi teman kalau study malam2 haha :D
seriously, ape yg dier ckp akan buat kau terjaga and tertanya satu mlm LOL

fuh, byk nyer i describe about you ash. ish ish. xleh jadi ni :P

oh oh, she's not in my myspace top or anything, but she's in my tops of life :)

haha! jgn marah fazra, i cilok gmbr ni :)

mmg ada byk lagi gmbr yg u lawa.
but this pic pretty much describe who you are :)

especially TO ME :D

and not forgetting, the person who tagged me :)

sah i terlalu rajin malam ni :)

sampai org yg memberi tag ni kpd i pun, i nk upload haha :D

sorry nuha, i grab gmbr ni :P

i saje nk wat u nampak mysterious di blog i :D
saja nk menambahkan ke-hot-ness and ke-sexy-an you haha XD

betul ar! you sexy ;)
jujur saya kata :)

2 ) Tag 5 people :)

; fazra, obviously :) [sebab dia suka tag yag upload2 gmbr ni haha :D]
; atok gedik :P
; nik yg sombong
; nisa gedik
; and anybody who wants to do this :)



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