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two big surprises for farhah

i need to redeem myself, as in topup-ing my blog.
trust me, i have TONS of things to do, and not to mention my homeworks -_-"
urgh ok ok, apakah reason writing this blog anyway? to release stress kan?
so release release! pfft flashbacks ~

farhah: release it babeh! release your tears and anger! go go girl! grr!
fasya: release? * aku terus x jadi nk nangis -_-" *
farhah: RELEASE! * with anxiety yg cukup hebat and mata bulat terbeliak*
fasya: you know, for a second i tot when you said release especially with your expression of face, you were releasing gas -__-"
*LOL-ing all over the floor*
11 JUNE 2009
ok, honestly farhah,
bear bear and i have been planning this surprised for a quite LONG time.
i didn't lie. i just... didn't tell :)
so anyway, after struts and frets of finding so many ways trying to met up,
i finally get to meet up face to face with another friend whom i just met online.
and bear bear, WELCOME to 18 :)

meet bear bear, or real name ARIFF
oh and bear bear, i just realise nama you ada kt blogspot sebenarnyer.
so actually i dh patut tahu nama you ariff, cuma i ni PELUPA -__-"
tgk lah, budak baru lari dari rumah, smpi bawak beg2 skali :P
pastu tgh check results through handphone.
ish3, dh la x abeh2 cursing masa tgk result uitm dier tsk tsk tsk X)
since farhah couldn't come out of her house because she's busy layan-ing her cousins and all,
we took the decision to GO TO HER instead :)
fyi, at that moment when bearbear arrived at seksyen 18,
farhah doesn't even noe bear bear was at 18.
thats the surprise you see :)
and BOY did we surprised her :)
i called her and asked to check at the back side of her house through her room window,
and boy did she screamed * you, eardrum i still rosak kot -_-" *

yeah thats farhah, dgn singlet pink dier haha
oh ps; BEAR BEAR, i nk video "saranghae" and "tell me" yg i buat gile2 time kt blakang umah farhah tu haha

yeah, i did alil bit romeo and juilet scene that time X)

what? well, i just think it kinda suits the moment that ime X)
bear bear says i'm crazy X)

yeah! haha

but she's crazier than me! haha
budak dlm penjara!

please ppl! tekan gmbr ni utk tgk dgn clear ape yg actually dier tgh buat!
lawak! i swear XD

12 JUNE 2009
so i ask farhah to jog with me in the morning.
yes farhah, it was another surprised i had for you.
and yes, it involved bear bear :D
farhah: is bear bear going to be there as well when we jog?
fasya: dia kan ada debate.
farhah: are you sure about dat? cause there's no way i'm gonna fall for your dirty tricks again! :P fasya: dia ada debate la. dh jgn kacau i! i tgh men game gaia online ni! :P

but i never said he wouldn't come :)
again, I DIDN'T lie, i just... didn't tell :P

but seriously bearbear, TERKEJUT GILER KOT, biler tgk belakang, tibe2 u ada kt atas motor
following kitorg, dh ar time tu tgh ckp psl u -_-"
sah u akn pjg umur haha, badan dh ar tinggi :P

well xde ar tinggi sgt haha
ape? ingat i takut dgn u ke bear bear :P haha

you tu dh ar STALKER haha! ok ok moving on :P

farhah says this look ugly.
GOOD :D haha

x tau nape, i just feel like it.
yes, maybe because i was the one who took it -_-" haha

lihat lah betapa jakunnyer farhah biler jumpa taman -_-"
aduh, why am i stuck with you honey :)
hehe ily

haha farhah merajuk sebab kitorg kenekan dier x abeh2,
seriously bear bear, we could be a team! haha
except you need to be alil bit shorter, boleh? haha

ahh, a good jogging always ends with a mamak milo ais,
awesome i tell you :9

eleh tutup tutup pon, semua tau tu kau farhah :P

too late! i already take! :D
eh wait, bear bear, you dh kawen ek ? :D haha

how many times do i have to tell you, THIS PIC is SOO FUNNY,
always makes me laugh :D

again, BUTT
i told you a million times.
never walk in front of me when i'm holding a camera, i'll definitely take your BUTT pic la.
well even if you're not walking in front of me, i'll still take pic of it anyway.
kan kan? mana ada byk ppl ada gmbr yg i tgkp blakang dier je :)
so be honored my dear :)

x COMEL NYER -__-"
my lollipop!! haha :D
well, it was tiring, but i guess it was worth it.
dude, finally! one video dpt di upload.
skrg ni tgh tunggu 4 lagi video.
argh!! boleh mati klu camni! -_-"

argh!!! stay still you laptop.
and stay still you font!

if i langkah satu dua tiga line, biar kan!
jgn la gedik sgt nk rapat2 kan balik huruf2 tu!
ingat ape, community huruf2 ape -_-"

kenapa mereka memboikoting daku, sedangkan aku ni yg tgh type korg -__-"
and why am i saying like i'm insane!
oh wait, i am. lol :)

agak ar, dh pukul 4 pagi. no wonder.
over dose sugar -__-"

HONESTLY, i'm actually effing sad right now. but does it really show?
naah it doesn't kan?
haih, rindu mempunyai seseorg utk bercerita dn dipeluk :(

- i am determined to publish a post where two videos of me singing the climb song in guitar version and a piano version.
i WANT TO, i need to.

- gabebondocgabebondocgabebondocgabebondoc :)

-i actually felt loved and cute when a guy pat my head -_-"

- saya sayang awak, senantiasa
* WHOA -_-" *
ps; " life can show NO mercy honey "
~just the girl you're looking for

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